Viral Dollars Review – ViralDollars.Co is a Scam! Exposed Red Flags!

Viral Dollars Homepage

Welcome to my Viral Dollars Review!

Are you one of the members of this website? You are here because you want to know if this website is the real deal or just a scam.

You want to know the legitimacy of this so that you will not waste your precious time promoting your referral links.

In this review, I will show you why this website is a scam and will not make you any income as they claim.

I am Ross by the way and I am a blogger and affiliate marketer. In this website, I already did a lot of reviews, most of my reviews are product, website, training platform, and other making money online related topics.

When you are always writing reviews, it will be easier to determine if the product or website is a scam or not. The first time I visited the site, I already knew and almost 100% sure that it is a scam.

I may be biased in this review because I already decided that it is a scam even before checking it further.

This is based on my opinion regardless of what other reviews say about this website. Again, I consider this website a scam.

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Viral Dollars Review

Product/Platform Name: Viral Dollars

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is Viral Dollars?

This website claim that you can generate an income the easiest way possible. They pretend to be a legitimate website by making their website look professional and somehow seem trustworthy.

But don’t ever be deceived by its appearance, but rather investigate further the way how the website works.

As I have said, this is a scam website, and I don’t know where to categorize this kind of business.

This is not even under GPT or Get-Paid-To sites because you will not get paid.  Based on their website, viral dollars is the number 1 influencer. What?  This is pure BS here.

You can check the definition of social influencer and you will know that this website is not about it.

So many deceptions on this website and I am going to explain one by one.

This website is similar to the scams that I already reviewed, like kids earn money,,,  and

10 Reasons Why Viral Dollars Is A Scam – Red Flags Exposed!

1. Five Dollars Per Referral Link Click

How the hell will they get the money to pay you for that? Take note that viral dollars are free to join, that is expensive for a click.

Based on their website, they say that their advertisers will be the ones who will pay you. But come on guys, why would they do that?

It makes no sense at all. Think about it, if you are the advertiser, why not advertise on their platforms that are cheaper and better traffic.

I do an advertising campaign on Facebook and the amount of link per click is always less than a dollar,  Even Google Adsense is still cheaper.

Just do the math, and for this reason alone, this is already considered a scam. Yet people still fall for this trick because of easy money.


2. Fake Testimonials

These are the video testimonials that you can find on their website. But these ladies look familiar, I knew I have seen them somewhere.

They are actors for hire on a website called Fiverr. You can hire them for 5-10 dollars to make a testimonial. Why would they do that? Why fake it if there are real people who are earning from this website.


Here she is at Fiverr:

Fake Testimonial 1


This girl here is very familiar and she already appeared in another low-quality Clickbank product, you can check my review at bulletproof profits, she was also making a fake testimonial.

Fake Testimonial Fiverr 2

3. and

I already reviewed a website that works like viral dollars, the name of the site is viral I was also one of the first bloggers that exposed that site as a scam.

Many people were scammed, you can check my viral pay review and also look at the comments section.

So where is viral pay?co now? If you type the URL in your browser, you will be redirected to This serial scammer is clever,  they just change the name of the website.

4. Reviews by Former Members of Viral Pay

As you can see, from viral, they change their name to, that is because there are already a lot of negative reviews from real members.

Most of them were complaining about their income that supposedly scheduled for cash out. None of the members even made a single dime.

They were all scammed, so you have to be careful about this viral dollars.

You can check the comments below from real people that were unfortunate enough to promote the website and they were scammed.

Here are their comments:

Comments of real members 1

Comments of real members 2

Comments of real members 3

5. Unknown Owner

If this is a real business, then why is the owner hiding? Ah, maybe because this is a scam that is why.

When it comes to making money online websites, it is really hard to trust a website especially if you don’t know the owner.

6. About Viral Dollars Page

About Viral Dollars

According to their about page, the parent company of viral dollars was founded last 2005. But what is it? Why is it that the name was not mentioned?

And also, they claim that was founded last 2018, but the whois result says otherwise. The site is still 10 days old!

Whois of Viral Dollars

7. Shares and Payment

On their website, they say that they already have 500 million shares and paid only 60 million. Sixty million is a huge amount and I am sure that this is a lie.

But let’s assume that the data below is correct, why is it that they only pay 60 million for 500 million shares? I thought referral link click is 2-5 dollars, multiply it with 100 or 500 million, the amount should exceed 60 million!

The scam here is obvious, they should have at least compute it well! Lol!

Shares and Paid members

8. Viral Dollars Income Calculator

Here is the fake income calculator. If you have 500 followers, you will have an income of 118 dollars per day, which is 3,540 per month. This is ridiculous, you will not make that amount of money. Social influencers have thousands of followers before they can make decent money. This is fake guys, it is pure BS.

Viral Dollars Calculator

9. Their Contact Us Page

In their contact us page, their address is at Melbourne, Australia but the map says Philadelphia, this is very confusing.

And if you look at the whois information of their website, it was registered in the United States.

They don’t have a real address, not even the street name or building name.

Contact Us Page

10. They Will Accuse You Of Fraud

Once you completed the task so that you can cash out, this is the time that they will accuse you of fraud. They will then ban your account and you will never see your money ever.

Just imagine, you put all your effort into promoting your referral link hoping that you will be paid but at the end of the day you receive nothing.


Is Viral Dollars a Scam?

I was one of the few bloggers that considered viral a scam, and here I am again saying that viral dollars is a scam. I was right about viral pay and for sure I will be correct about this one.

I am sure that this is a scam based on my opinion. In less than two months from now, there will be a lot of negative reviews of this site from real users who were scammed.

This is no different from viral pay, so I believe that you will not make money from this.

There are already a lot of red flags that can be considered a deception.

Viral dollars focus on newbies or those who are still starting to make money online. They present their website as a get-rich-quick scheme, that’s why people like this kind of site.

Easy money schemes will not make your real money, and you will just waste your time promoting their website.

Final Thoughts

You may think that it is okay if I was scammed, I did not lose any money. I did not pay anything, so maybe I was not scammed.

But if you consider time and effort lost because of their deception, then you are scammed.

Time is even more precious than money because you can always make money but you can never turn back the time that was lost because you are diligently promoting their website.

Those time and effort could be used in more productive things.

It is not your fault if websites like this have already scammed you. It is our human nature to be attracted to schemes that are easy and can make us rich overnight, or the taught of earning a lot while doing less work.

You have to stay away from this site or you will just work for them for free.

If you reach here, thank you for reading my viral dollars review.  If you have a positive or negative experience with vital, let me know in the comment section below.

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This platform will teach you the correct way to make money on the internet. Everything from making a website to making a real business online.

Once again, thank you! Cheers!

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3 Comments on “Viral Dollars Review – ViralDollars.Co is a Scam! Exposed Red Flags!”

  1. or its previous name is a great liar, deceiver and fraud maker. My earnings of $4,278.00 was cancelled due to fraud stats. I emailed viralpay asking where is the proof of fraud stats, viralpay never responded and then lately, they changed viralpay to viraldollars. This not the number influencer network but the number 1 deceiver, scammer and liar!

  2. Hello, since the beginning I knew it was a fraud on this platform, these scammers deceive honest people who are seeking a solution to their lives and work in the right way.

    Thanks for the alert, an example for those looking for easy money on the internet, there is no easy money, there is a lot of work and dedication.


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