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ChatterPal has features that no other app out there has for any price. Which means there is no alternative and this is the only place your customers or even you can get access to these breakthrough features that are part of ChatterPal.

Chatter Pal is for everyone regardless if they have a website, blog, funnel, or even for that matter they’re sending traffic to other sites or affiliate offers are leveraging other people’s content using the revolutionary live link technology that is part of chatter pal.

Over the last three years, Paul Ponna perfected a lot of these technologies through trial and error and yes it’s compatible with mobile devices, iPads and also with the brand new updates with Google chrome browser.

ChatterPal Review

  • Vendor: Paul Ponna
  • Product: ChatterPal
  • Launch Date: 2019-Feb-28
  • Launch Time: 15:00 EST
  • Front-End Cost: $47

What is ChatterPal Exactly?

ChatterPal is a revolutionary new technology designed to boost sales, leads and results using several industry leading features and artificial intelligence.

ChatterPal merges our cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with AI backed “SMART Chat Automation” to deliver results like no other chat app in the market!

Customers can add ChatterPals to ANY website (even ones they don’t own) to instantly boost sales, conversions and leads on blogs, ecommerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages.

The best part? With ChatterPal customers can create SMART chat automation in ANY language with in-built translation and ready made chat templates!

Unlike other apps, customer can create UNLIMITED ChatterPals for a low ONE-TIME cost for themselves and their clients!

Commercial license is included!

What’s the benefit of having ChatterPal at your disposal?

Well if you have a website, blog affiliate offer, or any page and you’re looking to increase more sales, more leads, book more appointments if it’s an offline business, or for that matter if you’re just looking to get better results Chatter Pal is a must have.

They’ve integrated features like for instance, they’ve put in brand new next generation 3D avatars built from scratch by professional animators. And they’ve also integrated animal avatars as well. These are fully animated and on top of that, they are almost lifelike.

They’ve also integrated smart chat automation which is you get a 3D animated interactive avatar speaking with your audiences. Which means it’s gonna drive more attention, more conversions and more leads. And also you have customization when it comes to the chat itself.

You can add specific text ,specific responses, specific flows, and more importantly can also add videos and images.

You can also collect phone numbers, leads, you can do all kinds of good stuff with it, which is not possible with anything else out there.

Distinction Between Chat Bots & ChatterPal

The reason why this is more powerful than a chat bot and completely different is the fact that the entire system has been built using the data that they have collected with their previous apps like video pal and so on, where they’ve had tens of thousands of users and customers using it so they already collected tons of data already.

The biggest things is when it comes to a website, the longer that you keep a person on your website, the more revenue your websites gonna get, the more leads and ultimately you’ll be getting better results than what you’re getting currently.

One of the coolest features of chatter pal is the ability to have local mapping on any 3D avatar or animal avatar or even for that matter specific objects that are part of the animated avatar itself, like a bag or a shirt or an Ipad that they’re holding and that sort of thing and that is dynamic. Meaning even if they’re moving around things and they’re shaking and so on, it will be adaptive based on their moments.

ChatterPal has animated emoticons that will allow you to captivate people’s attention because you’re literally getting a 24/7 chat agent working for you on your website or your clients websites. The commercial license is part of the front end offer which means every single user has the ability to not only improve their own conversions, leads, and revenue from their one website but also as an agency, other people’s websites with there’s an offline business whether it’s on each commerce store or whether it’s even a simple funnel that another business has they can also get better results so what they’re currently getting by increasing their leads increasing their revenue and having a twenty four seven chat agent work on their website without having to be any recurring fees every single month rate and because the fact that it’s for unlimited websites just the possibilities are limitless talking about possibilities you have to also talk about the great flexibility that is also part of chatter pal and that is powerful chat flows that you can build at with the app.

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Some Features of ChatterPal

Pre-integrated with existing template

The beauty of ChatterPal  is that it is pre-integrated with existing template but also you have the flexibility to create any type of chat flow that you want which can be intelligent, it can actually get people to do appointment booking, early generation, generate more sales give every discount coupons and a whole lot more.

Text to speech

Have the world’s best text to speech integrated and close to 50 voices, male and female in multiple languages as well, so you can target people from around the world, you can also record your own audio from within the app itself or even upload a professional ways or that you have from elsewhere into the App and again all of this will be lip sync perfectly with every single avatar that we have available but there’s 3D avatar, a mascot, and so on.

Built-in language translation

And on top of that also comes with built in language translation as well which means let’s say you wanted to create an existing avatar and transit over into a different languages like Spanish Portuguese German it’s what you can do that straight from within the app itself using the auto translate feature that is built in. Chatter pal also comes with complete analytics so you can track everything from one easy to use dashboard, and the beauty is what all this data your chatter power is only gonna get smarter and smarter over time and that is gonna lead to get more sales, more leads, and better results.

