Is Bocannaco a Scam? [Best Hemp MLM?]

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Welcome to my review of Bocannaco!

Today there are so many MLM companies out there focusing on Hemp oils product. You may have come across Bocannaco or heard from your friends. Well, it has been trending lately and found it worthy of getting to understand it before buying into its philosophy.

There are so many questions in your mind right now as you read this review if Bacannaco is another scam or not. Is it a legit company? Is it an opportunity? Don’t stammer anymore because you have come to the right place. In this review, all your questions will be answered.

Note: that in my review am not promoting or against Bacannaco Company. All were trying to do is shed light all about the company. Mere truth! You want to know if it is a scam or legit then get to read this review.

Bocannaco Review Summary

Company: Bocannaco



Bocannaco is an MLM company in the health niche, specializes in hemp oil. This brief review will answer some questions about the products as well as the opportunity it offers.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the opportunity it presents)

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What is Bocannaco?

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Bocannaco is a multi-level marketing company which stands out to claim to be offering “the best hemp oil” all over the globe. You may have heard of this plant hemp. It is the one used to make paper, sacks, ropes, shoes, and textiles. It is the plant still turned in Fiberboard, concrete blocks, and insulation. However, scientists sat down and uncovered ways to transform it into biodiesel as well as used it as weed control.

However, the use of hemp shifted and became a highly valued plant. It has fiber, but also it has various chemical compounds. To be precise, the hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family. It contains esee4ntial chemical compounds like CBD and debatable THC as well as cannabidiol.

Hemp oil is regarded as the most beneficial hemp plant product. It is rich in Cannabidiols like CBD, one of the compounds proven to help manage several diseases.

Thus, Bocannaco deals with health products and its main products’ ingredients extracted from hemp or cannabis Sativa.

All about the corporate

The company’s website appearance is good enough in terms of style. However, there are hard data in the slightest degree. Thus, I had to dig deep the third party websites to supply the American state with information regarding the corporate.

A quick search on WHOIS came that the positioning was created in Gregorian calendar month 2017 and was recently updated on Oct 2018. I’d assume that they’ve been within the trade for no quite two years as of this writing.

However, I don’t suppose that this can be additionally the age of their company. I’d assume that they’ve been operational offline before they launched their website. The real age of their company is unknown.
They’re based in Torrance, California

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Who are the owners?

Again, there are no data regarding this company, which I found odd. Unless it was a scam, they’d don’t have any reason to cover their founders.

Based on their website, John Daniels was mentioned as the founder. Different names that came up were retired doctor and specialist Henry Martyn Robert Lawrence, who’s listed because he is the company’s product developer.

Could also be Bocannaco’s story began with Dr. Henry Martyn Robert Lawrence’s science lab? In step with Bocannaco’s selling material, Dr. Lawrence holds degrees in chemistry, medical specialty, medicine engineering, and more.

He is additionally a prolific artificer and has researched CBD extensively. However, Bacannaco is incomplete while not entrepreneurs and long-time network selling leaders John Daniels and Mark and Barbara Lammons.

It’s laborious to work out if Dr. Henry Martyn Robert Lawrence may be an instauration partner, besides; thus, we’ll simply leave it at that.

What Bocannaco product line?

bocannaco review product lines

Despite its growing quality, cannabis-based merchandise is still, for the most part, on the fringes within the marketplace. Perhaps that’s why Bocannaco’s product varies is quite restricted. Plus, Bacannaco continues to be one in all the most recent players within the CBD field. Take a glance at Bocannaco’s merchandise to ascertain if you’d be interested in changing into an affiliate.

Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes

Consumers will get health advantages by taking the Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes. The oral answer is holding on during a tiny, however elegant pump bottle, and also, the liquid is extracted sublingually (under the tongue).

About the manufacturer, this contains a broad spectrum formulation and is free from THC. It contains useful terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It additionally has lipids, omegas, and waxes. The terpenes and different parts are tiny so that they are a lot of simply absorbed by the body.

