Is Zinzino a Scam?[An Unbiased Review]

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Welcome to my review of Zinzino!

There are so many opportunities emerge on the internet almost every single day. The truth is we are all out here trying to make it in life.

That’s why when an opportunity knocks; most of us are willing to give it a chance. You must have heard of zinzino since it has been receiving a lot of attention on the web lately. There are network marketers who claim this is an opportunity of your lifetime.

It is no news that many of the network marketing companies are full of controversy, Zinzino is no exception. They all come with hyped up claims to convince people to join the program.

I am here today with all the facts on all you need to know concerning zinzino. This way, you can make an informed decision rather than getting into something you know nothing about.

Zinzino Review Summary

Company: Zinzino



Zinzino is an MLM company in the wellness and health sector. This in-depth review will answer some of your questions regarding the products and the opportunity it offers.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the opportunity it presents)

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What exactly is zinzino?

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Zinzino is an MLM company that was launched in 2013 in Europe. At that time, the company’s main focus was on the European market and its sole product was the coffee pods. They were in one way or the other similar to the K-Cups.

Moving forward, the company seems to have dropped the coffee pods and has instead replaced them with nutritional supplements. We all know that the health and wellness niche is something that many MLMs in the market are obsessed with.

It’s probably because so many people out there are into nutritional supplements and other products in the wellness niche. This puts them in a better position to succeed in the industry.

But we also know that there plenty of opportunities that have emerged and made use of the wellness niche to come up with total scams. With that in mind, let’s wait and see what zinzino has got to offer.

The company CEO is Berghein Pettersen. Their headquarter is in Sweden. It’s noted that the company still spends some of its resources marketing its products in Europe but has extended its roots to the US. Even so, they haven’t so much popularity in the US just yet. It’s a multi-level business and this means that once you become a member you have to recruit people on your down line. That’s how you get to earn some money on this program.

What are the products for zinzino?

Zinzino products

Their entire product line consists mainly of nutritional supplements without any mention of coffee pods. They have very many supplements and I can’t possibly mention all of them. For this reason, I will briefly go through a few notable products;

  • Skin serum – this product is said to help protect, repair and rebuild the skin extracellular matrix. There are two bottles; the 30 ml which costs $78 and the 50ml which costs $99.
  • Protect – the main ingredient is a vegan vitamin D3 that supposedly boosts the immune system. A box containing 60 tablets goes for $59.
  • Viva – this product is said to protect, maintain and renew the or tissues. One bottle contains 60 tablets and they are sold at $60.
  • Balance capsules – this is balance oil, that’s packed in capsules for convenience. A bottle of 120 capsules goes for $49.
  • LeanShake – this is a meal replacement meant to help with weight loss. You will have to dig deeper in your pockets if you want to get this product because it’s sold at $104.
  • ZinoBioatic fiber blend – this is a blend consisting of 5 natural dietary fibers. It goes for $44.

There are two options provided for the customers. They can either purchase the products individually or through a six-month auto-ship program. These are not the only supplements in their product line. You can check the zinzino website for the full list of the available products and their retail prices.

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Zinzino compensation plan

The zinzino compensation plan is no different from the ones you will find within the industry. One notable way the affiliates make money on this platform is by selling their retail products to the customers.

Also, there are commissions and bonuses which are handled by giving special credits. In this case, the members are not given cash directly but credits that will afterward be converted into real cash.

You have to accumulate as many credits as you possibly can. They are converted into credits at a set rate of $1.35 per every credit. The residual commissions are paid out through a binary system.

What’s the cost to join zinzino?

Unlike many of the MLMs, this one is free to join. However, there are no free things in this world. You will probably have to invest some money at some point.

The options that you can choose from including $60 for the training kit, $219 for the basic body kit and $649 for the advanced body kit. Many of these companies say joining is free but will still encourage you to purchase this and that.

Also, mostly when you join for free you may have limited abilities to earn a significant income on the platform.

Is zinzino a scam?

This is probably the reason why you are here in the first place. You want to know for sure if zinzino is an opportunity that is worth your trust. With the many scams around, it’s normal to be skeptical about any new opportunity that you come across.

It’s hard to determine if zinzino is a scam or not.

All I can say is that zinzino is not a scam. However, you have to be extremely careful and be sure of what you’re doing when you decide to join the company. Things may not go as you had expected.

For starters, you have to be a seasoned recruiter if at all you want to make it in this industry. This is because recruiting is a great part of network marketing. One of the ways you are going to make it big in this business is by building a huge downline.

There is the option of making a commission by selling their retail products. As much as this is a good thing, the income will hardly be enough to even cover your expenses. This means that you will greatly need passive income to make it in this business.

Recruiting is not easy and not many people like it. However, it’s the only way you can succeed in a business such as zinzino. Therefore, weigh your options carefully so that you don’t end up regretting later.

What I like about zinzino

There is nothing much I like about this company. But I am impressed by the fact that they allow people to join their program for free. There are very few MLMs in the industry that offer this kind of privilege.

What I don’t like about zinzino

There are several things I noticed that I didn’t particularly like.

Overpriced products

If you compared the zinzino products with their counterparts you will notice that they are quite overpriced. They are typically more expensive than the market price of some similar products. They do this so that their distributors can earn significant commissions from their sales. Those people uncomfortable with such high prices will have to search for cheaper alternatives.

Some people won’t have a problem with buying overpriced products. On the other hand, some others will opt for the alternatives. This can make it hard for the distributors to make any significant sales.

Controversy with the Danish council

The false claims about the zinzino products became too much to the point the Danish consumer council advised people to avoid this company.

Some zinzino distributors had started using shady marketing techniques in the name of getting recruits and selling retail products.

The council lawyers advised people to stay clear of this opportunity. This is probably because they were making huge promises just to lure people into joining the program.

Their return policy is not practical

Zinzino has a 90-day return policy for its customers and distributors. However, you have to return the product when it’s not opened or used in any way.

Furthermore, there is a 10% restocking fee that has to be paid. We all know that the main purpose of a return policy is for the clients to try to use the product and see if it works for them.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations then you simply ask for your money back. In this case, the return policy is not helpful to the customers.


So many people have been asking if zinzino is a pyramid scheme. Well, it’s not; it works similarly as the thousands of MLMs that flock the industry.

On my part, I wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to anyone out there. Aside from controversial marketing techniques, there are lower chances of succeeding with this kind of opportunity.

Most people fail because they don’t have the skills to convince and recruit others into their downline. Keep in mind; this is one key area where affiliates make the most money. If you cannot recruit, then there is no way you will earn anything significant on zinzino.

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