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Hello guys! Welcome to my unbiased review of the WP Affiliate Machine. I have seen a lot of reviews lately about this product. Most reviews that I read are the same, and the purpose is to promote this product. But does it live the hype? Or this is just another waste of your money?

By the way, I am not an affiliate of this product, in fact, I don’t have an affiliate link to it. Most reviews out there just bombard you with bonuses so that you will purchase through their affiliate links. But trust me, most of those bonuses are garbage. Although there are some that you could use but mostly, those bonuses just lure you to buy the product that is being promoted.

In this case, the product is the WP Affiliate Machine. Now, let’s continue to my review. I hope you will read this through the end part since this is quite a long post. The first part of the review is about the product based on the sales page its features, its pros, cons, and then I’ll have my final thoughts.

I do hope that this will help you to make an educated decision if you should purchase this or not.

What is WP Affiliate Machine?

Program/Product Name: WP Affiliate Machine

Website: wpaffiliatemachine.com

Owner: Ankur Shula

Price: $27 plus upsells

Recommended? No

In a nutshell, it is a WordPress plugin (not an app) that is gonna write all of your review blog posts or content for you and then all you need to do is go and rank them in Google. Sounds easy right? But easy, let’s read the review first.

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(based on their sales page)

The WP affiliate machine is a newly designed WordPress plugin that creates a fully automated affiliate site in a short time of about 60 seconds. This ensures that you can create a ready to use affiliate site within a short time. To reach a wider range of markets, the WP affiliate machine will help you achieve this. Adding a new lead every day, setting up several affiliate offers to your site can just be achieved with as much as few clicks to set up your affiliate machine. WP affiliate machine isn’t just a tool to help you get your affiliate site up and running and generating sales, it does the work of automatically adding content, create demo videos, create banners and also adding affiliate links, etc.

WP affiliate machine ensures simple and easy launching your Affiliate Site. It is approved by top marketers as this is the fastest way to Start Earning Commissions Online.

In details

This helps you in creating content for your affiliate site for earning commissions.

This is for you if you are new and do not have a site yet.

This product helps a person who finds creating a site too difficult and wants to launch own site without any hard work.


The WP affiliate machine was created and designed by Ankur Shula. Ankur is an entrepreneur, author, and marketing expert; which points to the fact of his great passion for affiliate marketing.

Ankur created his first company in 2006 kudos Info media He primarily ran koolkampus that got to 40,000 unique visitors per day, created a lot of AdSense sites and more education-related sites. He had over 100 niche sites running at this point. He was a software lover and within a short time, he started with software services & projects. Afterward, he launched his software service. He holds a Top Vendor again AND also Top Affiliate on Jvzoo with 12 launches & over $2M in sales.


The WP affiliate machine works just easy and smooth. Since its major functions is to help reduce the amount of time spent on opening and maintaining an affiliate site, its work process is straight forward and can there is not much process involved. WP works automatically and it is simple to launch under 60 seconds.


Having obtained the affiliate machine plugin, then it’s pretty easy you will just need to upload the Affiliate Machine Plugin to Your WordPress Site.

Add Your JVZOO ID, ClickBank ID and WarriorPlus Affiliate ID

This ensures it loads the new site with affiliate review articles from some top products from JVZOO, Clickbank and WarriorPlus – the top 3 affiliate networks with great software offers.

Then with just a button click, Your Affiliate Site Starts Getting Content in Seconds. This is done automatically.

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It is 100% user-friendly: The affiliate software is user-friendly as it helps new site owners to set up their affiliate site. The design of the wp affiliate machine makes it easy for anyone to set up an affiliate site. It is designed this in such a way that launching your site is almost instant

No technical skill is required; the affiliate machine does not require any form of technicality or skill to operate. It’s simple and straight forward. With no special tools, download or install needed to your WP affiliate machines. It allows access to everyone with little or no technical skill.

Quick Results. Create your affiliate sites with over 30 product reviews built-in. Also, you can start earning commissions as some as the affiliate machine is launched.

Refund policy. A guarantee of having your money back is assured if the software system fails to work for you or you couldn’t use it.

These are the major pros of the product and this gives many insights to the effectiveness, usefulness of the product.


The software products work fine and top marketer found it extremely a tool for affiliate marketing. However, a few cons maybe are discovered;

Cost of purchase and upgrade of the type of affiliate machine used. Upgrading will require a specific payment. Another con to the affiliate machine software is that SEO optimization feature only available on the basic or OTO upsell, so you need to upgrade your purchase

More so the product does not guarantee to make money very instantly, you need to drive traffic to the affiliate offer so a lot of people can access your article review and affiliate content. This implies for traffic generation is key to having your affiliate site running.

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Personal Thoughts

Now that you have a clearer view of what the WP Affiliate machine is all about, I will have my inputs regarding this product. Here are the things that I see a problem with this:

30 done for your review article – So you purchased, set up your website and then add 30 product reviews. And why is this a problem? If 1000 people buy this product, that means 1000 people have more or less similar content. And this is not a good idea to have duplicate content in the online world. Your website will be penalized by Google and that’s not a good thing. If your site is not visible in the search engine, how are you going to make money? If you understand how affiliate marketing works, you probably know that you will need traffic. Traffic means visitors to your website which will turn to be your customer and purchase something and then you make money. The formula is simple, traffic + conversion = income. But with the WP affiliate machine, how can you generate traffic? They only mentioned ranking your website in search engines so that you have lots of organic traffic. But with duplicate content, how would this be possible? Right? Do I make sense?

So what’s next after you purchase this? You will have a pretty looking website but unfortunately, no one would find out. It will be just a waste of money. The only way to succeed online is to learn and have the correct knowledge. As much as possible, keep away from this done for you system and those quick fixes type products or program out there. It will not work, trust me.

If you want to make a decent living online, you have to build it the right way. Once you understand this, success is not hard to achieve. Be patient and always be vigilant of the product launches of many marketers out there.


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