ViralWork Review – Another $500 a day Scam!

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Welcome to my ViralWork Review!

This is a relatively new website, but the business model that they are using is very similar to other scam websites that I already reviewed.

Sorry again to disappoint you, but is a scam.

You may have come across a lot of people putting their viralwork referral links on one social media platform or the other; some even go as far as posting their links on forums. If you are planning to join this program, you may want to reconsider  it.

You have to be very careful in joining making money online programs, because a lot of them are scams.

The program promised a lot of goodies that will convince you to join, but then you are still going to end up wasting your time and loose the trust of your friends and loved ones. Let me explain what viralwork has to offer and how it works,

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ViralWork Review

Product/Platform Name: ViralWork

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is ViralWork?

This is one of the many websites that has been scamming people for quite a while already, they are probably in this business not less than ten years already, who knows! Why I said they are not new is because they were the former, but don’t be surprised that was just registered on 8th of April, 2019 and the domain is to expire by 2020.

One suspicious thing that I expect should leave you wondering is if they are up for a genuine task, is the domain registration should have at least last for a minimum of 2 years or 5 years to gain trust, especially if you are dealing with money making online. has similar operation with,, and is a re-branding version of, the aim of this site is to get people’s information and in turn sell it to other companies looking to gather people information for one reason or the other.

You will be wasting your precious time and energy filling up forms and referring people to join the program only for you to discover at the end of the day that you were not paid when you try to cash out.

How Does Works?

With referral link, and a lot of effort, you can earn up to $500 daily and get paid up to $30 on every task you perform. Based on their website, it is possible that you will also be able to make money, as long as you are able to refer a friend, so you can imagine performing tasks and referring friends to join this “great platform”, you are not expected to doubt your success. But of course, this will not be possible since this website is a scam.

A lot of scamming program has existed leaving most people wondering at every point in time they come across programs like this. In this little write-up, we will be showing you processes you will go through and will be pointing out the dangerous red flags that will leave you wondering about this program, you won’t believe how systems like this have put a lot of people in serious disappointment.

Here is why I call this website and its business model a scam, and why you should not waste your precious time joining them.

Reasons Why ViralWork Is A Scam

Unrealistic claims

They are up to the claim that you can make $500 in a day, this is enough to motivate you into the program, which means you can work your way to making $15,000 monthly. Is that not too much? If this was real, then every other working class people would just resign and see it as an opportunity to make it within the twinkle of an eye.

Everything is put in place for you to believe they are real, there is a phone number in the customer care section with address, there is also a contact form to fill that will collect your information to no avail.

The social media button on the site is not referring to anywhere. You will also have to compulsorily submit the link of your website which they can in turn use to gather information about you.

User review

With all the information we have provided so far, you will realize that this site does not have previous review from any user. There is no body to give testimony of recent withdrawal and they claimed to have been in existence since ten years ago.

All this are just the tip of an iceberg as we have more stories to tell you so you can wake from slumber if you are type that is already planning to go into it.

Fake Testimonials

Can you really believe these kinds of testimonials? The amount alone is already a red flag, that is fucking huge! There is no way you will make that amount of money by just doing simple task and referring people.

The names were all made up, and how can we verify that these people are real? It is very easy to do that, even I can do it even if I don’t have much knowledge in website development.

Viral Work Review Testimonial

Famous Brands Working With ViralWork

This is just wow, there is no really point that these brands will work with a small time website like viralwork. These companies all have the means to advertise at a larger scale and audience.

This is really ridiculous, and yet people still fall for these tactics.

Viral Work With Famous Brands

About Page of ViralWork was only created this year, you can check it in my viral dollars review. It was not founded in 2009, that is just a straight up lie.

Shame on them to say that their main goal is to help people where in fact they are doing the opposite which is to scam them.

viralwork about page

Cancels Anytime

One of the paragraphs in their terms of service states that they have the right to suspend, or cancel all or a portion of a Affiliate Program, including any points and rewards you may have acquired, at any time without any prior notice to you.

This is the kind of terms of use that is very dangerous because they can just cancel anytime  even without a valid reason.

I have already seen these terms from the websites that I already reviews which are also scams,, and

What happens at the backdoor of viralwork?

I know it will be very surprising for you when you start to wonder what this people actually do that will make them want to pay such amount of money just for you to do some tasks and refer people, there is no doubt it is the same set of people that are behind viralwork, viralpay and viraldollar. The reason is because their operations are similar with almost no difference; in fact they have similar names.

What they want you to do is to submit your contact details, name, email address, they will get all this once you sign up on their website.

They can sell your information to a third party agent by quoting high prices because they are sure that those that submitted their information are people interested in making money online.

The information you submit will at the same time be taking you to other website just to distract your attention and you will also be asked to submit your information again, making it look like they are referring you to better offers.


The advantage of it is that there is no single thing to gain so you need not disturb yourself


With all the similarities and the way information are displayed on the site, it gives a sign of similarities to viraldollar and viralpay.

More people have come to realize that the site is a scam as they have all submitted their information and could not cash out even after a lot of efforts invested and referring people.

You will waste your effort and time trying to promote this non sense website.

Is ViralWork a Scam?

In my opinion, this is a scam. The red flags above are already enough to make a conclusion that this is indeed a scam. Making money from it is impossible, not because it is difficult, but because they just don’t pay you after all your efforts.

This website will not last, it will crumble and soon its name will change to something new but of course the same scam business model.

The owner’s have been doing this kind of business for a quite a while now, that only means that they are making money out of your efforts.

They will not stop until there are still people that will join this scam websites.


Below is a video by Neil Patel, a famous blogger. It is about the hard truth of about passive income. I hope you have the time to watch it, you will learn a lot from it.

If you really want to make money online, you should stay away from programs, websites, or platforms that promises you to be rich in a couple of days or even hours. Those people will just scam you and you will never make any good money from it.

Just what Neil said in the above video, making money online takes a lot of time to achieve. You must have the right knowledge, and eventually success will be inevitable.

Thank you for reading my viralwork review! If you have something to say or any suggestions,  you may comment below.

Kindly check also the link below. This platform does not promise easy money, but as long as you are not lazy, you will succeed with this.

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