WP Affiliate Guard Review

WP Affiliate Guard Review

Hi, I’m Ross, I would like to thank you for checking out this review of a brand new WordPress plugin called wp affiliate guard and hope will help you decide if this is for you.

What is WP Affiliate Guard?

WP affiliate guard is something that every affiliate needs to add to their arsenal because it prevents them from essentially wasting traffic. We’ve all seen offers out there that they either expire or the page no longer exists or the vendor pools them for whatever reason.

Now if you have a lot of affiliate links out there, if you’re doing things like on Facebook, YouTube, your blog, I mean an autoresponder series anywhere. The minute that happens, all of a sudden anyone that clicks is taken to a dead page, which isn’t good.

WP affiliate guard prevents that from happening by monitoring your links. And if an offer does go down for whatever reason, it will automatically redirect the person anywhere. So say an affiliate link does down, you can have that person that clicks on that link be taken to a squeeze page, a landing page, or even to a different offer and they don’t have to worry about wasting traffic. So you can see how powerful this is. And the whole thing is very easy to use.

Who Should Use WP Affiliate Guard?

This Plugin is ideal for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce store owners.

How does it work?

Works With Any Affiliate Network
It doesn’t matter what affiliate or CPA network you promote, you can use WP Affiliate Guard. It’s fully compatible with WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank, or any other network. Your links will be fully monitored and your traffic protected.

Use The Plugin With Or Without A Standard Link Cloaker
You can place standard affiliate links in the box and it works perfectly. Or, use a new or old cloaked affiliate link and place it in the box. This is the perfect fit if you’re using Pretty Links, ClickMeter, Clickfire, LinkTrackr, or any other popular link cloaker.

Copy & Paste Your Affiliate Guard Link Anywhere
Although this is a WordPress plugin you can post the links you create using WP Affiliate Shield absolutely anywhere. Post them your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in autoresponder sequences, anywhere you want. There are no limitations.

Advanced Link Monitoring Technology
Every link is checked in real time. If the offer for some reason no longer exists, divert your traffic somewhere else like a squeeze page, landing page, a different offer, or an offer closed page where you may have additional offers to present the visitor. You can send them anywhere.

Protect Your Links In Under 1 Minute
It doesn’t get any easier. Copy & paste your affiliate link into the box. Set where you want the link to go if the offer is not longer there. Even if you have no experience when it comes to WordPress, affiliate marketing, and hate techie stuff, you can use this plugin. We designed it with the end user in mind. There’s no complicated setup or a ton of configuration options you have to sift through in order to get started.


Frontend –

$9.00 Single Site License

$9.77 Unlimited Site License


$17.00 Dimseale

Developer Pro Edition

Email Notifications If A Link Gets Redirected

Click Tracking

Oto 1, that is an upgraded version that features email notifications. So the person will give an email notification, should the dude down just so that you guys can check something out or a change offers at the last minute or anything. Another benefit to all this is you can manage all of your affiliate links, all of your offers from one dashboard and constantly swap them out. It’s no big deal. It includes email notifications in the pro version and also link tracking. So it’s going to convert well.

OTO 2 –

WP Content Guard

$14.00. Single Site License

$14.97 Unlimited Site License

If you have product review sites, blogs, eCommerce sites, membership sites or download pages, you need to pay attention to this. You will be shut down and outranked by thieves stealing your content and downloads. WP Content Guard is a one-click solution to protect all of your content. There’s nothing else like this on the market. They developed it from scratch to use on their sites. They developed the first all in one content protection plugin and they call it WP content guard. It’s designed to save you time so you don’t have to track down content thieves and you will make more money by protecting your search engine rankings and preventing a paid product files from being freely linked to on websites, forums, or even on emails.

No one wants their stuff to be stolen. So right now your site is wide open to that. Thieves come to your site and simply copy it, different content and then paste it anywhere. So product reviews can get stolen, blog posts can get stolen and that people can outrank you using your content. You’ve seen it done a million times, okay? Now, something else that happens is people will go ahead and just right-click on an image address and link to it from their site. So here’s what I mean. They could paste here and then they can place that link anywhere on your site. And this will be displayed on their site, taking your site’s resources. Now, this also happens with download links. People will right-click, copy the address and they will send this link, they will put it on forums, they will put it on their sites, they will put it in emails and they will share your files.

People can get direct access to your files. WP Content Guard changes all that. It puts your content, your site on total lock-down so you can be protected.

It prevents people from sharing the direct link, but the actual site’s functionality does not change at all. People can still navigate around and do whatever they want on your site. It just protects all of your content from being stolen. Now if you have content already out there and which a lot of you may already have content out there that’s being shared, this plugin, since we enabled hotlink protection, if someone links to it or currently is linking to it, they will receive this error message right here and the same thing happens with a zip file. So you can see how powerful this plugin is and you could see how it protects, helps protect you against all types of theft so you don’t have to worry about it and you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to tracking people down or things being stolen from your site. Plugin is super easy to use. It works right out of the box in under 20 seconds. You can protect all of your site’s content from being stolen or, and it works with any theme. Again, if you have product review sites, blogs, eCommerce sites, membership sites, or download pages, you need to get this plugin right now. You get instant access, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Lifetime updates and full support are included.

OTO 3 –

WP Content Guard Developer Pro Edition


Unlock A Traffic Getting Feature

Developer Rights


Not expensive

Very easy to use

Its Usability is worth the money


Nothing much for this amount

WP Affiliate Guard Review Conclusion

For a cheap price, I say that this plugin is really helpful for affiliate marketers. You can make use of the dead traffic and you can convert that to make you more money.

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