Vidyz Review: A Video Hosting Software for Marketers

What is Vidyz?

Vidzy is a cloud-based video hosting/marketing platform built for affiliate marketers.

Meet the Creator of Vidyz

Mike from Maine’s most notable products include:

Product Launch Confessions
Affiliate Income Secrets
Keyword Suggestion
Social Traffic System
Video Course Cash Kit
Affiliate Trax

Youtube Vs. Vidyz

Here is a little history about why Mike created Vidyz. This is designed to solve some real problems with the video hosting service that I’ve been using for a long time. And that service is YouTube. When I first got started, YouTube was perfect. YouTube was free, it was good quality hosting. Uh, I could just get started right away and I can host my videos are on youtube. And that was awesome. It was great for my sales pages, it was great for my reviews, it was great for the things that I needed. However, recently YouTube has made some very serious changes and these changes make YouTube no longer viable for anybody that’s doing any type of actual marketing with their videos. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to use one of Mike’s posts because he uses YouTube for a very long time. So I’m going to use one of Mike’s post to explain exactly what I’m talking about. So this is one of my posts. And in this, he’s promoting a product. So he’s hoping to earn an affiliate commission from this product. So that makes this a commercial page. Now, hands side of here is his review and bonus for the product that he’s promoting. So it’s also a commercial video that he has right here and he hasn’t hosted on Youtube and right away before the user even presses play, you can see some major problems with this video. So up here you can say it has the title of his video and it has this little icon, which is kinda cool. Uh, but it also is a distraction. If people go ahead and click on this, they’re going to be taken over to YouTube and there’s taking over to YouTube day might start watching other videos.

They might not buy. You don’t want a person on a commercial page to be doing anything but either closing their browser or buying the product. Uh, down here you can see there’s another button that says more videos. Again, more distractions right on his video. Over here, you can see the watch later button, which again, it’s just another distraction on his video. And of course, it’s branded to YouTube as well, which people can go ahead and click on and also get distracted and be taken away from this page that he’s hoping to make money with. So, uh, right here from the door, there are a ton of distractions right in the video and him didn’t even plus the play button yet. The video hasn’t even started and you can understand what’s going on here with this. YouTube is free, but YouTube wants to make money as well.

Uh, so to make money, they want as many people as possible to be watching as many videos as possible and not just one. They want you to watch a ton of videos because the more videos you watch, the more ads are going to see and the more likely they’re going to get ad revenue. So YouTube, as you can see right here, is focusing at this moment on trying to get people to leave Mike’s website and go to YouTube. That’s what they want. They want people to leave here and go to YouTube. And since they’re giving Mike this video house thing and the video player for afraid, they’re putting a ton of ways for that to happen. There’s right here, the video isn’t even played yet. And here’s one, two, three, four ways for people to leave Mike’s website and go over to YouTube and be on YouTube and get distracted and start benefiting YouTube.

So in essence, YouTube is trying to Siphon Mike’s traffic at this very moment. And that’s not good for him. It’s not bad. It’s not like you’re doing a negative or a shady thing. Uh, because they are giving him something for free. They’re giving them video hosting for free and they’re giving them a video player for free. But it’s bad for my business. He doesn’t want his traffic to be leeching off to YouTube. Now if you look at this screen, this is actually what happens on Mike’s video when the video ends. Uh, so before there was a ton of distractions, but now it’s just even worse. Now there’s a ton of other videos. There’s a ton of links that people can click on to try to get them away from Mike’s site and this is what shows after his video is over. This is horrible.

Not only does this look super unprofessional, but it’s also bad for his business. Again, YouTube is trying to siphon traffic from his video from his site, didn’t get them over to YouTube where they can make money off the people. And again, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing about YouTube, they are giving Mike a free video. I was thinking and they are giving much free video buyer and that’s the price of it. That’s how you pay for that free video hosting and a free video player. Now, YouTube is not a negative thing. If you want to make social videos, if you want videos that are going to get shared, if you don’t mind people going back to YouTube or maybe going to your channel, but if you want to sell something either as an affiliate or as your product or you’re hoping they get an opt-in, are you hoping people to sign up for something?

The last thing you want is all of these distractions that can potentially siphon your very valuable traffic away from your site and get them to another website. This is not good for anybody in business and using videos for their business and because of this, I started looking for commercial solutions.

Commercial Site Wistia VS Vidyz Review

I started looking for commercial video hosting that is going to have no ads on it. It’s going to have no legs on it. It’s not the kind that distracts people from my site, and this is the one that I came across. It is one of the more popular ones that’s called Wistia. Now Sistine does have a free plan is $0 million per month. It’s completely free, but they put branding on your video player, which is clickable. That branding that of course, it’s something we don’t want. And they also have a three video limit. So if you need more than the three videos ever, you’re kind of screwed with the free plan.

