Is Viral Market a Scam? [Exposed! Zero Payment]

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Welcome to my review of Viral Market!

Well, there are so many people out there wondering why there is so much hype about the viral market. You have probably heard about it from friends, relatives or bumped into it on the internet. I am truly glad that you are reading this review article and carrying out your due diligence. With all the scams present on the internet, it’s a good idea to do some background checks.

The viral market claims to be the number one social influencer present in the market today. However, there are so many things those unsuspecting victims of such scam sites don’t know. Knowledge is everything and this review puts all about the viral market on the table in black and white. Afterward, you can decide if you still want to join this site or not.

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Viral Market Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Viral Market


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What exactly is the viral market?

The viral market is supposedly a social influencer platform that enables people to earn money through social media. They claim that people using their platform can earn over 150 dollars in a single day. However, this is usually an unsolicited claim and no one has ever earned money on sites such as the viral market.

As the norm with many other scam sites, everyone who joins gets to earn a $25 sign up bonus.  Furthermore, you earn $2 for clicks on your referral link and another $10 for those who join as a result. This sounds easy and many people will want to give it a try. Believe it or not, you are only going to waste a lot of your time and energy. You will not receive any of that money you apparently will be earning. The bonus money is there to entice more people into joining their website. I do know that a good number of people will sign up for this site only because they want to earn the free $25.

There is a task wall that has some very easy tasks. Here you have to complete a task and earn $30. I would say one thing; the task wall is not worth your time. It may look like a better way to earn more money on this website. However, it is not and you might lose more than you will gain from it. For starters, the tasks include downloading apps and files that are packed with malware. These are very dangerous for computers or PC.

Besides, when trying to do the tasks they ask you to fill in some personal information. These include your phone numbers, email address and at times even your credit card details.

I will never advise anyone to even bother completing the tasks on the viral market site. Additionally, avoid giving personal information. Scammers are known to steal people’s details and sell them to third parties. What follows is you will be bombarded with spam emails, texts, and even unwanted phone calls.

How does viral market work?

Viral Market procedure

While viral market claims to be a social influencer platform, no influencer has come up and supported this website. All they do is provide a referral link in the members’ area. Afterward, you are instructed to keep sharing that link on all of your social media accounts. They pay you $2 on every click and $10 for those who join using your link.

The task wall is a fabricated lie. You should know that legitimate sites pay only a small amount for surveys and completing such tasks. No site will pay you a ridiculous $30 for completing such simple tasks. Another thing is that you keep getting redirected to third-party websites that require you to fill in personal information. The worst part is that they charge you an amount of money. You will lose some of your money and at the end of the day get nothing from the viral market.

Lastly, are the silly YouTube videos. I call them silly because you will only be making a fool out of yourself if you choose to participate in this. First of all, this is a scam site and they will be exposed to everyone sooner or later. Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be for you to have supported a scam site? Furthermore, they are not going to pay you that supposed $50.

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Red flags in the viral market

I could go on and on about how the viral market is a scam site, but I have to provide proof supporting my claims. Well, I am here to expose all the uncouth truths I discovered in viral market;

Hyped income claims

This is usually an indication of a scam site. Many of the scam sites that flock the internet come up with exaggerated claims and fake promises. For instance, the viral market assures people they will be making at least $500 in a single day. They make everything seem so easy and within no time at all money will be flowing in your bank account. We all want some sort of financial freedom and lots of people will likely fall into their trap. However, money does not come that easy. There is nothing you will get from get rich schemes such as viral market. This type of hype income claims is also evident in the scam websites that I already reviewed, like eazy dollars, swag pay, and MVP bucks.

No owner and company information

In my humble opinion, whenever you come across a website that does not provide any information about the owners, be very cautious and skeptical about it. The viral market website does not give any information whatsoever about the people behind this platform. This makes me question their character because why are they hiding. A legitimate website owner will at least have the decency of providing information about themselves that members can rely on. It is typical of scammers to hide their identity.

Fake company information

This is another red flag that I have often found in many scam sites. Nothing about sites such as the viral market is true. Aside from giving people false promises, they even go as far as providing fake company information. The viral market has been in operation since 2015. However, their domain information says otherwise. According to the records, the viral market was created on the 1st of May 2019. If they are lying about how long they have been in the market, then it means they have something to hide and they are not a legitimate website.

They won’t pay you

First of all, this program will not pay you anything. This is because they are promising you a large income that they will not be able to cater for. Seriously, where on earth will this company get such large sums of money to pay its members? If only money fell from trees. However, money does not fall from trees. Furthermore, scammers know they won’t be paying you so they don’t mind promising exaggerated incomes.

People often fall victim to their scams. They, therefore, continue relentlessly sharing their links and doing the tasks. Since they want to give you a false sense of security, they go on and add the earnings on your viral market account. The problem comes when it’s time to cash out this money you have earned. They take you round in circles and provide more requirements. At the end of it, you still won’t get paid. You get ignored for a few weeks and later on your viral market account will be closed down.

Do not be fooled by the fake screenshot displayed as proof of payments. A close look at those screenshots will tell you they are not real. They are not from any of the legitimate and known payment platforms.

Besides, YouTube videos are from members who think they are going to get paid. As I earlier mentioned, YouTube videos are part of the things you have to do and earn some cash on the platform. Those people talking have not yet been paid and are doing so in the hopes that they will receive payments afterward. Sadly, this is never the case.

No social media accounts

The viral market has no active social media account. This makes me wonder if at all they care about the welfare of their members. How will people be able to reach out to them should they encounter a problem? The social media buttons redirect to the about page. This only means they don’t have real social media accounts.

Is a viral market a scam or legitimate?

The viral market is a scam site. To put it plainly, they are a data harvesting scam. All they want is to steal your personal information and use it for selfish gains. You will spend time and even money on this site and at the end of it receive nothing in return. The best thing is to avoid scammers such as the viral market. They are only out there to benefit themselves and take advantage of their uninformed victims.

Final verdict

There is no such thing as easy money. Making money online requires patience and hard work. If you come across get rich schemes such as the viral market, simply stay away and find legitimate ways of making money on the internet. Believe me, there are plenty of real ways you can make money online.

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