What Is EZ Passive Paydays? Is it a Scam?

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Hi, welcome to my review of ez passive paydays. But before that, we will first watch its sales video so that we can have an insight of the product.

Here is it:

In case you don’t like to watch, you can read the script below:

“Are you tired of methods that promise to make you money while you sleep but when you actually try them out they’re anything but passive income methods you find yourself working tremendously and doing everything just trying to make a few bucks or worse most of the methods out there say you can make money while you sleep but usually they never end up making you even a dollar.

Unfortunately most online money making systems out there are outdated or based on guesswork and just don’t work and there’s nothing worse than working hard and getting nothing in return for your time I’ve been there and I know how horrible it feels.

The good news is today I’m going to show you a simple brand new method for making one hundred ninety-three dollars per day in passive income with 100% free traffic called easy passive paydays.

Yes, it’s actually a real passive income method that will make you money while you sleep.

Hi there Anthony Mancuso here and I want to personally welcome you to the easy passive paydays page. I’m really excited that you’re here because what you’ll discover inside easy passive paydays has changed my life and I know it will do the same for you just like you.

I’ve bought a lot of courses, tried many online methods but it seemed like nothing would ever work for me after years of wasting time and spending thousands of dollars on coaching and training that never made me any money.

I was ready to give up then I did something crazy instead of continuing to listen to all the supposed gurus I decided to do my own thing and try out something that I’d never seen before.

I figured it wouldn’t work but I had nothing to lose after a few weeks of trying to make this brand-new method work I was still struggling.

I showed my mentor what I was doing and he chuckled a little when he realized what it was. You’re onto something here Anthony you just need to make a couple of tweaks and I’m certain you’ll start making money. My mentor told me and you know what his ideas worked.

I went from spinning my wheels and wasting thousands of dollars to making thousands of dollars each month within 3-4 months.

I was able to quit my job and my income continue to increase month after month. Just look at the results I’m getting with this brand new method I want to be very clear the easy passive paydays is something I’m personally using to make money right now.

There’s no theory or guessing and this method actually works and I can prove it just look at my results from using this method this month when you get easy passive paydays you’ll discover exactly how to earn 100 to 200 dollars per day online with very little actual work required nothing is left out and you can start making money right away.

With this training course, this method will help you earn real passive income. This is finally a genuine unorthodox method that no one else is using. It has nothing to do with affiliate marketing methods that you keep seeing over and over again and you’ll be shocked by just how simple this is once you get inside the step-by-step video training you’ll discover how to get everything set up today in less than one hour even if you have no technical skills or experience.

This method is so much easier than everything you’ve seen before and don’t worry this isn’t another rehashed method focused on affiliate marketing.

I promise I’ll show you a newbie friendly free traffic method that I personally used to get traffic on-demand and you can get this up and running with just a few clicks of your mouse the great thing about this simple traffic method included inside is once you get this free traffic setup it starts coming fast and it just keeps coming.

I’ll show you exactly how to turn the free traffic you’re getting into passive daily profits of at least $100 plus per day and how to scale up from 100 plus per day so that you can make big paydays of $5,000 and beyond.

You’ll even get a simple plan for taking this method to six figures so you can fire your boss and finally live life on your own terms of course. The best part about getting ez passive paydays is the discounted pricing this is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and you’ll be able to quickly get to $100 plus per day right out of the gates and then you’ll get the exact steps to scale up to a job crushing income because this method works for anyone that follows the steps inside.

It would be easy to charge four $490 for access but when you click the Buy button below right now you’ll get instant access to the EZ passive paydays system at a massive discount whatever you do please don’t close this page without getting this the price is going up fast and if you wait and come back later you’ll end up paying more because I know how life-changing it will be for you to use this brand new method for making daily passive income I’m going to make it even easier to get this now by giving you the next 30 days to test drive ez passive paydays.

If you change your mind, don’t get results or you just decide this isn’t for you, all you have to do is send me an email and I’ll get you a refund. The risk is 100% on me and I certainly couldn’t offer a guarantee like this if my method didn’t work so the only way that you can lose is by missing out on your chance to get this right now at a big discount if you’re tired of seeing the same methods over and over again and you’re looking for something that’s simple and something that actually works easy passive paydays is for you click the button below right now for instant access”

What is it?

Without a proper research or check to what type of business or activity you’re about to put your money into, there’s always a high probability that you may be scammed or defrauded of your money.

Ez passive payday as emphasized and stated to the public helps you make money online, invariably a very large sum within short period and little efforts. This off course is not the first online business advertisements that would be seen, but it’s quite worthy to see if its a scam scheme to defraud you of your money.

Ez passive pay day looks similar to one of those online to scheme to make money doing some special type of affiliate marketing.

They tell you that it is a 100% newbie friendly method capable of making you money whilst you sleep. In fact, they go on to state that even though it’s a brand new never seen before method you still do not need any special skills or experience to do it.

Ez passive pay day basically tells you that you can receiving a passive income that All you have to do is to have one solid income model set up. Once it starts to gain momentum, you are literally earning money over and over again. The prospect of earning a passive income is exciting, and next thing is you feel you have to try this out to see if it works.

Is it really that easy with EZ Passive Paydays? Can you make money with this system, or is EZ Passive Paydays a scam?


The Good side 

Ez passive pay day on their site said you could make money right away and that it is a 100% newbie friendly method capable of making you money whilst you sleep. In fact, they stated you don’t need any skill, No Email List Required, no traditional affiliate type of marketing. What then is this new scheme to be used to get the passive income as emphasized on their site?

You probably have heard of affiliate marketing. The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.

The marketing is done online and when someone comes through your website to get a product, you get paid. This looks good for making a passive income.

However, Ez passive paydays came up with a different form of affiliate marketing called Pay per Call affiliate marketing. This means you make money for every call a prospective buyer makes to a company through your link to get a product. You are basically sending in leads to the company. Good Right?

Looking further into what ez passive pay offers, they offer you a book and a tutorial video on how to get newly set of ideas for making money, and how to set up your site with no skill or technical how. In a nutshell, the course talks about registering a few websites.

The scams

As with every online scam Business, vital details of what will be done or the process is always hidden. Only the interesting and enticing mention of making huge sum is portrayed.

As claimed by the authors that the online business idea is brand new never seen before method, this proves to be wrong, as there are many instances of previous use of the pay per call method of affiliate marketing.

Ez passive pay day said it’s totally free to go into this business, but on looking, you’d actually need a domain, do some SEO website optimization. They left out the fact that you have to achieve good rankings, before your site will then be in a position to get traffic. Once customers (or visitors) start to see your offer, they will act accordingly and you, in turn, will earn your commission.

Another scam worthy of note is the testimonials on their site, it seems unreal. With each just saying the scheme helped them, without stating how it was done. Using wrong and dodgy testimonial, wrong names of people and images, it shows this might be a scam project.

Is it a scam?

Making passive income online is something really nice. Having a right mentality of the whole idea of online business activity is however important so as not be misled

You could end up making large sum of money from the online scheme, but the idea you get it all at once upon venturing into the scheme is a scam. I wouldn’t want to say it takes a long time but definitely not as it is wrongly said on ez passive pay day.

The method of affiliate marketing to be used on Ez passive pay day though not a brand new ideas as said is a potent method of affiliate marketing. If used well may bring sales.

Final Thoughts

I would say that the misguiding and misleading information on the ez passive pay day makes it a scam even though some of the methods stated in doing a different type of affiliate marketing may be right. On the overall this just shows a little avert which could help people get exposed to various section of affiliate marketing online.

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