Is CorVive a Scam? [An Honest MLM Review]

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Welcome to my review of CorVive!

CorVive is one of the most discussed companies out there lately and many people are very curious to know whether there’s a reliable money-making opportunity or just another way to lose time and your energy. From the fact that many internet marketers are trying to market CorVive all over the internet, there’s a need to educate the public about the same. So this brief will discuss this company from every perspective and eventually give our thoughts on whether CorVive is a scam or another big money-making opportunity.

However, before we reach that extent, I want to make three points clear:

  • First of all, I am not trying to promote or sell CorVive out there. This means I am just an interested party that wants to expose the scam in this company or guide along if the company is a genuine money-making opportunity.
  • Secondly, I m not a competitor and so am not in any way trying to jeopardize the operations of CorVive company or misguide the people out there. The points shared here are based on genuine reviews about what people are saying and what we can observe based on our knowledge reviewing such companies.
  • Lastly, the comments, points, and facts revealed here are based on personal experiences with the company and additional market research. Additionally, we checked on what prior users are saying and so the facts here are a result of prior comment and review analysis.

What the above three points reveal is that I have gathered a page full of facts to help you and many other potential users make an informed decision.

Some questions answered here:

  • What is CorVive and what do they sell?
  • Is CorVive a Big opportunity or another scam out there?
  • Can this company help you build an Online empire or not?

So let’s dive in!

CorVive Review Summary

Company: CorVive



Corvive is an MLM company in the health and wellness market. This review is mainly focused more on the business opportunity whether it is legitimate as what they claim or is it just a scam.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

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What is CorVive?

CorVive is an MLM company that has special interests in Nutritional supplements. This is a niche that not only CorVive has shown interest in. Many other similar companies have shown interest. If you decided to check on the CorVive website, you will notice that there’s little information about the company. First and foremost, there’s no satisfactory information about the owners or even the facilitators of this business. You will also not notice where the company is based or even when the team started the business.

Jeremy Fouts

Corvive owner
To get additional information about the owner, we dived deeper in search for information. Eventually, we came to realize that many affiliates refer to Jeremy Fouts as the CEO and the founder of the company. On his social media pages, this man does a lot of promotions and marketing for CorVive which convinced us a little about his hand in founding the company.

So is Jeremy is the founder of this company, then why is his name appearing nowhere on the website? Why are they trying to hide the identity of the founder? Does this raise an alarm on your side? Yes, it should, hiding someone’s title means that there’s something the company doesn’t want you to know. Many owners and founders of companies are proud of their businesses and will always appear on the About Us page.

What products does CorVive promote and sell?

CorVive has special interests in Nutrition niche which means they have focused too much on nutritional supplements and other related products. Under their Ach13ve brand, they only sell very few other products. Some of these products include:

  • Cor Bolic is a product loaded with natural ingredients to help someone start their day.
  • Cor Renew which is a product to help someone’s body get rid of waste materials.
  • Cor XLR8
  • Hydr8
  • Cor Powder
  • Cor NRG

You will not find any price tags about these products anywhere on the site. This also raises another eyebrow wondering whether they expect someone to make concrete decisions before buying.

corvive products

What is the CorVive Compensation plan?

Are you wondering what CorVive Compensation plan is and how you can make money with them? If yes then this is the section to read carefully. The company offers an MLM compensation plan. What this means is that you can earn some money after referring people. If these people join the company and start using their products or selling as affiliate members, you will automatically earn some commission.

Now that you have found enough people to join, what do you do to maintain a constant commission flow? There’s a lot to do but the main thing here is to make sure you purchase a predetermined amount of products from the company every single month. Secondly, you also have to refer a certain amount of people to work as affiliates.

You will find the company referring to the monthly amount of requirements as residual commissions for the auto-ship plan. The company also uses the uni-level compensation plan stricture. Here is how this plan works:

1st level-This is the least level that will only have the affiliates you have invited on it.

2nd Level-This is the second level that will only have team members from the first level.

3rd Level- The 3rd level will now have the team members from level 2.

The process moves on and on to the top of the pyramid.

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How can you make money with CorVive?

The company claims to give you a handful of ways to make money. Though, the most prominent way of making money with them is by selling their products to the customers. You can as well make money from recurring or residual income from re-orders. The last way to earn is through the performance-based commission bonuses.

The commissions are paid through the above plan. So if you want to earn more money with this company, then you can do the below:

  • Move up the rank ladder to earn more money
  • Sell more products to the customers to make some money from retail commissions.
  • Refer more people to the company to earn some additional money from sponsoring commissions.
  • Recurring product orders to make more residual commissions.
  • Xcelerator bonus commissions can as well add to your wallet
  • Reach certain qualifications that can earn you additional bonuses reaching up to a car.

Is CorVive a Scam or a genuine MLM?

In my own opinion inspired by the research and what we have found so far, this company is not a scam. Though, many red flags can make you worry about its legitimacy. Talk about a lack of satisfactory information about the founder and the developer team, no price tags in the list and unclear return policies. The company also doesn’t reveal its headquarters or even information about it when it was formed.

Though we have researched comprehensively and sought some answers from affiliate members and prior users and many of them agreed that this company is not a scam. Here are some reasons why this company am sure is legitimate:

  • The company sells genuine products
  • Their compensation plan is fair
  • Many people have earned through the same company
  • Their affiliate membership cost is fair

So if you are planning to join CorVive, don’t worry, kick start your business and everything else will follow.

The Q and A section

This is the section that answers most of your questions. So check around to see whether any of the questions you have in mind has been answered here.

Does CorVive have BBB accreditation?

No, at the time of writing this review, this company was not accredited by BBB. The BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. However, this doesn’t mean that CorVive is a scam, it’s an indication that the company needs to go the extra mile to get the accrediting. There are many companies out there that have not been accredited by BBB yet.

How much will I pay to join CorVive?

You will be needed to pay 14.95 every single year to be a CorVive member. After joining, you will be given a package of products that guarantees you some income.

Can I trust CorVive?

Yes, there are all the reasons to trust this company. Though, joining as a new member may take a lot of your energy to earn some significant amount of money.

Final thoughts

Although there are many red flags about the company including lack of information about the founder and its main office, this company is a great opportunity to make money as an affiliate. Though, you are going to dedicate a lot of your time, money and energy in making sure you invite as many people as possible and sell as much of their products as possible to earn some money.

In this brief review, we have shared many facts about the company that can help you make a concrete decision. Now the baton is on your hands. You should first of all make up your mind about the best ways to attract more affiliates and where to sell the product before you decide to join.

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