Is Swag Pay a Scam? [An Honest Review of]

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Welcome to my review of Swag Pay!

Swag Pay has been rated as one of the most common ways of earning quick money online. It is also regarded as the most convenient and straightforward way that end users can use and make some significant amount of money online without any worries.

Though, most of the people are worried whether they can really make some significant amount of money here or they are just wasting their valuable money.

Today, am taking time to help you get your swag on. This review is about making money at home and not just swags and slang. If you googled Swag pay on your search engine, you will realize that there are many reviews available.

The biggest problem comes in when you don’t know which one to trust and which one to avoid.

In this brief, we will give you an honest review about Swag pay and at the same time determine whether the site is legit or just another online scam.

Just note that the information shared in this review is not determined to tarnish the name of any company, social group or organization. The information is based on individual experience with the Swag Pay, market research and nothing more.

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Swag Pay Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Swag Pay

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam: Yes

What is Swag Pay?

According to the company, ‘’About us’’ Swag pay is an influencer network that claims to make influencers enjoy their transparency, flexibility, and the high payouts.

The company has been in the market for about 5 years which means they ought to have the right experience and expertise to offer expert services.

The site also claims to give any social media with any number of following an opportunity to become a successful influencer and make thousands of money.

I already exposed several websites that are very much similar to, sites like,, and

Is Swag Pay legit?

I know this part is the most powerful. I believe this is the part of the article that you were waiting for. To give you accurate information and review, we run several tests of the site to make sure the site offers quality services.


It’s not obvious for a legit site to accept your false information. This is the first test that I conducted. I tried to check whether the site can send a confirmation message on my email when I was registering.

The first thing is getting an email account that doesn’t exist. The email didn’t come from a genuine email provider. I just put my name and eventually “”. To my surprise, the company didn’t ask anything about the email or even send an email for confirmation in the said address. What I got at the end of the process is that I have successfully subscribed to Swag Pay.

The second thing I did is to use a fake mobile number and a fake name. The company still didn’t notice anything and that’s why am convinced there’s something fishy about it.

Swag Pay registration

What does this show?

It’s simple terms; the site is not even serious about the registration detail of the members. They are also not worried about the security and the confidentiality of your details. That’s why they can simply accept any information without really taking note of the information they want.

This company is just aimed at getting your personal information and nothing more. How do I know? After logging in, the site already wants to introduce you to a whole new thing. The site gives you some information that you are already on the dashboard where you are going to make a lot of money.

The company also gives you a referral link which you are supposed to use to invite more people. After copying and using this code, you will be paid $2 for every person you invite. If those people join sway pay through your link, you will get $10. What are you waiting for to get conned?

How on earth can a company pay you $12 for just inviting someone to click and join the company? This is the first reason am thinking this site is trapping you.


Let’s assume you are the kind of person that learns through experience. II will assume you wanted to join and make money to see whether you will be paid. The first thing is to add a payment method. How do you do this? After logging in, the site will ask you to add a payment method.

Just click on the ‘’add a payment method’’ icon! You will spend your entire year doing that. The company will claim that you can add a payment method including PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash-app and Mailed check.

The company doesn’t even care about whether you have added the right id or not. I added a wrong PayPal account and they even didn’t give me a way to confirm whether the PayPal account I used is legit or not.

Swag Pay account details

Immediately after joining this website without even taking any action, you earn $25. Is that not unrealistic? I see it’s an easy thing and something that you can do with no time and get your money. Referring people immediately earns you a lot of money which you can never withdraw.

To test them further, I referred several people to see the response. Even after accumulating $100 you will not be able to withdraw your money. The fact is that any site that restricts your payments about the number of referrals you have or the day you have been using the account should be suspicious.

Account being banned

The other method they use to con the end-users is through their customer team which bans their end-users’ accounts immediately they want to withdraw their money on grounds that they are using fake referrals/clicks.

They have a clear warning at the lower part of the portal warning people against the use of fake referrals or clicks. They say that when confirming payments the team can cancel/ban the account if they notice that you are using fake referrals or clicks.

I am not saying the site is putting all this effort to discourage the use of fake referrals but I can confirm they are just trying to make the site look legitimate.

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Unrealistic money sources

With this website, it’s easy to make money. The site claims to give you five money-making methods that you can implement and earn some easy money.

Taking simple tasks can earn you $102. This is the main reason I think this site is a big joke. Here are their 5 tasks that you can all implement and make more than $102 in a day.

⦁ Refer Friends and earn $10

⦁ Get clicks and earn $2 per click

⦁ Complete surveys and earn $30

⦁ Create YouTube Videos and earn $50

⦁ Download apps and Earn $10.

In total, if you performed all the tasks in a day, you end up making $102 in a day which totals $3000+ in a month. This amount of money is unrealistic.

Reward center is impracticable

As a gratitude for working with the team, they claim that they can reward you with some gifts that you can claim with ease and earn. How on earth can you be offered an Apple iPad Mini immediately you log in? They claim that they can give you Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Air pods. You just need to earn some points and the gift is all yours.

To get the points, you have to earn more money. Think of Swag pay as a company that rewards you based on making money. The more money you make the more rewards you will get. You earn 1SP coins for every $1 you earn. The points you earn can be exchanged for a different range of prices which includes the ones listed above.

Devious payment proof

Swag Pay payment proof that is fake

They claim to have already paid over $68,000,000 to their 225,000 members since its establishment. This shows that Swag pay has a nice track record. Though, paying $68,000,000 which is half of Afghanistan, Uganda or Somali budget is something apprehensive.

That’s a lot of money that cannot be paid to people for just clicking and referring your friends. Again why are you earning money from referring your friends? This is very doubtful.

The developers of this suite are just focused on getting your personal information and that of your friends.

The payment proofs are not genuine. It’s easy to detect this because the company takes a long time to update this information. The proof that is shown on their portal has been there since the establishment of the company.

Final verdict

Never try Swag Pay! That’s the summary of the whole review. With all the information shared above, I can predict with near certainty that you don’t want to be conned.

It’s easy to get tricked and enticed by the developers of this site but regardless of the money you make, you will never get it in your bank account.

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