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Did you know that it is possible to make money online by watching movies? Yes, that’s true, there are several websites today that are providing this functionality.

Though, when you are considering this, it’s up to you to make sure you are researching comprehensively to avoid being scammed. One of the sites in the market that are claiming to facilitate this functionality is In this brief, we will spare enough time to review this website.

Are you wondering whether is legit or a scam? Are you wondering whether you can make some significant money from it? If you want to get the whole information, then read on. I am very happy that you have landed on this Movie Review profits review.

Additionally, am so happy that you are doing your due diligence which means you are very careful to avoid getting scammed. That is the only way to avoid scams and at the same time landing better deals online.

Before we continue, I wish to clarify some three things.

  • I am not associated with Movie Review Profits in any way. I just thought I should be straightforward with you. This means that am not here with any intentions of promoting the site.
  • I am not an opponent of this website. This also means that the information shared here doesn’t have any intentions to downsize the site and promote mine.
  • Lastly, the information shared here is from a personal point of view and research. It means I don’t intend to downsize or offend anyone with my opinions. The research I have conducted has informed my points here and hence I don’t think I have any personal intention to misguide any of my readers. I want to give you an honest review and that’s why am not associating any opinion here with personal grange.

Want to be as accurate as possible and hence here you will get humble yet informative guidelines that will help you make money online. I will give you information about some things that people haven’t yet told you about.

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Movie Review Profits Summary extra money by watching movies from home

Product/Platform Name: Movie Review Profits


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is about?

This is a program that claims to help online visitors and movie lovers make money by simply reviewing upcoming and hitting movies. The site claims you can make up to $30 per hour.

The owner or the spokesman ‘’Jeff’’ claims that there are several prior customers that are making a lot of money online. This man makes it sound as if it’s a very easy and simple thing process.

It is also a program that aims at teaching people how to write movie reviews online and at the same time help you earn a lot of money online. This program claims that it can help you earn up to $500 per week by simply watching and reviewing movies.

No skill is needed. They don’t need any of your expertise, the program claims that you just should be versed with different languages that are used in the movies and everything else will move smoothly.

How Movie Review profits work?

This program works easy. They give you simple training about how you can make money by reviewing movies. They suggest two methods of making money here. The two methods are as shown below.

  • Earn by getting paid directly-This is one of the methods which they are suggesting in the program. They claim that you can write your reviews directly on some websites and get paid.
  • Earn by Getting paid indirectly-Here is another method that they claim can work for you. They suggest you create your movie review website and write reviews and eventually get paid.

I know the two methods can seem very easy to make money but the fact is that they are not as easy as the program puts it. Additionally, it seems very nice that when you are watching movies, you can make money directly. Earning $500 per week while you are watching your favorite movie is something nice.

What is Inside Movie Review Profits?

The first chapter is just basically how can you get paid watching movies. There are two ways, the first one is earning by getting paid directly and that’s where you sign up on websites that pay you directly for watching videos and submitting your reviews so they’ll pay you like 20 dollars to do a review or something like that. And then they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of that approach.

Chapter 2 is going to be all about getting paid directly, so they’re gonna show you the different websites that you can sign up to do your movie reviews, review stream, rated all Squidoo, big cinema app trailers, and Netflix they’re gonna show you exactly how to do that direct method.

Chapter 3 is how to scale and make more money with method a scaling method involves Fiverr. How do you use and find movie reviews and just basically signing up for Fiverr, and their method for using Fiverr, rewriting the reviews and having multiple accounts?

Chapter 4 is getting paid to watch movies indirectly which would be setting up your movie review sites. They have this all laid out for you, exactly how to do it using your traffic source because of course you’ve got to have traffic to your website and they do show you free.

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What are some of the Red Flags of Movie Review Profits?

There are several red flags that you will notice immediately you start using the program. Here are some of them.

Slow Video Uploads-These people provide training in video form which means you have to download and upload them with ease. With Movie Review Profits this is a dream.

The training video uploads so slowly that you may get bored along the way. It can as well get very difficult for the entire video. The other thing that you are likely to notice is that even the sales video is very slow to upload. This means that uploading these videos takes double the time of their length.

It’s an average software-Here is another thing that you are likely to notice with ease. This program is nothing but a very low software. When you join, they are likely to give you some bonuses.

This is not a problem but the issue is that all the bonuses are nothing but other unrealistic software. They also feature different CD collections that will teach you something different every time. Looking at the quality, you can easily deduce that this website is a very average software.

Is a scam or legit?

With this software, it’s not something really easy to determine whether you can get scammed here or not. Though, they have very unrealistic pay claims.

Claiming that you can earn $30 per hour by simply reviewing movies is a very unrealistic thing. It’s possible but at least not by reviewing movies.

Besides the above red flags, several other things make this website untrustworthy. I wanted to try it but after checking what some of the people are saying online, I gave up. Here are my reasons why I doubted this program.

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No known owner

Just like many scams in the market, this program has no known owner. The only person we know is the spokesman. It is not very clear who the real owner of this program is. Jeff is the only person we know in the whole program. The descriptions and the videos are not very clear whether he’s the owner or not.

Even after checking the reviews and the videos, they are of low quality and hence you cannot have a clear picture of even the person they claim to be Jeff.

No legal documentation

Here is another reason why the site is apprehensive. After landing on their website, you will notice that there’s no basic legal information about the product. It is also very difficult to locate the contact page, terms and conditions. Now you don’t have any single way of contacting the support in case you have an issue. You will also not reach the owner or any other person when your payments get stuck.

The only thing that proofs them otherwise is privacy policy. Though, even after this, the privacy policy strangely mentions that they can make changes in your data when the need arises. Is this not very suspicious? How on earth can a website make any change to your data on their platform?

Very low pay

Before we close this review, we have to state that no one could be comfortable with an unrealistic money claim and eventually get something different. I understand there’s demand for review writers but what someone gets at the end of the day is very unrealistic especially when compared to what the site promises.

Scarcity Gimmick

These people will offer you a 50% discount on their price when you are purchasing the product on the same day. Though this is nothing but a scarcity gimmick, Even after paying a visit to the site later in the week, you will find the same discount there.


The site will cost you $37 upfront but it has very many upsells. After purchasing this for $37, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription of $17 per month.

There’s no training on the website setting

As I had already stated, these people give information about setting a movie review website and get paid indirectly. This is a better option that everyone would opt for. Though the mistake is that they will never give you a guide or even training about this thing ‘’web setting’’.

Ok, is this program a scam?

I wouldn’t give a clear answer to this. I will not state categorically whether this website is a scam or not. Though, I would somehow state I liked it because they provide decent training on different formats.

Though, looking at the video quality and all the other red flags that I have stated above, it becomes very suspicious.

They also haven’t provided any single testimonial which means there is a lot to question.

Would I recommend

I wouldn’t recommend this website to anyone for several reasons which include low-quality videos, hiding its main creator, no testimonials, no proof of payment and shady nature of the product.

Final verdict

The information lied above gives you more insights as to why you should be very careful with They are not very trusted especially because they have stated they can change your personal information on the website when need arise. So be careful.

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