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Hello guys, Ross here and welcome to The Great Heist Review

This is a new Clickbank product, you might have found it in your inbox wondering if it’s worth the money or not, I’m going to give you an honest review based on what I have seen in the member’s area.

The sales page claims that this is the closest thing to “printing money” in the next decade and they have a secret way to make money that gurus are making. The secret exploits the little known “Shanghai Code”, that is the term they refer to the 1.48 billion dollar industry that they are talking about.

Such a bold claim and we will find out if this is the real deal or just another waste of your money. As we all know that scams these days are all over the internet.

One way to minimize these scams is to do research about these products and from there, we can make an educated decision.

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The Great Heist Review 

Product/Platform Name: The Great Heist


Owner: “Not known” Only spokesperson

Price: $9 for the first 14 days and then $37 per month

Recommended? No

What is The Great Heist?

Again, it’s a Clickbank product just came out, it’s gonna teach you messenger marketing, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce. We don’t know who the owner is in the sales video some kind of leery about that, I like to see somebody’s face and what their credentials are.

The cost of the product is 9 dollars and then you have to be careful when you go to buy it, there’s some little fine print that says after the nine dollars which are for 14 days, then you’ll be charged $37 a month, and there’s three upsells.

The first one is the Club heist and it doesn’t really say what you get with that, other than you can make more money and that’s 197 dollars. The second one is the crypto millionaires calendar, so that’s obviously dealing with cryptocurrencies and that’s 147 dollars and then there’s a third up so-called heist eCommerce profiteer society and then if I teaching you more about e-commerce and that is $97.

The Great Heist Member’s Area

Let me show you what it looks like here that’s just a real simple put together here like a lot of Clickbank products so here is the member’s area.

The Great Heist Review Members Area

And then you have the great heist, great heist blueprints, this part is about messenger marketing.

The Great Heist Review blueprint

The first one it’s called the China secret, it is about chatbox secrets, so it’s an e-book showing you how to do automated messages and learn through affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Here are the contents of that ebook:

  • ChatBot FB Messenger Marketing: For 55% Higher Open Rates than Email Marketing
  • Facebook Messenger ChatBot Marketing vs. Email Marketing
  • Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Create Your Facebook Messenger Bot
  • The Chatbot Tool Challenge
  • ManyChat
  • Chatfuel
  • Strategies to Maximize the Opportunities Offered by Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Strategy 1 – Send Automated Sequences
  • Strategy 2 – Use Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Use the Strategies Above
  • Strategy 3 – Games and Quizzes
  • Strategy 4 – Use Other Compelling Strategies
  • Use a Platform that Pays you Directly
  • Challenge with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language
  • More Features That You Will Need
  • More Growth Tools
  • Option for Notifications and Reports
  • The Essence of Having Templates
  • Send Broadcasts and Campaigns
  • Bot Features you Should Look Out For
  • Live Chat Options
  • Promote your Bot with Marketing Tools
  • Analytical Tools
  • Third-Party Growth Tools
  • Create and Deliver Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Leads
  • Do a Follow-Up on your Leads
  • You could also program it to ask questions such as:
  • BONUS: How to Make as High as $2000 per Month using Your FB Chatbot
  • Strategy One: Use Video Marketing with your Bot
  • How to Get Them Onto the Chat Bot
  • Strategy Two: Getting Traffic From Facebook -> Chatbot -> Affiliate Link
  • Email Marketing
  • Set up an Email Marketing Strategy
  • Get an Opt-in Form
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Fast-Track the Growth of your Email List
  • More sophisticated Lead Magnets examples

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and then the second one is the  Facebook chat box step by step guide:

  • What is Chatbot?
  • The importance of Chatbots in your business
  •  Messenger Bot and its resources
  • Chatbot Best Practices.
  • Exploring the New Land
  • Chatbot Mind Mapping
  • Chatbot Tools
  • ManyChat Overview and Initial Settings
  • Getting Your Hands Dirty
  • Building the first Chatbot – Part 1/3
  • Setting up the Greeting message
  • Configuring the Welcome Message
  • Building your first Chatbot – Part 2/3
  • Building your first Chatbot – Part 3/3

The cryptocurrency training is about airdrop secrets and millionaire’s calendar. So if you look at the airdrop secrets that’s a six-page ebook so there’s not much in there.

Then the next one is the millionaire’s calendar, it is about cryptocurrencies and this is in a lot of different Clickbank products and they just throw that in there.

The Great Heist Airdrop Calendar

Other Products

The first one is all about Shopify, so again it’s an e-book 56 pages, it will just give you a general overview regarding Shopify. How to set it up, how to find your products those kinds of things, and how to generate traffic to it, obviously with Instagram, Facebook posts, and some apps.

Next eBook is about e-commerce and that’s about how to be an Amazon affiliate, and in any of the Clickbank products where they’re talking about being an Amazon affiliate, you have to understand the profit margins are very low, so anywhere from two to ten percent, so when people are talking about they’re making all this money in an Amazon affiliate, you have to drive a lot of traffic and make a lot of sales to make the kind of money.


The pros, of course, is that it’s low-cost money-back guarantee also I always want to mention in my reviews that you the easy is going to get your money back is just search how to get a refund on Clickbank and then there’s gonna be a live chat there you can get your money back like really quickly.

Do not go to the product owner, you might not hear from them or they’re gonna try to talk you into keeping the product.


  • There are quite a few, the recurring cost of 37 dollars in a lesson you don’t know what you’re going to get for that and I don’t think that whatever it is, it is not worth 37 dollars a month for sure.
  • Some of the information is rehashed from other Clickbank products.
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • The identity of the owner is hidden
  • A lot of misleading information in the sales video.
  • The system has no proper direction so it is very difficult to make money with it.
  • A low-quality Clickbank product like AZ Sniper, Secret Millionaire Bot, AZ Millionaire Method and Affiliate Cash Club


We have to be very careful with shiny objects especially in the internet marketing space and how to make money niche. There are a lot of shiny objects in there and I just want to let you know that there is no such thing as pushing a button and start making like $5,000 next week.

I just want to let you guys know was that you don’t want to start doing this get-rich-quick schemes when it comes to creating a real online business.

It takes effort, hard work, consistent action, continuous action day in and day out. When it comes to building a real online business you want to know what you are doing for you to succeed.

There is no single product out there that is like a gold mine. Don’t ever fall for shiny products the promise you to succeed. The truth is that you have to be a continuous learner and it is better to learn from the right mentors.

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