Is HempSmart a Scam? Or [Legit CBD MLM Company?]

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Welcome to my review of Hempsmart!

Hempsmart is a new company in the MLM industry which is gaining momentum after just a few months since it entered the world of network marketing.

There is a very definite and predictable boom coming in the hemp industry. This is brought on by the demand for environmentally clean hemp products and recent scientific discoveries of the tremendous nutritional and holistic benefits of the hemp plant. HempSmart is in front of these trends and offers you a business opportunity.

The first question to ask is are you hemp smart? What I mean by that is that, do you know what an awesome plant this is? Hemp is a super plant, every part of this plant is useful, its seeds leave stems and roots provide the raw materials for dozens of industries.

It’s the only plant on earth that provides superfoods supplements, clothing, building materials, plastics, automotive parts, textiles, biofuels, and more and all these hemp products are good for the planet.

Many of you I know are wondering if it is worth it to join hempSmart and be an associate or not. I am certainly sure you wonder if it a legit company or a scam. However, worry no more as in this hempSmart CBD review at the end you will have made up your mind.

One thing clear in my review is that I am not promoting hempSmart either telling you not to join. All I am doing is to tell the mere truth about the company.

HempSmart Review Summary

Company: HempSmart

CEO: Donald Steinberg

Scam: No, it is, in fact, a good company


HempSmart is an MLM company in the CBD niche. In this review, we will dig deeper if this company is worth your time and money. We will answer questions like what is it, its products, or is it a scam.

Recommended? No! (In terms of business model)

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What is hempSmart?

HempSmart is among the subsidiaries of the Marijuana Company of America (MCOA). It is a company that has a publicly-traded company located out Escondido, California. The company has its office in California and another one in Manchester UK.

The firm hempSmart offers various CBD based nutritional supplements, topical creams among others. It is a new company which as entered in the cannabis market as well as setting itself in a multi-level marketing program.

About their site, the company claims to “produce premium quality botanical supplements derived from organically grown industrial hemp and synergistic botanicals.” They go further to say that “Our superior products, in combination with our associate business model, create an unprecedented opportunity to promote physical, financial, and planetary health.”

They have also come up with their philosophy. They say that their mission is to provide the most exceptional wellness and personal care products. It goes further to detail on premium organically grown hemp-based CBD there are benefits of synergistic botanicals.

The company’s goal is to lead the movement and promote the industrial hemp revolution on a global level.

They support the resurgence of green sustainable hemp-based products and technologies that have a positive impact on both personal and planetary health.

When I think you went through this, you were a little convinced maybe they are real but let found more before concluding.

Who is the CEO of Hempsmart?

Donald Steinberg is the CEO of helping smart, while Ian Harvey is the hempSmart Global Sales Director. Diana Steinberg is also in the company and serves as the head of the company’s product development.

The company has its headquarters in the United States; however, its products are available in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you can find hempSmart products in the Netherlands.

One unique thing about this MLM Company is that unlike other CBD sellers who only offer products at retail prices, they offer their products at special wholesale prices to its members or affiliates. Thereafter, the affiliate sells the products at retail prices to customers. Besides selling the products, its affiliates can enroll new affiliates and hence creating a down the line.

What products does the company offer?

There are several CBD products offered by hempSmart. Here they are;

HempSmart™ Full Spectrum Drops

hempsmart full spectrum in a bottle

It is a product that contains CBD rich hemp oil-d-limonene, coconut oil, beta-caryophyllene, and natural stevia extract. It is boasted with a high concentration of phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD.

Out of this boast, it helps one benefit from a mechanism called the entourage effect.

The CBD is extracted from high-quality industrial hemp, and this makes it easily be absorbed by the body. Customers have the choice to choose between 250 mg and 500 mg of CBD content.

The CBD oil is stored in a sleek and elegant bottle with an elegant label. There is also dropper attached to the bottle to assist the consumer take the CBD oil using sublingual delivery.

The product is available in different flavors ranging from mint, lemon, and orange to strawberry. In case, you intend to save some cash buy a four-pack bundle sold at t retail price.

HempSmart™ Brain

hempsmart brain in a bottle

In this product, there is a formulation to improve brain health and function. The company says that the product can improve your focus and memory.

The bottle has 60 capsules. They do recommend you take a maximum of 2 capsules per day.

The product is added astaxanthin, alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine, Vitamin B12, and BioPerine. Additionally, it has green tea extract, complex, fulvic acid, and turmeric concentrate.

The cost of each 60 count bottle is $83.

HempSmart™ CBD-Infused Moisturizer

This product is a versatile chemical compound that can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation and soothe it. It makes CBD not just be taken sublingually or orally. It is one of the CBD- infused moisturizer which contains full spectrum hemp extract. Additionally, it has hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. The product is available in a 30-ml bottle travel pack.

Besides CBD, his product also has Omega3,6,7 and 9 as well as ceramides. Some ingredients which make up this product include rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, turmeric oil, pomegranate seed oil, and more.

HempSmart™ Pain

hempsmart pain in a bottle

CBD is said to be the best when it comes to reducing inflammation and pain. It is the reason why help smart came up with its own CBD rich capsule formulated especially to reduce pain.

