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Are you seeking information about this website? You are in the right place and welcome to My Working Hour Review!

I happen to know about this site in one of the website forums that I recently visited. I saw a lot of referral links spamming in almost any topic of the forum.

I was really annoyed of those links because it was literally everywhere. People promote their affiliate links in the forum even in topics that are not related to making money online.

Even though I was annoyed, I did checked the link because i got curious. I was a little stunned to see the site that is very similar to a certain website that I have reviewed recently.

What I mean is that everything is the same except the name of the website. I knew from that instant that this site was a scam.

My website’s niche is making money online and I do reviews on different products and websites concerning this topic.

Before this review ends, we will answer these questions:

Is this actually legit? Is it really possible to make a lot of money without doing so much work as what the website claims? Or is “My Working Hour” a scam?

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My Working Hour Review

Product/Platform Name: My Working Hour Review

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is My Working Hour?

Once you registered, you will be taken to the member’s page, see below image:

members area

There is not much information in the website itself on how you can make money with this, but what they are saying is that you can earn some extra money by just sharing your referral links.

The image above is from, this is the website that I am talking about that is very similar to this.

They also claim that they have been online since 2015 but the truth is, this website was running for less than a year.

I already knew that this is a scam, but I still reviewed it for the sake of fairness. But I don’t see any good about this website because you will not earn from it.

I have seen similar websites like this, and one thing I am sure, this will just waste your time and effort.

You can check the list below of the websites that I am talking about:


How Does It Work?

Setting up account

1. Account Set-up Inside The Member’s Area

2. Your account will then be approved

3. Perform some mini jobs or task

4. You can then earn money



  • I don’t see any advantage of using this website since this is a scam. Even if it is free to join, you will still lose a lot of time.


  • The website itself is not clear what is it.
  • Fake income claims
  • No real owner
  • A lot of red flags that make it a scam
  • Same with other scam websites
  • Site is not secure
  • Waste of your energy and time
  • 100% scam

Red Flags That Make It a Scam – Exposed!

  • Unreal Earnings

How could it be possible to earn some money by just sharing your links? They say that every time someone click your link, you can possibly earn around 5 to 10 dollars.

Isn’t it too much for a certain click only? Will advertisers pay for this as they claimed? It is kind of absurd because a click like that will not benefit the advertisers because that is not targeted.

What I mean is that advertisers must also earn from what they advertised and those links will not earn them any money.

It doesn’t make any sense at all, and also, 5-dollar a click is very expensive. Why not advertise in Facebook, it is much cheaper and the traffic you get is 10 times better.

  • Minimum Amount Before You Can Cash Out

If you are familiar with paid to click or get paid to sites, you will know that $300 minimum is very high. Most of these legit sites have only 2-10 dollars threshold.

This is a way for them to make you stay longer and become an active member for a while, before you will realized that you were scammed.

Once you reach that amount, there is a huge possibility that they will accuse you of cheating and then ban your account without any warning.

If you contact their support, they will not entertain you. So that’s it, you will never get your money.

  • No Real Owner

A truthful website should have the owner known to their members specially if we are talking about making money online.

If you are running a website like this, would it be better if you show your face so that people will trust your site and in turn will stay longer.

But this website is a scam so you will never know who is the owner. They are afraid because they will be sued for sure.

  • The Way They Make Money

You maybe asking how do they make money and in what way did they scam you? I know you are thinking that you join for free so maybe you have no idea how they make money from you.

There are a lot of ways they are making money from people that joins their site. One is your personal information like your email. Your email address is precious, they can sell it for around 1 dollar.

Once you join the site, you will soon receive plenty of spam emails. These email came from their buyers, mostly affiliates that are desperate enough to make money.

Another way they make money is that the task you perform inside the member’s area. This could be anything, from watching a video, clicking something, or completing a survey. It is like they use you, to complete a certain job for them.

They will earn money from it, the money came from their advertisers. Assuming that the price of 1 task, lets say watching a video, is equivalent to 0.05 dollars. If you already watched 10, then they will earn 0.5 dollars. What if there are 10,000 members, they would earn 5,000 dollars.

That’s an easy money for them and their members are the one who were doing the tasks.

  • Huge Money in Your Account


Assuming that you have done your job of promoting your links. You work hard to accumulate as many clicks as possible because you are thinking that you will be paid.

You were successful in your promotion and you generate thousands of link clicks. When you log in to your account, you noticed that you have so much money in your account.

The amount excites you so much and since it is already above the minimum threshold, you decided to cash it out.

This is where your problem begins. The money in your account is only just a number that you can’t use.

No matter what you do, you try to contact their support team, email them but they will never reply or if they reply, they will tell you that you were cheating and then terminate your account.

That’s it, bye money, bye effort. You did not make money even a single cent.

  • Unsecured Website

When you go to their website in a chrome browser, there is a note that says not secure.

unsecured website


  • No Income from Real Members

Even if you search the entire world wide web, there is no way that you can find someone who is earning from this website.

They may produce a fake testimonial but we can always differentiate the real deal from a fake one.

If ever you are reading this and you made money from this website, you can comment below to let me know. But I believe that no one has earned from this except the people who created this.

They will just jump from one scam to another just to make money. I wonder how they sleep at night knowing that they deceived so many people.



Scammers are everywhere, whether online or offline. What we can do is to be vigilant and stay way from products, programs, or websites that offers you a lot of money without doing so much work.

You will not make a single dollar with this website. Once this website is busted to be a scam, the creator will just make again a new site with different name but the same modus to scam you.

If the product or program will say it is very easy to make money, stay away from it because making money online is not that easy.

You should work hard to be successful online. Sharing referral links online will not make you a decent income. There are better ways to make money online, just find the one that suits you.


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This is certainly not a get-rich quick scheme and may not be for you. Why? It is because affiliate marketing needs a lot of hardwork. This is not for the lazy and impatient people.

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Once again, thank you for reading through my working hour review! I hope I have imparted something that will help you in your making money online journey.

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