Uh, so the pro plan is really what you need if you’re doing any type of video marketing or using video in your business. Unfortunately, the price is pretty high. $99 per month is pretty high and charge you for more than 10 videos as well. So that $99 a month all they get you 10 videos in your account. If you want more videos than that, you have to pay an additional 25 cents per month per video, which is you can get quite expensive if you’re doing real video marketing that can get expensive quick and honestly at $99 a month it starts expensive just to begin with. And because of this, I decided to create my commercial-grade video hosting platform. And when I say commercial-grade, I mean no ads, no legs, no-nonsense, no other replay videos, no more videos, something that people could use for a serious about marketing.

How Does Vidyz Work?

And then we’re serious about using videos and our marketing and the result was my video software. So this is my Vidyz platform and as you can say, this does have a link. It says powered by vidyz and I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re like, oh Brian, I thought you said that that was no good and that was a horrible thing. Well, that’s editable with the upgraded version. You can edit that link and you could make that link. Anything you want, you can change the text and you can change the side that it links to. So now this becomes your lower third and not our lower third. Of course, since I’m the guy that owns videos, I don’t mind it actually saying powered by videos and links to the videos website and that’s why it’s like that inside of my own site when I use the video player. Now, beyond that video has other features as well. I, one of the features I absolutely wanted was the ability to have texts and call to action built right inside of the video so that way when the video is playing at some point that I choose, the video can stop and a call to action can show with a clickable button and this is something that I integrated inside of videos. I’m going to go ahead and show you that right now. I’ll press play on the video.

Okay, that’s great. You’re going to see this guy, this and he could see at the time that I’ve set the slider comes down, it shows the call to action text and of course it has my clickable button and in this case it’s obviously going to be my affiliate link so I can earn a commission if people purchase. Now, if they want to go ahead and continue with the video, that’s fine. They can go ahead and click on this link and the video continues as normal. Beyond that videos has all the video player options that you would expect. You can move around, your video can play, you can pause it, you can adjust the volume and you can make it full screen as well. Now, vidyz doesn’t just stop there though. I had, another thing that I liked about Wistia was the fact that it has excellent tracking so you could see it where your videos are coming from, where your players are coming from, where the people are watching your video, how long they’re watching it.

And this kind of stuff was important for me and it should be important for anybody doing any type of marketing because you need to know where your visitors are and where they’re coming from and how much they’re interacting with your video. So that way you can judge whether or not it’s working well for your business. And this is actually what I came up with, the detailed tracking built inside of videos. So if you go to any video, you can click on the link to see the tracking for that video. And you can see a whole lot of information here. So you can see how many times your video was viewed and viewed means people actually saw the video but didn’t necessarily play the video. You can see how many unique users were, how many unique plays there was and the average playtime in seconds. And it’s also going to give you a seven-day report so you can see how this is happening day by day and the right-hand side it’s going to show you the physical location of each person that viewed your video.

So you can see where in the world they are when they view it. And this uses geo-locating to get their latitude and longitude and it plots it on this graph. So it’s pretty detailed. Below. You’re going to be able to see the information about every single person that viewed your video. You’re going to be able to see their IP address, the date and time that they viewed the video, their exact location, the browser they used, and how long they watched the video. Four. And this way you can see if your videos are being effective or not where people are watching your videos and if you need to fix anything with them in your business. Another cool feature that I added inside of it is that is part of the upgraded version is the GiF creator. So vidyz does have the ability to make your videos auto play and your videos can autoplay when they autoplay, they’ll be muted and people can click the button to unmute the video if they want.

And marketers like features like that because a video that auto-plays grab people’s attention and they’re likely to click the mute button. But I decided to take it a step further. What I did was I built in a jiff creator inside of videos. So videos can take your video and he very easily makes it anatomy that Jeff and you can not only use that animated Gif in other places such as social media, but you can also use that animated Gif as the cover for your video. So you can have an animated Gif that shows before your video plays. Or as I said, you could share it on social media who are at his legs, put it in your emails and anywhere you want. And it is super, super easy to do this. Let me go ahead and show you exactly how it works.

So I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click on create Gif. Now the animated gifs that videos create are all three seconds and right. So all I need to do is put the video to start where I want the Gif to begin from and then click on create Gif now and that’s it. That quick videos, we’ll create an animated Gif for my videos and you can see the button, which was an orange button that says create. Jeff has now changed to a green button that says view, Jeff. So I’m going to go ahead and click on view. Jeff and I have a couple of options. Now I can right-click on this and save it so I can have it on my computer and use it in social media posts or I can use it in my emails or I can use it anywhere else that I want.

Vidyz Review Conclusion

I can click this button right here and I can set it this as the thumbnail video for my video or of course I can go ahead and delete it and start over if I like. Youtube is designed for social sharing. Youtube is designed to get the maximum number of people to watch the maximum number of videos as possible because that’s what’s good for youtube. Youtube, quite frankly, once to use your content and your traffic to sell ads and why Youtube is great. If you want to build up a following using social media, youtube is not necessarily a great thing. If you want to do actual video marketing, if you want to sell something, if you want to promote something, if you’re hoping to get people to opt-in, if you’re using videos for your marketing, youtube is not the ideal solution anymore. And because of that, I created videos. Vidyz is an ad-free video hosting platform that’s designed for marketers. Thank you and enjoy it.

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