Traffic Multiplier PRO: 100% Legit or Scam

Welcome to my review of Traffic Multiplier Pro!

Before I’ll go into details of this product review, I want you to understand that this is not for total beginners. If you are just starting, this is not for you.  I have read about a lot of reviews from other sites, most are just a copy-paste from the sales page resources such as email swipes and other promotional materials. This is the sad truth of most affiliate marketers online, they just promote a product even when they know that it is not worth the money.

Again, if you are new to affiliate marketing, I would suggest not buying this product.

I believe that this product has some value for those who are already in the business for quite some time.

Here are the things that are not included in the membership fee:

  • This does not include hosting
  • Does not include autoresponders
  • A Website

Basically, the seller of Traffic Multiplier Pro is assuming that you already have a website and an email marketing software.

Now that we are clear, I can now proceed to the review proper.

So, what is Traffic Multiplier Pro?

It is not really software but rather this is a video training course that will teach you how to capture your traffic using an email opt-in,  push notifications, and FB lookalike method.

The video course will show you step by step training:

  1. Overview – this is an introduction to Traffic Multiplier Pro video
  2. How To Set up Your Site – Introduce you to WordPress and install the 3 needed plugins.
  3. How to Create Your Page – This is where you start creating your landing page similar to this:
  4. How to Set Up the Email Capture – This teaches you how to integrate your email marketing software.
  5. How to Setup Facebook Pixel – A training on how to set up Facebook pixel in FB ads business manager.
  6. How to send Email
  7. How to send notification

So that’s basically it. No mention of techniques on how you can get traffic which is the most important in the internet marketing world.

But of course, like any other make money online products, they have a lot of upsells:

One Time Offer 1 (OTO1):

I am not going deeper to the other upsells. One of the sales pitches of Traffic Multiplier is that it claims that it is the ultimate shortcut to making money online.

But all marketers who earn a living online know that this is not true, there is no shortcut. It takes a lot of perseverance and patience.

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Is Traffic Multiplier Pro a Scam?

I do believe that this is not a scam, but would I recommend it? My answer is no.  I can assure you, there are a lot of training platforms that are way better than this.


It is your decision if you want to buy this product. But in my opinion, I suggest you buy or join something that is worth your money. Learning is always the best tool to succeed online.


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