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Welcome to my Viral Bucks Review!

This review is about a new website known as  From the time of writing, this site is still 8 days old, yet there are already a lot of buzz about this.

It claims that you can make $500 in your first day of being a member by joining for free. We will check in this review if such claim is really possible.

There are actually other reviews that say this is legit, but the people behind those reviews are they same people that created this website.

Perhaps you even saw some testimonials in YouTube that they are earning hundreds of dollars already.  In this review, you will understand why there are positive video testimonials in YouTube.

If you are one of those that expect to make money in the first day, sorry to say, but it will not happen with viral bucks.

Continue reading this review to learn more about this website, but before that, you may check my no. 1 recommended training platform on how to build a sustainable business online.

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Viral Bucks Review

Product/Platform Name: Viral Bucks

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is Viral Bucks? is a website that promises easy income online. As what I’ve said, they claim that you can make $500 on your very first day easily.

According to them, their purpose why they created viral bucks is to help passionate social media users (that is you) to turn their usage into something profitable.

Since 2005, Viral Bucks is one of the businesses of their “parent company” that has been generating online marketing solutions.

We really do not know the parent company that they are referring to, since it was not stated in their website.

One of their main objective is to help change the lives of many individuals by using social media as a tool. These are the claims that we are going to investigate if these are all true.

11 Reasons Why Viral Bucks Is A Scam – Red Flags Exposed!

1. Refer and Earn

Inside the member’s area, your first task is to refer someone by using your referral link they provided. You will earn 5 dollars for every link click and 10 dollars for every person that becomes a member.

This is insane, 5 dollars per click is so unrealistic. Advertisers will lose their business if they pay 5 dollars a click from random people in social media platforms. Those clicks don’t convert into sales since the traffic is not targeted.

Would you pay for that amount if you have a business to promote? I guess not, because it is very obvious that you will not make a profit from it.

So, how come they claim to pay you 5 dollars per click if it is unreasonable? That is because, this opportunity is fake and a scam.

2. About Page of Viral Bucks

In their about page, it was stated that viral bucks was founded in 2017, but I have said in my introduction, this is a new website. Why would they lie about this? Why not just tell the truth? There is nothing wrong with a new website as long as it is legit.

They are doing this so that they can convince you that the website has already a reputable track record. When it comes to online business, reputation is everything.

Convincing people to join their site would be easier if the website has been online for a while already. They will do everything to defraud you.

About Page

3. Cancels Your Account

The terms of use itself is very much unfair. They can cancel or suspend your account anytime without letting you know. This only means that they already have a plan to cancel your account so that they can not pay you.

No matter how much you’ve earned promoting your referral link, at the end of the day, it still does not matter. Just a snap and your account is gone, you can not complain since you agreed to the terms.

This terms of use is common to scam websites such as and

Right To Terminate Account

4. Notification of Change

Not only they can terminate your account, but they can also make changes to their terms without your knowledge.  This is very much unethical.

Notification of change

5. The Real Owners 

The owners of this website is very clever, they make it look so professional that you’ll never expect that it is a scam. The design of the website is really elegant, it seems very real and trustworthy. But that’s the only good thing with this website, nothing more.

Owner’s identity is concealed and you will never know who owns this. This is one of the strategies of the people behind this scam, they will never reveal their identity so that they can continue to scam people once this website goes down.

6. The Fake Testimonials

Scammers have one common technique that they use, that is video testimonials that are fake. Newbies will never know that these testimonials are not real and will make them believe that the website is legit.

These testimonials are easy to make, as long as you have $5 or $10. You can visit the site called Fiverr and there are hundreds of actors for hire in that site.

The video proof you see in viral bucks website were all made from spokesperson for hire at Fiverr. You can check the images below:

viral bucks fake video testimonial (girl)

viral bucks fake video testimonial (man)

Fiverr video testimonial (girl)

Fiverr video testimonial (man)



7. Earning Calculator

The image below will prove that these scam websites are created by one group of people only. As you can see below, the calculator they used was from which I reviewed recently.

And also, the earning potential for only two followers based on this calculator is too much. Remember that your referrals join also for free, so where do they get $5 per day to pay you?

There are no explanations on how can they pay you. It would be better if it was explained in detailed so there are no grey area.

Earning Calculator

8. Payment Proof from Real Members

How come that I can not find a single payment proof outside of viral bucks. The proofs that they present in their website are all edited.

You can check these two pictures below:

payment proof 1

payment proof 2










These testimonials are identical and it is present in both and This is also a confirmation that these websites only has one owner.

They have been scamming people for a while now. They make this as their business, easy money for them.

9. YouTube Testimonials

You know why there are a lot of video testimonials of this in YouTube? That is because, they promise their members to pay $50 every video they upload. Do you really believe that an upload is worth $50 dollars?

This is not only unrealistic amount for a video upload but this is also very unethical to make a positive testimonial because you are paid.

10. Money Down The Drain

No matter how much you “earn” in your viral bucks dashboard, that money is only a number without any value. They have all the reasons not to pay you based on their terms. Being banned in their website is inevitable, you will be accused of something that somehow violates their terms, so that’s it, goodbye money.

11. Making Money

Yes, someone is making money, and that someone is not you.

Is Viral Bucks a Scam?

From viral pay to viral dollars to notion cash, these are all scams. This website is just copy of those other scam websites, therefore, this is definitely a scam. will only use you so that they can make money. Business model like this is flawed and will always be a scam. There is no way this could be legit and I believe this won’t last for a year or maybe not even 6 months.

If you are a member of this, I suggest you stop promoting your link. For sure it will be just a waste of your time. Find other opportunities that are worth investing your time and effort.

Stay away from websites that says they will help you to make easy money. There is a good chance that it is a lie because that is not how making money online works.

Easy money will always be a myth but people still fall for this types of earning opportunities.


The existence of these scam websites were based on the actions of the people. These website emerge because there a lot of people who patronize this easy money type earning opportunity.

People like to learn the lesson the hard way, they will still try these types of system. Even at the back of their mind, they already knew that  there is something wrong with it.

As I have said, there is no easy way to earn money. It will always involve hard work, dedication, effort, time, and maybe money. There is no other way to succeed online.

That is why, only less than 5% becomes successful online. You can always choose which path you will pursue. You can jump from one website to another hoping you will find the holy grail of making money. Or, do what successful people are already doing?

This is the other path, the not so easy way, but the chance that you will succeed is very high. As long as you put an effort and treat it like a real business.

Unfortunately, this path is not for lazy people, you can check below to learn more.

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If you have reached this, I am grateful that you took time reading this viral bucks review. Once again, thank you and I wish you success!

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