One bottle prices $149. It was created obtainable on the twelfth of August 2019.

1000mg Active Driven Terpenes

This is a smaller version of the merchandise higher than. The product is packed in a sleek pump bottle which contains 1000mg of active terpenes, and different useful parts, like vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, lipids, waxes, and omegas. In step with the manufacturer, this formulation doesn’t contain intoxicating THC.

This oral answer is delivered sublingually and is absorbed by the body — every pump bottle prices $99.

BocannaCaine quick Acting Gel

Experience relief from pain caused by inflammatory disease, tendinitis, and muscle soreness with the BocannaCaine quick Acting Gel. This topical gel contains broad-spectrum formulation and doesn’t contain THC. The compounds are shrunken to nano-sized particles. Thus, it will be simply absorbed by the body.

It contains several all-natural ingredients, together with willow tree bark extract, cat’s claw bark extract, and more. It additionally contains soothing burn plant gel, succulent leaf juice, and trace amounts of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid — every pump bottle of the BocannaCaine quick Acting Gel prices $99.

Macy Mask

Rewind the clock and regain your vernal glow with the Macy Mask. It a product was infused with what Bocannaco regards as active-driven terpenes and different parts that influence the endocannabinoid system to stimulate skin and hydrate it.

Concerning Bocannaco, the mask is formed of natural polyose fiber; thus, it’s eco-friendly and perishable. It wetness absorbent and contains a light-weight feel. It’s additionally ideal for sensitive skin as a result of it doesn’t contain alcohol that’s harsh on the skin.

The Macy Mask is nice for each man and ladies. One packet prices $149.95 and contains twelve masks, which will last up to at least one month.


The Cannagize may be a pulverized drink infused with active-driven terpenes. It contains useful herbs and minerals; however, it doesn’t contain THC. It’s divided into 8oz sticks, creating it a lot of convenient. Every box contains thirty sticks and prices $129.

How much to join Bocannaco?

The Bocannaco registration fee for distributors is $99. If you’re okay as a distributor and you wish to continue marketing the merchandise, then you’ve got to pay $99 per annum.

So, what’s enclosed during this fee?

After you become a Bocannaco distributor, you’ll have the chance of receiving a mirror Bocannaco website, coaching materials, and tools to push your business.

Prospective distributors would like a sponsor to become a Bocannaco reseller. In case, you don’t have any friends or colleagues, who will be your sponsor, then you’ll require to send Bocannaco itself and request a sponsor who lives close to you. You’ll additionally Google one if you wish.

What is the Bocannaco compensation plan?

bocannaco scam compensation planCheck out Bocannaco’s compensation to understand if this can be the proper chance for you.

Bocannaco’s compensation arranges straightforward and easy. If you’re new MLM and you don’t like difficult compensation plans, then this chance could also be for you. Let’s take a glance at; however, prospective distributors will get paid.

There are solely three ways you’ll earn with Bocannaco. These embody the primary Sale Bonuses, the client Residual financial gain, and also the Organization’s Residual financial gain.

First Sale Bonuses

Get a primary Sale Bonus whenever one in all the team members on your first level generates an acquisition. 2 factors that affect the primary Sale Bonuses you’re reaching to their sales and also the numbers of individuals on the first level of your down the line.

Residual financial gain

Earn commissions hebdomadally or monthly with Bocannaco. This can be supported your down line’s total sales (up to the seventh level), also, because of the sales you generate on your own.

However, they confine your mind that you just should be an energetic distributor to be eligible for residual commissions. Plus, you need to hit a minimum quota to qualify.

Is Bocannaco a Scam?

Since Bocannaco is a relatively new MLM company, it would be not fair to consider it a scam. This is difficult for me to recommend Bocannaco for this reason alone.

New MLM companies emerge daily, and it will be not easy to asses if these new companies will last. Some of them will not succeed and as a distributor, you will lose money.

And for the business model which is MLM, it is a known fact that the success rate of this is very low compared to other business model types such as affiliate marketing.

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