Is Jamalife Helpers Global a Scam? [Most Probably]

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Welcome to my review of Jamalife Helpers Global!

We have heard a lot from upcoming websites with most of them promising financial freedom with little hustle. One of these websites today is Jamalife Helpers Global.

The company promises all its users that getting financial freedom shouldn’t be a hustle of a lifetime. They assure people that they already have a long experience in the market which can help you start small and get to higher levels of financial uplifts.

So do you believe their claims? Are you wondering whether Jamalife Helpers Global is a scam website or whether they can essentially help you get financial breakthrough? Yes, that’s what everyone else is wondering.

Welcome to my Jamalife Helpers Global scam review. Here, we will start by researching to determine whether the website is a scam or not.

This is actually what informs your decision before you join it. This brief article digs so deep into the information about this company, what they offer, their compensation plan, and everything else you need to be conversant with before you join.

Jamalife Helpers Global Review Summary

Company: Jamalife

Scam: Probably

Recommended? No!

A Much Better Opportunity:

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What is Jamalife Helpers?

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This website operates in the same way other MLM websites work. It’s a website claiming to allow you to make money through MLM opportunities. What this means is that you can earn money by referring others and building your kingdom of team members.

Now I know you are curious to know who the owner is and whether there are any scam red flags. This is what makes you understand clearly the experience that the owners have and trust their efforts in helping you make money online.

Unfortunately, there’s no information about the owner of this company. Though, we discovered that the domain name was registered in 11-8-2016 privately. Although we cannot confirm the reasons why the developers don’t want to reveal the name of the owner, we are sure that the company has been operational for more than three years.

The fact that the domain was created and registered privately; we cannot determine who facilitated the whole process. There are some traces that the majority is coming from Africa and Nigeria to be specific. Nigeria is the country with the highest traffic. With that in mind, we are a little bit sure the company is based in Africa.

On the contrary, the address given on the website shows that the company is located in Middlelkerke, Belgium.

This is all the information we have about the company and the founder. However, I feel that the information is not enough and someone would wonder whether there’s something devious in hiding the name of the owner and the founders.

According to the information shared by Alexa traffic rankings, besides Nigeria being the top in terms of traffic, all the top countries are still in Africa. The second country is South Africa followed by Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Malawi.

What products do they sell?

Are you wondering about the type of products that this company deals with? The first thing that we checked was the website to confirm whether there are any products they clearly state they sell. What we have found in this case is pages of coming soon products.

If you have not created the account yet, you will not be able to see anything concerning the products they sell. They have just categorized the products into two which are test products and Bestsellers. Though, in the two categories, you will not come across a single product.

For you to get access to the two upcoming products, you will have to join their affiliate membership. The main reason is because there’s no retail option available. I don’t think this is following any law because they should make public the type of products they sell before someone logs in.

So, if you wanted to join this company hoping for a traditional product line, this is not the case. What we can deduce so far is that the company focuses on promoting their affiliate membership. They have not out any efforts in selling goods/services to retail customers.

This shows that you will just have to join and eventually promote membership to other people. There’s a lot of information in the MLM world that I believe has been used for the good and the bad.

Jamalife Helpers compensation plan

Jamalife Helpers Global Review marketing plan

The process of creating an account needs you to pay via E-wallet before you log in. The only package option you have is paying $5 to join. After joining, you have the task of buying matrix positions with the same amount of money. It costs $5 per piece.

After you have bought your positions, you will now be required to recruit other people to do the same. After someone joins, you will earn commissions.

The company operates on a 2X2 and 3X3 matrix. The matrix system has different stages but stage 8 is the final tier in the system. If you reach this extent, you will get a commission of $280,000.

This is a promising amount of money but the fact is you will have to work hard before you get to that extent.

How much will you pay to join?

By looking at it, you may think that it’s free to join but the fact is you will have to pay some money to earn something. For every position, you will have to pay $5. This is what has been keeping many people away from the company.


The company claims to give you bonuses from stage 5. Below are some of the bonuses that you can get.

  • Cycle out of stage 5 and you will get an electronic or kitchen appliance
  • Cycle out of stage 6 and you will receive a mini SUV for up to $13,000
  • Cycle out of stage 7 and you will get a Jeep car worth $50,000 or even a travel tour worth $10,000.
  • In stage 8, you will receive a housing fund of $300,000 and also a Range Rover Car of up to $170,000.

Is Jamalife Helpers a legit or a scam website?

I bet you have heard information out there that Jamalife is a scam. If that is the case, then you are at the right place to find the truth. There’s no clear cut between legitimacy and scam in this case. This is actually what makes me believe that this company is not a scam. Though, making some significant amount of money with them is like going to the moon and back.

There are also many red flags with the company that would keep you wondering whether it’s a great opportunity to make money. Here are some of these red flags.

No known owner

I am still wondering why the company hides the identity of the owner or even the team behind its operations. This may mean that they have a hidden agenda which may later cost you your time, money and energy.

No physical products

Another thing, the company doesn’t sell any physical products or services. This would keep you wondering where they will get the money from. In this regard, they are likely to get money from the $5 you pay when you want to move to each stage.

Little Information about their operations

The company is very brief on how they operate. This denies you information that would otherwise inform your decision. As if that is not enough, you will not get any information about payment methods.

Unresponsive customer care

I have heard many people complain that their customer care will never respond to your messages. If you are lucky to get a response, then it would come after a long time. With that in mind, you should worry about what would happen in case you have a problem with payments or even your money.

Too much emphasis on Recruitment

The creators of this website will put all their energy into making you recruit more people. This means that they only want to get more traffic and not just earn you some decent income monthly.

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Do we recommend Jamalife Helpers?

Straight No, unless you want to waste your money, time and energy. This doesn’t confirm that this company is a scam or it’s legit. I just want to inform you that it’s very difficult to make money through the website.

Jamalife Helpers Final Thoughts

If you compared this company with other companies, it’s easy to realize that many red flags are starting from the anonymity of the owner, a lack of products to sell and so much concentration on recruitment.

This may prove that Jamalife Helpers is a scam website but the fact remains there’s some opportunity to make money on their website. Though, this may take a lot of your time and energy.

If you are specifically convinced that you are ready to wait for that money or you are a risk-taker, then I would advise you to try their money-making opportunity. As you go alone, be careful about losing your money and also invest a lot of your time to invite more members.

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