The product contains not only CBD but also other terpenes extracted from hemp. It is an ideal product to use when having minor pains.

The hempSmart™ Painis made up turmacin cucumber extract, Boswellia serrata extract, and Bioperine. Additionally, a proprietary ayurvedic blend for additional nutrition.

In every bottle, there are 90 capsules and costs at $83. It is recommended you take only 3 capsules per day.

HempSmart™ Pain Cream

hempsmart pain cream in a bottle

This product contains full-spectrum, hemp extract. It is a cream that is formulated to zero in on aching and muscles and soothe them. It has CBD, terpenes, and CBG extracted from the hemp plant.

This cream is also made up of soothing menthol, cayenne pepper, wintergreen extract, aloe, and ginger, among other ingredients.

It is packed in a compact plastic container that can hand-carried or stowed neatly inside a suitcase. It is available in 6 and 12 packs.

HempSmart™ Full Spectrum Pet Drops

This product is made specifically for your pets or domestic animals. It contains CBD-rich hemp extract, fractioned, and hemp seed oil. There is an addition of bacon flavoring to make the oil the product more delicious.

HempSmart™ Business Development Pack

This product is meant to help affiliates jumpstart their business. It contains all the products you need to start your CBD business. This product cost $899

How much is it to join hempSmart?

To become an affiliate, you are required to pay $49, which is an Associate Registration pack. When you have this basic pack, you an associate and you have the chance to buy products at 15 % and sell them to customers at retail price.

Additionally, affiliates are qualified to reap rewards and compensation. They are allowed to their personal replicated hempSmart website and e-commerce store, and the customer can order from your website. There is also an online back office.

There are other advantages enjoyed by associates such that will receive free business training, access to the company’s app as well as the resource library. But in this package, there are no hempSmart products.

If you want to have a sample of hempSmart products at the same time become an affiliate at the same time, you can try hempSmart 250 mg fast Track registration pack. You will be required to pay the registration fee of $49 and also pay $99 for the sample products.

There is also another offer where you get 500 mg track registration packs at $129. The package includes a bottle of full Spectrum Mint Drops, and strawberry drops each 500 mg.

What is the hempSmart compensation plan?

HempSmart offers five ways of earning to its affiliates.

Fast Start Bonus

It is the first way of earning where its affiliates in basic package o premium qualified. For the basic qualified affiliates, they are required to generate 200 personal point volumes within a limit of one month. Either way, you can enroll with a basic registration pack valued at $179 to qualify for the fast start bonus. When you meet all these requirements, you are eligible to earn a 25 % bonus on all products sold on the first level of the downline. Additionally, there is 12.5 % on the second level, and the bonus is paid weekly.

Customer prosperity bonus

This compensation plan is meant to reward affiliates for increased retail volume.

Leadership prosperity bonus

In this compensation plan, there is a bonus percent override of the total volume on each level up to 7 levels. The bonus is weighed via each hempSmart product point value and paid on the commissionable value.

Affiliates are awarded personally after enrolling two associates within seven days of joining the company. The bonus is paid weekly. It is limited to only active affiliates, VIP leaders, Silver, Bronze, Gold, managers and Platinum affiliates.

Leadership Advancement Bonus

It is a compensation plan where associates who advance the ranks receive a bonus as a reward. It also serves as an incentive to motivate them to advance to the next rank.

Leadership Matching Bonus

It is a compensation plan which helps your team members of up to the fourth level earn more at the same time achieve success to get the leadership matching bonus.

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Is HempSmart a Scam?

In my humble opinion, hempSMART is certainly not a scam. Although HempSMART is one of the newest players in the CBD world, it already has gained trust from the public and they have a wide variety of CBD related products. It is also owned by Marijuana Corporation of America and you can found their business office in Escondido, California.

One of the major strengths of this company is that their product line which has relatively plenty compared to other CBD related MLM. They produce CBD products that are not only for humans but for pets as well. This is why this company is a bit unique. People can buy these products online at a retail price without going through a distributor or affiliate, but they have an option to become a hempSMART distributor and then they can buy those products at a lower price and then sell them.

Aside from direct selling, they also have another way to entice their customers. HempSmart is into MLM business type which will add an income opportunity for the distributor and also attract individuals that are interested to become part of the company and becomes a distributor.

It may sound like a great business opportunity, but there is a bit of a problem. It is not as easy as it sounds to venture in the CBD market, the competition is tough and you need to put maximum effort to be successful with this.

Health and wellness industry is one of the most competitive niches, whether online or offline. You need to have a good experience in MLM for you to succeed.

But again, MLM’s low success rate is one of the major turn off for this type of business. If you are confident that you belong in the 1% that will become successful, then you probably try this company since legitimacy is not an issue and it is certainly not a scam,

Why I am not convinced of hempSmart as an option to make money.

The CBD legal status remains still a debatable topic. There exist a lot of stigmas surrounding cannabis and cannabinoids. Thus, it is not easy to convince customers to take the products.

HempSmart has not yet disclosed its statement. It is hard to tell if the company is doing well or not.

HempSmart has ventured to an already crowded niche, CBD market. It means you will have many competitors in the market and it is not easy to breakthrough.

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