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Welcome to my Vyvo (World Global Network) Review!

Lately, Vyvo as earned a lot of attention on the web. Due to this, many network marketers are out there selling the opportunity. Have you sat down and asked yourself if this is a business opportunity or a big scam yet again?

I have done all means to compile you a comprehensive Vyvo review detailing all the facts to assist you in making a well-informed decision if to join or not.

In my review, I am not advocating either am I against Vyvo but I am revealing to you the mere truth about the company.

Vyvo Review Summary

Company: Vyvo (World Global Network)


Founder: Fabio Galdi

Scam: No

Recommended? As a business opportunity, No so!

Review Summary

Statistically, there is a slim chance of success in the MLM industry. According to FTC’s research, there is only around 1% of the success rate. That 1 percent already includes those who are earning a little only.

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What is Vyvo?

Vyvo is just a rebranding name of the World Global Network. I hope you have heard of this MLM Company before. They have not offered any explanation on their website why they chose to rebrand their company. However, it may as a result of how the website visitors decreased tremendously.

Don’t get confused when you hear World Global Network or Vyvo as they are the same thing.

Before being called now Vyvo, it was called the World Global network, yet the name changed in 2013 to Global Mobile Network. All these changes bring suspicion if the company is legit or scam?

Initially, the company was known as World Global Network. In 2013 first time it debuted to Global Mobile Network. It aimed to offer a mobile advertising app and VolP services. In 2016, the company rebooted to World International. Again after a short while changed the name to World Global Network.

Today, in early 2019, the company is known as Vyvo. All the changes have confused what exactly is the company about. But out of my further research am I going to tell what exactly Vyvo is.

Vyvo refers to a company that manufactures and sells wearable fitness trackers. It also deals with health and wellness products. The difference from Vyvo is that unlike other company manufacturers who sell their product directly to customers, it has adopted the MLM business model.

The company has opened the window for whoever is ready to associate with it and ready to sell Vyvo product to customers. As an associate, you are also required to recruit other members to become associated as well.

Here is a video that came from Vyvo to know more:

And here is the script in case you want to read:

You are in front of an idea that became a powerhouse of wearable technology. We rose from the creation of a revolutionary smart band concept that evolved into over 10 innovative products.

This company began in the USA and a mere seven years expanded to 12 countries reaching around 1 million customers worldwide.

Together, we received countless industry awards and we did all this while giving back to you and our communities. We thrive while others struggled, we reached over 600 million in cumulative sales in just five years. Imagine if you could have joined this company before it took off and became the heart of the industry.

Imagine benefiting from the many successes we achieved being awarded and recognized with her passion and strength. What if we told you that you don’t have to imagine anymore, you can live ahead of the future with us. Today we are entering the next level with our demonstrated track record.

We are unleashing a new standard of success and innovation with the launch of our new brand Vyvo combining the power of our cutting-edge wearable technology with advanced genomics, artificial intelligence, and our vyvo extends non-invasive sugar trend measuring device.

We are unveiling breakthrough proprietary technologies. They’re exclusively available only to our distributors, into an industry excitedly awaiting this unique moment in time a moment that will not happen again you have the chance of joining the evolution of an established world-class company.

Our vyvo’s forecast is looking bright and shiny. The conditions of the market are ready for us to explode into success beyond what we thought was possible. Wellness, wearable tech, advanced genomic solutions, and anti-aging have finally become a trillion-dollar space with sustainable long-term growth.

Moreover, direct sales in the industry are now also stronger than ever with 50 percent of people working a side job by 2020. With our innovative e-commerce and social media, these strategies allow us to break through the clutter and noise to reach our customers while improving their life quality.

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Who owns Vyvo?

Despite the rebranding to several names the company now Vyvo is headed by founder and CEO Fabio Galdi. In their website, the company has listed two corporate addresses; for Vyvo PTE ltd in Singapore and Vyvo USA corp in Utah.

Alessandro is among the top leaders of the company, and he serves as its COO. As this company is multinational, the American and Asian operations have different presidents. More so, in each country where there is a significant operation, there is a corresponding general manager.

Fabio Galdi manages two companies and still the president of World Media & Technology Corp and the World Global Network Corp(Vyvo). The two companies equally give out wearable devices.

What are the Vyvo products?

Vyvo offers a wide variety of products for retail to its associates. Some products include;


It is one of the main products manufactured and sold by Vyvo. This is set with a bioelectrical impedance sensor which makes it possible to get the correct picture of your health.

In their website, Vyvo says that Icon is armed with ECG which tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate, and energy levels when you are exercising. More so it is armed with air quality sensors that analyze public Air quality index.

