The 20 Minute Setup Machine Review: $50 A Day, Scam or Legit?

Perhaps you’ve received an email about this product with the email title ” The 20 Minute Setup Machine: Earn $50-100 a day”.  Just this morning a lot of marketers promote this product, I received a lot in my inbox. I was curious and clicked the link to the sales page.

The moment I saw the title: 20 Minute Setup $50 a day Never Touch it Again. I knew it was already a scam.  Next line says, 3 simple steps:

  1. Copy
  2. Paste
  3. Earn

Most people want to earn money fast, that’s why this sales page may be enticing for them. Even if they already knew that making money online is never easy. We always want a shortcut to success, but sorry to say this, there is no shortcut to success. This 3 step system is flawed, you will never earn an income by just copying and pasting, it is just not possible.

Next line from its sales page:

“8 Years Old or 80, ANYONE can do this. If you can COPY and PASTE, it’s for you”. Don’t ever fall into this kind of trap, this is just a complete BS.

Enough of the sales page lets proceed to review

What is The 20 Minute Setup Machine?

I also don’t understand exactly what the product is, it did not even bother to explain in the sales page if how you can exactly earn. What kind of traffic or method you will be using once you purchased the product. It just says that you will set it up in 20 minutes and leave it then money will flood your bank account. Isn’t it cool right? lol.  How ridiculous is this kind of sales pitch?

But you know what, there are still a lot of people who bought this crappy product. It is just sad that even if they see the red flags of a possible scam, still they want to try it out because of the promise of earning a considerable amount of money.


There is none. Again this product is garbage. There are a lot of products out there that are better than this for this amount of money.


You will only spend your money on this scam.  Another thing, if they can earn just by copy-paste, then why would they share that information? That means they are earning from sales of their product.

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