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Hello, I welcome you all to the Voice Rank 360 2.0 Review. If you are a businessman that owns a website, a blogger, or anyone that has their business on their internet, then you must know what Google Optimization is, and what it means to you. In the same way, there are tons of services out there in the sphere of the internet who are willing to provide these optimization services to you for a fee that they charge, but there is a question of credibility and reliability. You can’t trust them or most of them as many out there can be a scam just like many other websites that are offering services. They charge the fee and in return in the prescribed time given by them nothing happens, they don’t answer your queries and vanish into the dark.

Among these optimization services found on the web, is Voice Rank 360. It’s a software that you can use forever, now a question that might arise in your mind, is why Voice Rank 360?  Well, here is the answer.

Ranking is a crazy thing, ever out there are hustling day and night to rank their websites, in order to get more traffic and hence more profits but it is not an easy thing to do, it needs technique and hard work. Voice Rank 360 doesn’t do the hard work for you but fully qualifies on the technique portion, it has all the things to get your website ranked and surprisingly these days people are getting their websites ranked not by doing the Traditional SEO or writing any content that can get them ranked but by doing this new ranking opportunity.

As I said, this new ranking opportunity is doing wonders for the people out there, It is said that by 2019, this voice recognition market will be a 601 million dollar industry, stated in a report by Technavio.

Well, that’s it, so let’s get a bit to the What actually is Voice Rank 360, we talked a bit about it above but let’s dig deep now.

Voice Rank 360 2.0 Review Overview

Owner: Han Fan et Al.

Product: VoiceRank360

Front-End Price: $27

Recommend: Yes

Website: VoiceRank360.com

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What is Voice Rank 360 2.0?

Well, to understand Voice Rank 360, in very plain words, you only need to know that it’s a software that does the ranking task for you, which by the way is actually the main thing.

And for the other people that know about ranking and stuff, here what Voice Rank 360 is.

It is cloud-based software that is able to reverse engineer Google’s Position Zero Ranking Factors and gives the users the exact steps that need to be done in order to get ranked. This Position Zero Ranking is a new search result introduced by Google. So, when you have the Voice Rank 360, you need to enter the URL and let the software audit your website, it’ll display a list of issues that are preventing your website from being ranked in the Position Zero Search Result or which is also called as Google Answer box.

Who needs Voice Rank 360 2.0?

Well local business owners, E commerce store owners, affiliate marketers, chain stores, restaurants service professionals, and so much more. Everyone needs this and with our solution, you could help them while lining your pockets with nice healthy and handsome pay.

Do this as a solo business or grow out as your agency.

Money Back Guarantee

I don’t there a lot of Voice Ranking services on the internet that guarantees you your Money back, but Voice Rank 360, however, does provide this option to you. You can get your money in a 30-day limit, if the limit, however, has lapsed then there is no money back which is obvious.

Additional Perks to the Voice Rank 360 2.0

For just 27 dollars, you would not only get the Voice Rank 360 software but a lot much more which totaled is for 1,353 dollars. That is a very great bargain, I do not know why are they willing to offer so much for just a minute amount to the huge amount as above but let’s see what they are offering.

They are offering a Live Webinar Training Session which is valued at 467 dollars, amazing deal. This Training sessions guides you to how to get recurring income and not just one time income and according to them, quoting here “getting paid at least 500 to 1000 dollars per month” I’m not sure how accurate this figure is but considering making such a big claim, there must be something in there, so you can’t rule them out totally.

The next perk they are handing out is the Free Video Ranking Session, another important perk which is a great deal itself. If we check the value of this session, then this costs around 467 dollars too.

The next perk has a Voice Ranking Cheatsheet which costs around 97 dollars.

The other perk which is again a significant one is the Voice Search Optimization Agency which itself is valued at 297 dollars.

These were some of the major and worth noticing things that you are getting for just paying a fraction of the amount and getting so many benefits. Again, not sure why would anyone do this but you can see there is some worth in there.

Demo Video

See demo video:


FE: VoiceRank360 – One Time Only

Voice Search Optimization Report

Generate PDF Report

Generate Most Searched Questions on Google For Any Niche

Basic Voice SEO Training included

OTO1: VoiceRank360 PRO – Monthly / Quarterly

Generate Local Articles with Voice Search Keywords

Generate Unlimited Content From Questions

Post articles to WordPress or Save to Text or HTML file

Local Business Schema WP Plugin

Premium Voice SEO Optimization Video Training

OTO2: LocalProfits360 – Quarterly / One Time


LocalProfits360 PRO

SSL Checker


OTO3: AgencyProfits360 – One Time Only

7 Web Agencies DFY for WordPress

Voice Rank Web Agency

10 Logos

Ready to Sell Agencies

OTO4: VoiceRank360 Reseller License – One Time Only

Resell app + WP plugin


Well, we all know that Ranking does to our websites, I mean if your websites or blog doesn’t get ranked then stop thinking about Earning and Ranking is no piece of cake, it requires dedication and hard work and technique. So, in order for you to accumulate so much knowledge and technique, why not just let the software do the thing for you, I mean let’s take advantage of the Technology. Secondly, the user reviews of this software are tremendous as well, they have said some nice words about the Voice Rank 360 as well. We all saw for just around 23 dollars, we are getting stuff that is a lot more worth than that which again is pretty great deal and as the world is moving from the Traditional SEO, Voice Ranking is the new deal, so you don’t want to let out in the crowd, with your website embedded so deep in the crowd that it doesn’t get to the top or to the surface.

Voice recognition market will be a multi million dollar industry according to a report by Technavio. Also, research company predicts voice search will outperform traditional text searches by at least fifty percent by 2020 no mobile invoice assistants are the future of search only it’s happening right now.

They’re faster, more convenient, and far easier to use than text typing especially on a mobile device.

These three factors alone should give you a strong indication of just how dramatic and widespread the use of voice search is. And how important it should be to those who want to stay ahead of the opportunity curve. Just think about the evolution of search, first yellow pages, then Google, now it’s all about research.

What’s the commonality, well ease, convenience, and speed. Are you starting to see the trend here? You better believe more and more folks will be searching using their mobile voice activated or other smart device. Will you be one of the smart ones to pioneer and profit from this trend or will you sit by as everyone else capitalizes on this very ripe opportunity.

The best part, people are using these devices right now they’re searching and buying all sorts of things using the assistance of the smart devices.

Today its use is only becoming more widespread and customary every single day, it’s becoming more normal every single day, check out these number.

70% of people are using smart speakers for local search weekly. Searches like, what are some restaurants nearby for Google, give me a list of dentists in my area, these are the types of searches that are happening right now.

What types of businesses can benefit by being the very first ones listed in that magical position zero answer box every and any type of business just think about it restaurants, Coffee shops, hotels, motels, doctors and lawyers, plumbers, contractors retail shops, ECOM stores, and much more.

The possibilities are virtually endless but none of that matters if you’re not the one reaping the benefits. You could rank anything you want in the position zero search results and voice rank 360 will help you get there. I hope you see the potential and are excited to learn how to grab your piece of the pie.

This was all from us over the Voice Rank 360 2.0 Review and I hope it helps. Thank you 

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