Never Seen Before ‘Industry-First’ Features

ChatterPal comes loaded with some groundbreaking first to market features that are NOT available anywhere else.

  • 1-Click Logo Mapping – Instantly brand the 3D avatars with your own logos and images.The logo automatically adapts to the movements of the avatar and looks fluid making the avatars look life-like!
  • NEW Next-Gen Text-To-Speech – featuring new and improved text- to-speech engine with over 100+ life-like voicesin 25 languages. The premium new TTS voices are the same ones that power Amazon Alexa and Google Home!
  • Wide Range Of Interactive 3D Avatars – Life-life male, female and animal 3D avatars. Avatars come in all age groups, backgrounds and ethnicities for wide appeal!
  • SMART A.I Chat Automation –  Take website visitors on a journey based on their responses. The smart AI backed chat engine interacts with customers WITHOUT the need for any human involvement or support agents.
  • Done-For-You Chat Templates –Activate and deploy ready-made chat templates in seconds to boost sales, leads and conversions on any website!
  • Email / Data Auto-Capture Technology – Automatically collects visitor emails, names and any info they enter into chat and stores it neatly into a CSV. Download the data and add to your favorite autoresponder or CRM platform!
  • Intelligent Analytics Engine –  Get real time feedback and in-depth analytics on chat conversions, geo-locations, engagement and more to find winning campaigns in minutes!
  • Revolutionary Live-Link Technology –Place ChatterPals on any 3rd party website (even the ones you don’t own). Perfect to boost conversions on affiliate landing pages,  bridge pages and more to boost sales, traffic and results!
  • Built-In Language Translation (Go Global) – Convert chat into ANY language with the CLICK of a button!

How Can I Use ChatterPal?


  • Ecommerce and website owners can offer discounts and coupons to boost sales!
  • Local businesses and health care professionals can use ChatterPal to book appointments via automated chat.
  • Pizza stores, online groceries and delivery websites can take custom orders via automated chat!
  • Create SMART chat flows to offer customer supportcollect emails, names and other customer info!
  • Works in ALL languages and countries and much more!


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FE – ChatterPal Commercial ($37)

ChatterPal is a revolutionary new technology designed to boost sales, leads and results using several industry leading features and artificial intelligence.

ChatterPal merges our cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with AI backed “SMART Chat Automation” to deliver results like no other chat app in the market!

The FE offer includes:

* 40 Interactive 3D Avatars –
Male, Female and Animals with logo mapping.
* 100+ Premium Text-To-Speech Voices in 25 languages –
Same voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
+ 10 Ready-Made Chat Templates –
Customize the templates as you like to create your own!
* Fluid Logo Mapping Technology –
Map any logo on to the 3D Avatars, the logos automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar!

* Artificial Intelligence “Chat Automation” Technology –
offer coupons, book appointments, take custom orders, offer customer support and whole lot more!

* Smart Analytics –
Get instant feedback and find winning campaigns.

* Live-Link Technology –
Add ChatterPals to websites you don’t own!

* Green Screen Removal –
Upload your own green screen spokespersons
* Attention Grabbing Emoticons Pack

* Create Unlimited Chat Flows
* Commercial License

Upsell #1 – ChatterPal Deluxe ($44)

* Unlock 13 additional 3D Avatars Immediately

* One new avatar each month for one year (no monthly or yearly fees)!

* Animated Emoticons Pack

– Multi-thread Chat Branching (create advanced clients)

– Unlimited # of chat blocks

– Unlimited Video Hosting

– Professional Voice Overs From HOT Niches

– VIP Support

Upsell #2 – ChatterPal Agency ($67)
– Adjust speed and pitch of text-to-speech (more flexibility)

– 25 Additional chat templates from popular HOT niches

– Zapier Integration

– Remove “Powered By ChatterPal” Branding

– 25 Green Screen Video (Same niches as the chat templates)

– Increase avatar speaking limit from 2 mins to 4 mins!

– Fill in the blank client briefs and contracts

– 5 additional licenses for your agency / team

Upsell #3 – ChatterPal Premium Voice Pack ($37)

ChatterPal premium included 53 ULTRA premium text-to-speech voices that are NOT available anywhere else. There are the most life-like voices available on the web right now.

These voices are generally pay-per-use and would cost the customers thousands of dollars to license. But today, they can get access to these ULTRA premium life-like voice pack to a low ONE TIME payment!

No recurring cost, unlimited usage.

Upsell #4 – ChatterPal International ($29)
This upgrade activates a very powerful and unique feature in the app that AUTO DETECTS where the website visitor is coming from and translates the chat to that language without any human intervention needed!

This is pure artificial intelligence at play. Your will be able to maximize your conversions and sales as the chat sell to people in their NATIVE language.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

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I truly believe this is a game changer for website owners. ChatterPal was created with some of the greatest technologies that took the owners many years to crack and for instance your fusing together some of their technologies and some new breakthrough technologies.

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