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Welcome to my review of Website ATM!

Every day, there is a new website that claims to make people lots of money through easy and simple ways. At this point, I am so used to the very many scam websites that keep appearing on the internet. Whenever I get to hear something like ‘make $500 in a day’, immediately I get suspicious of that website. In most cases, am right because many of them are scams.

As usual, there is a new site known as Website ATM that promises people hefty incomes through the push of a button. I took time to do my own research and background checks on this site. I will tell you one thing as early as now, they are not real. Everything they say is not the real deal. Let’s dig in a little for you to understand better what am going on about;

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Website ATM Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Website ATM

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Owner: “Hidden”

Recommended? No

What is Website ATM all about?

For starters, they have such a catchy name probably to attract your attention. I mean all of us can relate the name Website ATM with money. Sadly, you may actually not make any money on this website.

Taking one look at this site and I could immediately tell that they are not legitimate. Why do I think so? It’s simple, scammers will say all the nice things that they know you will want to hear. The first thing is that this site claims you can make $500 in a single day. Honestly, who will not want to make that amount of money in just a day? Lots of people will want that but unfortunately with this kind of sites, you never make that much money.

Another thing is that they tell you, you will not have to do anything to earn that money. All the work is done on your behalf. When I saw this I just knew Website ATM is not real. I have reviewed similar websites countless times and by now I know how scammers think. No one can make money without working for it and for sure there are no generous people to just give you money for pushing a button.

All this hype and sweet talk is one of their tricks to get you to join their website. Unfortunately, many people often fall for this trick.

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How does Website ATM really work?

Website ATM - Automatic money machine

Typically, Website ATM is one of those scam sites that promise you the world while in real life that’s not going to happen. When you watch the video on the homepage, their spokesperson makes lots of promises about you making money without even breaking a sweat.

Let’s face it, if making money was this easy how many people would still be in the offices working from morning to evening. We would all have left our jobs for systems like Website ATM. What they do is make things seem very easy to attract very many people. This is one common tactic among scammers.

Everything the spokesperson says in that video is a lie because they just want to capture your attention. They are not telling you the truth and that’s why I am here to put everything in black and white. That video gives you unrealistic expectations of making money online so that at the end of it you are already convinced to join their system.

Website ATM is based on the concept of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money. Many people earn a living from it. However, Website ATM is not really affiliate marketing. For one thing, you are told in the video by the sales person that they will provide you with a ready website. In real sense, what they give you is more of a website template than an actual website.

Furthermore, it’s the same template that they are giving to other recruits. This means that what they are providing you is a duplicate that cannot make you any money. In addition, these people are giving you a website but where are you going to host it? They go ahead to take advantage of this situation and convince you to pay for web hosting.

Therefore, instead of you making money they are the ones who are trying to suck as much money from you as they can. Remember, you have to pay the sign-up fee of $47 to get access to their system.

Why you will not make money

The reason why you will want to join this website is to apparently make the $500. So you pay the $47 as the sign-up fee and wait for money to start flowing in. Unfortunately, this never happens despite their claims of making money from doing nothing. Website ATM will give you a website but you cannot actually make money from it as easily as they say. The problem with their website is it won’t get you any visitors. Remember, you need to have many visitors on your website to make money online.

Their websites are duplicates and these are never listed on search engines like Google. They wouldn’t want to annoy users by having duplicate websites in their listings. Therefore, forget about getting visitors on your site. With this being out of question, you have limited options.

In order to succeed and make some real cash with what they give you, it will take you a whole lot of time, energy and more money. This is definitely the opposite of what they tell you in the beginning.

People behind Website are not concerned at all if you make any money or not. What really matters to them is getting more and more money from you.

For instance, you will be required to spend more money amounting up to $900 to progress and get some visitors on your website. You see what am talking about? They give you unrealistic expectations and instead of earning you will be spending.

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Red flags on Website ATM site

As it’s the norm with any scam sites, you cannot miss to find plenty of red flags here and there. There are a couple of things I noticed on Website ATM that got me convinced they are up to no good;

Fake testimonials

This is a common trick used by scammers. They want to persuade you that there are people who are earning an income from their site. What you may not know is that all those people are hired actors. They are actually freelancers from fiverr. You can really tell they are actors just from the setting. Real people giving out testimonies will obviously take the video from their phones.

In addition, you can tell the testimonials are fake because they are using stock photos. You can confirm that those photos have been used elsewhere on the internet under different circumstances. If this is a real program, they should have real testimonial not fake and scripted ones.

All the claims are lies

How can you put your trust in a system that is full of lies? The first thing is that there is absolutely no way you can make $500 simply by the push of a button. It does not happen in this world. You have to put in your efforts to make money online. In addition, when you watch the video the sales person claims that there is a limit to the number of people who can sign up. This is another big lie. It’s not true that only 300 people can join. They say that so that to lure you into joining as fast as you can.

It’s not a real program

This is a program that is set up as a way of getting you to virtually join another program. What do I mean by that? There are these programs on the internet that pay specific people to get other people to sign in for their services. The real program behind this is referred to as MOBE (My Online Business Empire).

In this case Website ATM is trying to get you to join MOBE or some other systems. In all honesty, this is not the kind of a system I would recommend you sign up for. There are some drawbacks associated with it that will not do you any good.

Super expensive upsells

There is a chance of making money with the MOBE system but before that happens you will have spent a fortune yourself. With MOBE, you get to learn how to get people to join their program.

The setback comes when you have to first of all purchase their products before you earn the right of making money from getting others to sign up.

If you think their products are cheap, you are so wrong. They can go up to $10,000. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you will get your money back through this system.

Final verdict

I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone. Their system is based on lies and half-truths. They don’t tell you things as they are because all they want is to benefit themselves. There are definitely better ways you can genuinely make money online other than this.

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