Is Max International a Scam? [MLM Glutathione]


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People are always looking for ways to boost their income. The bills may be piling up and you are wondering if there is a way you can supplement your income. This is when your friend or relative introduces you to a supposed life-changing opportunity. It seems to be a good opportunity but you are quite skeptical about it. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of people who don’t have complete trust in opportunities such as max international.

Many people have confidence in multilevel marketing. On the other hand, the majority would rather stay clear of such opportunities. I am not saying all MLMs are scams. They are recognized as legitimate businesses but most of them engage in shady businesses. Many have lost their hard-earned money and gotten scammed in the name of such great opportunities.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on taking the time to research more about this company before joining its program. I carried out my due diligence and am going to share all the pertinent facts. This way, you have all the information on this company and know exactly what you are getting into.

Max International Review 

Company: Max International



Max International is an MLM company in the health niche and considers itself as the glutathione company. This brief review will answer some of your questions and doubts about the business opportunity as well as its products.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the opportunity it presents)

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What is max international?

max international landing page

Max International is a company founded by Steven K. Scott. He established the company in 2007 and it’s based in Utah. This is no surprise because most MLMs have their headquarters in this region. I wonder why they have a preference for this location. Max International is focused on the health and wellness niche. They sell a variety of products many of which are supplements.

There is no denying that many of us care about our health and well-being. Therefore, many of us often look for products that we can use to improve our health. This is the reason why the health and wellness niche is the largest and most profitable industries in the world. You already have the answer if you have been wondering why many MLMs seem to lean towards this niche.

Max international considers itself the Glutathione company. This is because many of their products have glutathione as an added ingredient. They are the leaders behind the research and development of the glutathione products. Steven works with a research scientist referred to as Robert Keller. He is a seasoned scientist with credentials in immunology, oncology, and hematology. Aside from the fact that the doctor is legitimate and well-known, this hasn’t prevented max international from being the center of controversy.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the essential protector and detoxifier of the human cell and body at large. It’s mainly linked to the cells because it’s their first line of defense against pathogens. Furthermore, it helps reduce inflammation in the cells. This should give you an insight into how important glutathione is important for the human body.

The body is ever producing the GSH so that the cells can function properly. But as we grow older, the levels being produced seem to go down. In this case, products from max international can allegedly aid stimulate the body to keep producing enough glutathione.

Here are some benefits of this substance;

  • Cellular regulation
  • Promotes endurance and stamina
  • It has anti-aging properties
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts immunity

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Max international product line

max international products 1

Max International has a variety of products most of which are supplements that are meant to boost glutathione levels in the body. They also sell weight loss supplements and meal replacement products. Their flagship products are the Cellgevity which helps in detoxifying and optimizing the cell functions. The products vary both in price and function. I will briefly outline a few of them;


This is a longevity pill that has been given an impressive title. The company says that this product is backed with scientific research to ensure effectiveness. It balances cell utilization and cell function for improved health. A bottle with caps goes for $79 while a bottle and box is sold at $84.


This product is an energy and health drink combo. They claim that it’s a wonder product that will take away all the negative effects of foreign products on your body. It’s packed with all the good ingredients to give you the energy boost you need.

Max One

Max One supports healthy glutathione production. It is said that an unhealthy diet can make your body stop producing GSH. This affects cellular functions. This product helps deal with this issue. A bottle is sold at $75.


Well, there cannot miss a weight supplement somewhere. A large number of people look for alternative ways to lose weight without necessarily exercising and dieting seven days a week. This is a meal replacement that reduces hunger pangs. In this case, you will eat less and hence manage or lose weight. A 30 day supply is sold at $89.

Visible solutions

This seems to be a pack that consists of a variety of skincare products. For instance, there is the replenish cream, one-minute wonder cream, and youth recovery serum.

One positive thing about all their products is that they are backed by scientific research. This is probably the reason why they are sold at such exorbitant prices. On the other hand, the research is focused on the health benefits of specific antioxidants or ingredients rather than the formulas or supplements the company is selling.

max international products 1

Max international compensation plan

The max international compensation plan is quite large and I can’t explain it in detail. However, I will mention the key areas of their compensation plan. For starters, they offer an extensive 90-day training program. This is thoughtful of them because the majority of people join such programs with very little knowledge of sales and marketing. If you don’t receive any form of training, then there is no way you will succeed in this business.

The associates or distributors can buy products at a wholesale and afterward sell them at retail. Aside from this, there is the customer bonus and you can earn commissions from purchases done on auto-ship. Keep in mind, this is only if the customer does not cancel the auto-ship purchase.

Another part of the compensation plan involves fast-track bonuses. These are offered every week. What happens is you have to get a recruit who will then purchase any of the startup packages. For instance, if the recruit purchases the Personal Pack, you get a bonus of about $15 to $60.

There are incentives that you get if you and the team on your downline can perform well. Those who are resilient and hardworking can move up the rank and be part of the prestigious platinum or diamond leadership platforms. Affiliates on the platinum rank can earn about $500 in a month and $750 for the diamond rank.

The cost of joining max international

You will have to pay $49 to become a distributor for max international. On top of that, there is the $25 annual renewal fee. The best way to join max international is through a direct referral from an already existing affiliate.

Product packs come at various prices and this depends on the amount of stock in each one of them. The larger packs earn you extra bonuses.

  • Personal pack – it goes for $130 to $179
  • Professional pack – it goes for $549
  • Premiere pack – it goes for $999

Besides, you have to maintain a Personal Volume (PV) of 100 every month to remain qualified. This means that you have to be ready to work extra hard.

What I don’t like about max international

Pilling up stock

This is usually a huge problem considering you have to spend at least $100 to stay eligible for the benefits provided within the compensation plan. When you join the program, the associates may encourage you to buy as much stock as you can so that they can probably make money out of it.

Also, some people buy more stock so that they can remain eligible for the commissions. If the sales are minimal, then the stock will eventually pile up. Having products that are not selling means you are making no money. Remember it’s not easy to get many customers who will buy all your products.


Max International was involved in a lawsuit with another MLM company. This was the most prominent case that involved Malaleuca which is an MLM firm. They sued this company for allegedly poaching sales force employees. This does not paint max international in good light and it’s a good reason for you to reconsider joining it.

The majority are failing

Taking a clear look at their income disclosure form, many of the associates are not profiting. The largest number falls within the silver rank and below. The average amount that they make is at $324.16 and this isn’t even enough to cover their upkeep.

Final verdict

Max International is not a scam or pyramid scheme. However, there are so many things that you have to consider. Making a significant income here is not an easy feat. At the end of the day, the ball is in your hand.

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