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Welcome to my Clout Pay Review!

In recent times, there has been an influx of sites that promise people huge amounts of money through performing simple specified tasks. Well, clout pay is one of those sites. Before you even waste any of your time on this site, I have lots of reasons to believe it’s a scam.

Read on because your weapon against the many scammers out there is information. Scammers usually take advantage of the unawareness and ignorance of their victims. In this article, I am going to put forward the explanations and reasons as to why clout pay is a scam. Do not fall for their trap.

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Clout Pay Review

Product/Platform Name: CloutPay

Website :clout

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What is Clout Pay all about?

When you join clout pay you get paid some money by referring people to the site and becoming their social media influencer. Taking a look at their site, it looks just the same as other legit sites. They probably must have put in a lot of work to ensure unsuspecting people fall for this scam.

One feature that is most common with many of the scam sites is they all pay you for signing up. In this case, clout pay pays you $25 for signing up and becoming a member of their program. This may seem impressive to you. Getting that amount of money for doing something as simple as signing up is bound to attract lots of people. They even go as far as crediting that amount to your clout pay account but in reality, you will not get anything from them.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable reasons why this site is not genuine and is a total waste of your valuable time.

No owner information

Clopay claims to be among the best and the top social influencer network. If this is so, why then is the person behind the creation of this site not known? Any legitimate site should provide information about the owner. It is typical of scammers to hide behind closed doors for obvious reasons that we all know. They do not want to take responsibility or be sued to tricking people. Another thing is that we don’t know where this company is being run from. You will not find any information whatsoever about the location of their offices and if you followed up on the address provided you will conclude that it is false. This is one huge red flag. If you had any issues that you want to get addressed there is no way you can reach out to their people. Both the owner details and address is concealed in the WHOIS. This is a great indication that clout is a scam.

Similarly, on the website, it is displayed that clout pay was first started in 2015 and has been around since then. I decide to take matters into my own hands and research this. Well, what I found out is that the cloud pay domain name was registered a month ago. In my opinion, this is one more reason to make you believe clout pay is not legit. Why would they have to lie about the period they have been in operation if this is an authentic site? Those who run this site must have changed the domain name and this is another characteristic of scam sites. For instance, viral pay changed their name to viral dollars then cloutbucks. All these are scam sites registered under different domain names.

Too good to be true

We all want to be successful and make some good money. However, there is no shortcut to success. One of the things that are bound to attract so many people to clout pay is the huge amounts of money they promise to pay for services rendered. The first thing that will catch your eye is the caption ‘make $500 Today! ‘This seems like an amazing deal, right? Who doesn’t want to make such an amount of money? With that in mind, you quickly decide to sign up and start earning some cash. This is exactly what the scammers want you to do. They want you to fall right into their trap by using such catchy words.

Let’s face it. No one can be so generous and pay you for doing the very simple tasks that are on the cloud paysite. You are supposed to get 25 dollars for only signing up. The internet is filled with so many people from all over the world. Now a good deal like this one will be of interest to millions of people who will sign up and become members of this site. Remember, all these people have done practically nothing yet they supposedly earn $25. To be real, who will want to give out millions of dollars for free? You should be thinking about this before you even go ahead and sign up for this scam. They are offering you such an amount of money for free because they know it will get your attention. However, don’t expect to get paid.

Sit down and try to do the math. You, first of all, receive $25 for signing up. Moving on to the referrals you are likely to make, clout pay is supposed to pay you at least $15 for anyone who clicks on your referral link. In addition to all this, clout pay will now have to pay $25 to the newly acquired referrals who will register. This is a whole lot of money to payout. How on earth does this company sustain itself if they pay so handsomely? All this makes absolutely no sense.

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Fake social media accounts

On one section of their pages, you will see images of some social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When you click on the links of these social media platforms, it redirects you back to the homepage. In my opinion, this is quite fishy and strange. If at all clout pay is a legitimate site they should be having functional social media accounts.

Fake testimonials

Clout Pay Fake Testimonials

The people behind clout pay want to convince their victims that they are a genuine site. They know that some people will have doubts about their scam website. In an attempt to trick their victims they decide to come up with some fake testimonials. There is this particular person in the testimonial section who talks about having made as much as $193,000 in just a month. The truth is we all want to make some money. But there is no way you will make that much from doing such simple tasks as the ones on clout pay. Also, I had earlier mentioned that clout pay has been around for a really short time. It’s only one month old. How can someone already have earned that much money in such a short time? Do not let them take advantage of you.


You will not get paid

I know for a fact that a good number of people must have rushed to sign up and refer others so that they can earn some cash. Sadly, even after going through all the trouble no money will be credited in your account. It may be of little consolation to see the money you have made appearances on the dashboard of your clout pay account. However, when it’s time for you to cash out, you will not receive anything in your bank account. They will take you round in circles and still not pay you. For instance, they might ask you to pay some fees so that you can receive your earnings. Don’t let them exploit you because even if you paid the fees, you will still not get a dime from them.

Besides, the proof of payment that they have provided is all fake. These are probably made up to fool you into thinking that they are a legitimate site.

No support system

Every clout pay account has an account manager that is supposed to help you out in case of any queries. Any problems regarding your account cannot be solved simply because the support system is not there. If you asked me, this is strange for a site that claims to be genuine. When you try to contact support there is simply no response whatsoever.

They are a data harvesting scam

Many people don’t know the unscrupulous things scam sites such as clout pay do with their personal information. When registering to be a member of the program, you give out information such as your email address. They do promise not to give out this information to third parties. However, do you think they keep their promise? Do not even think of putting out there your bank account details or the email you use for PayPal.

Final verdict

I have given you all the evidence you need so that you make an informed decision. In my opinion, clout pay is a big scam and you should avoid it like a plague. There are very many authentic means of making money. This is just not one of them.

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