A Review of Working Mob – [Workingmob.com] AKA PocketMoneyWeb.com A Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to my Working Mob Review also known as Pocketmoneyweb.com!

Online jobs are becoming a go zone for most people especially those in the university and fresh graduates. Now that people have noticed how easy it is to coax unemployed people to undertake some online tasks, people are coming up with all sorts of online sites that offer an opportunity to make a significant amount of money.

In this review, we will focus entirely on informing you all about Workingmob.com and at the same time tell you whether it’s legit or another scam in the market.

Likely, most people who are interested in online jobs haven’t yet heard about Workingmob.com and for this reason, they want to get the full information about the site before the join.

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Working Mob Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Working Mob / PocketMoneyWeb

Website: workingmob.com

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam: Yes

What is Workingmob.com?

Among many sites in the market that claims to help online users make money is Workingmob.com. The website claims to help people make up to $500 per day or up to $3,000 per month by simply referring their friends and family members. They also feature some data entry jobs which allow you to make $1 per data entry.

If you are a very cautious online user, you must have already realized that their deal is too good to be true. Making $3,000 per month from home by simply sending referrals and data entry means there’s no need of getting a job. Of course, the claims are not real. Making $500 per day is much exaggerated. Their main aim is to sure you with figures you can never get and withdraw.

I spared some time to check some of the legit alternatives and realized that most of them pay less than a cent for every data entry. Even on top legit websites, it’s not very easy to make $500 from referrals.

The website claims that even beginners can make some significant amount of money but the fact is that someone that can make $500 from referrals already is an expert online marketer. These are the people that have already built an audience and create content regularly. They are the marketers that are already marketing legit and very popular websites. What I am trying to mean is that it’s not that simple to start from scratch and make $500 on day one.

How does Workingmob.com claim to work?

Joining and starting to earn this visual money is very easy. You just need an account and you will eventually make money. That is according to the creator. To create the account, you will only be required to provide your mail and password. After that, you will find yourself in the membership area.

Because we are already sure this website is a scam, please don’t try using your main email account. If you want to test them, then use a fake email account because they may use the account for their stupid means.

After logging in, you will find that there are only two pages which include your referral link and the withdrawal page. They will also prompt you to add your payment details. Though, according to me this is highly unrecompensed, at least don’t add your legit PayPal account because they may use your details to hack your PayPal and Payoneer accounts.

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Is Workingmob.com legit or a scam?

Workingmob.Com is a scam. To test this, I took some time to register and eventually log in. the first thing I did is to use a fake email account and password. I guessed a temporal mail as shown below and without even confirming the accounts, they accepted me in.

The most important thing after logging in is that there are no jobs. The only thing they give you is the referral link. They will as well give you unrealistic and unconfirmed claims where they are telling you to share their link on social media and personal messages.

I have seen many people advertising this website on their social media accounts. This is the first step of being scammed. The company ends up getting your login details that they are likely to use for other activities. Those putting on the whole effort to promote the links are at risk and at the same time they don’t know that the site will not pay them.

Additionally, you will never make any money. Another thing that I noticed is that they don’t add any username or any other code to my referral link for it to be unique. All the referral links end up in the same packet.

In some cases, they may give you a unique link because they want to seem legit but the reality is that you will never accumulate any money. There’s no visible way that they want you to earn something. There are no jobs and there’s no way you can get or even withdraw the small amount of money they give you when you first join.

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What convinces me that workingmob.com is a scam?

There are a couple of reasons why am sure this site is a scam. First and foremost, the site doesn’t meet its promise. Leave alone making $500 per day, you won’t make a single dollar there. You will as well not find any payment proof on the internet which means no one has ever been paid. It also shows that no one has ever completed a job on the site.

Minimum payout limit

Why do they have to set the minimum payout limit to $100? This is the first reason why you should be very careful. They want to make sure you stay on their site for some time to utilize your energy to the maximum and eventually dump you. According to my personal experiences with the site, a withdrawal limit of $500 doesn’t make any sense because you will not reach it.

Workingmob.com payment withdraw

No owner, No supportive details about the creator

This is another sign of a scam website. If you find that there’s no known owner, then there’s a reason why they are hiding their identities. The creator already knows that he/she is doing someone illegal and that’s why they are concealing their identity.

Workingmob.com is not an exception, the site doesn’t feature a known and verified owner details. You won’t find the person behind the scenes facilitating the working of this website.

There are no support or contact details

The other reason why am very sure this site is a scam is that there are no contact details and they also don’t feature any support. You will find that a customer service photo is displayed on the first page to convince people about it. Though on the site, you will notice some comments on the contact page and they also have an about page that has some fake claims and comments. All this is aimed at convincing you to take action. Even after contacting the customer support, you will never get a reply.

They miss some important pages

The site also misses some important pages including the TOS page and the privacy policy page. This is what makes the website seem at a low-cost website. It is also proof that you don’t have to try the site.

The creator doesn’t also use encryption to make the website safe. Even Google tells you clearly that the website is not safe. You will notice this next to the URL. Take a look at the below photo.

Workingmob.com unsecure

I think this is a good enough reason to avoid the site. You should at all times be using safe sites and those that won’t project your details into danger. ‘

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials featured on the site are fake. There are only two testimonials on the homepage that have been there for a long time now. I wonder whether there are no other people to testify. The two testimonials were captured from a random free site. The creator only added a few words to make them look unique.

The earning claims also don’t add up

These people are saying you earn $1 per line data entry. In the next breath, they now tell you that you will earn $100-$500 per day for 1,000 lines entry. Just take a look at the below snapshots.

Workingmob.com data entry payment

The above is a good enough reason to refrain completely from this website. If they cannot get some statistics that can add up, it means they didn’t pay close attention to it.

The statistics are fake

I also spared some time to check the statistics. It’s very easy to observe that they are all fake. They claim that they have 216,536+ members and they have paid $6 million in earnings. This is not true because the site was launched in 2018. Take a look at the below picture.

Workingmob.com date created

Final Verdict

Workingmob.com is a scam and you shouldn’t try it at all. I don’t recommend using your legit log in details because this is exactly what they want from you. The site is only focused on getting your details that they use for other gainful procedures.

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