Icon has a battery that lasts up to 10 days and beyond. It requires you to charge it for 120 minutes. Features include water-resistant and it applies Blockchain technology.


vyvo vista watchIt is a smartwatch that assists you to monitor your health. The watch is ideal assistance, especially when you’re hitting the gym or going for a morning walk or jogging.

The watch is armed with modern technology which monitors your breath rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and energy level. It also keeps the track modes of running and also analysis air quality to enable you to keep away from poor air quality.

Oracle A.I. powers the smartwatch and comes along with a built-in GPS. It is water-resistant and also equipped with Blockchain technology. Its battery lasts up to 7 days.


It is a smartwatch that tracks every heartbeat, breath, and step you make. It is armed with ECG chips manufactured by Texas Instruments that Monitor’s heart signals.

The watch is water-resistant hence you can wear it while jogging, swimming, or in drizzling weather. Its battery lasts up to seven days; it uses the blockchain technology.


It is used to monitor your weight to ensure you are healthy, it also a weighing scale which is used to track body composition statistics like muscle mass, fat, bone weight, and visceral fat. It is again used to keep track of body mass index and basal metabolic rate.

Vyvo smart

It is an individualized health and wellness plan which is designed to make sure you have a track of your health. With this plan, you can prevent the onset of various diseases. It is a customized plan which draws lines for you towards developing a healthier lifestyle. It is equipped with technology, Vyvo assessment, and genomics.

After you have signed up and purchased the Vyvo smart, you will earn Nutrapak supplements and an Oracle A.l. report. There is a monthly subscription at the cost of $59.90 to the loyalty members and $ 99.90 to the Loyalty of PRO members.

DNA Report

It is a product where you are offered a cutting-edge genetic test and DNA report. Out of knowing you’re genetic, it will assist you in working on your health and control weight. It will also be a guideline for choosing the kind of exercise or vitamin supplements correct for you.


Vyvo Nutrapak samples

It is a product that entails prepackaged powdered vitamins which will supplement any deficiencies in your nutrition. On each pack, there is vitamin A, B complex, Folate, K1, and more. Other supplements include ingredients like carnitine, sage, ginger, omega3, CBD, and extracts.

What is Vivo’s compensation plan?

Fast Retail Bonus

In this compensation plan, you earn a retail sales bonus whenever one of your customers or team members buy a Vyvo product. You will earn 10% of the sales amount, and also receive the bonus in your debit cards occasionally after the transaction is completed.

Remember you will not earn this bonus if the purchase is from the member who is already team builders.

Cashback bonus

In this plan, you will earn 10 % cashback from all the purchases you make in your Vyvo e-commerce store. It is open to team builders. The money will be sent to your debit card within minutes. It is a plan meant for team builders and above only.

Money Box

You will earn 1% of your team volume commission common volume to your money bonus. Remember that you will receive the accumulated amount if you had been active in the commission calculations for 12 consecutive months.

Builder Brick Bonus

It is a plan where you earn after you have personally enrolled new team builders. The amount you earn depends on the amount purchased by the customer you have enrolled in. It is open to the tam builders only.

Generation matching bonus

It is possible to earn a matching percentage of the team volume commission for each member of your team; it depends on the cycle rank you reach on any commission cycle.

Business development bonus

To earn in this plan, you have to climb rank and hold your Diamond status for a 2-4 commission period to receive a bonus which will cover what the company calls your business development expenses. They include fuel, venue rentals, airfare, and more.

In this plan, you can bonus of up to $500 for two consecutive commission periods and $100 for four consecutive periods. The team builders are required to provide documentation of the expenses and summary plus photos of the activities.

Additional rewards include;

  • Millionaire rewards
  • Lifestyle rewards
  • Recognition rewards

Vyvo ranks

  • The Silver rank
  • The Gold-rank
  • The Platinum rank
  • The Diamond rank
  • The Double Diamond
  • The Grand Diamond rank
  • The President rank
  • The Double President rank
  • The Grand President rank
  • The President Millionaire rank
  • The Double President Millionaire rank
  • The Grand President Millionaire rank

How much to join Vyvo?

As of now to join Vyvo is free, but you will be required to pay for the products you buy for retail.

Is Vyvo a scam?

It is too early to tell this as the company is still young. However, to succeed in Vyvo is limited. There are a lot of complaints from its customers before they rebranded, such as delivering, advertising to billing, and collections. Still, the previous CEO is managing Vyvo the expectations to succeed is rare.

Another worrisome about Vyvo is the price of its products which is too high, and the quality of the product is still in question. The choice of Vyvo to adopt the MLM business model it means very few people who have the chance to make money.

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Thank you for reading my Vyvo review! Comment below if you have any questions. Cheers!

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