What is The Super Affiliate Network? [Legit or Scam]

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Welcome to my review of The Super Affiliate Network!

First thing if you are buying or using a new idea about which you hardly know, it’s best to read reviews first. Then ask other people who used that service, and you can also search on the internet about that product or service.

The Super Affiliate Network review summary:

The name of this network is “The Super Affiliate Network,” and Misha Wilson is the founder & CEO of this network. The cost for this platform is $37 per month with the addition of Upsells up to $12,497.

Let’s have a short review of the super affiliate network. It is an affiliate training design for newbies in business. It has a great way of letting others do much more than their expectations. It has some drawbacks, the pyramid scheme through which mostly shouldn’t get involved. Focus on solo ads is also a drawback.

Always choose the best thing for your self-according to your vision and convenience. And Yes I’ll recommend this to you, and the rating of this network is 60/100. This is best for those people who have the capital to invest.

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What is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is a website for entrepreneurs who are looking for the growth of their business. Every businessperson can join this website to learn and take courses and sessions to grow their business.

The Super Affiliate Network is a video instructional class and network encouraging individuals about setting up their own productive member advertising business. It has made a considerable amount of buzz around the web since it is the brainchild of Misha Wilson.

He is known as the most youthful and quickest developing traffic and change master on the internet.

If you haven’t known about this person, you can peruse increasingly about him on his site here. He is a youthful and active multi-million web advertiser today, and he made his progress through associate promoting. The Super Affiliate Network is the organization that he began to help individuals make progress similarly as he did.

How Does The Super Affiliate Network work?

The Super Affiliate Network works by providing video training courses, live sessions, and teaching people about their businesses.

The Super Affiliate Network Founder - Misha Wilson

Why did Misha Wilson make The Super Affiliate Network?

As you read before, Misha Wilson is the founder & CEO of The Super Affiliate Network. He is a young successful marketer. He established The Super Affiliate Network so, those other people can also learn and get successful business as his own! Such a careful thought of him. I am a little bit touched.

How much does it cost? What is the procedure for learning?

Starting modules are just introductory, which costs about 1$, and it is only a trial version. They won’t allow you to take all the sessions all at a time, and there is some fixed time slot for your next meeting after completing the first session.

After completing the first trial session, The Super Affiliate Network will demand some personal info like they will get the complete details about your credit card, etc.

It’s a little bit expensive and gives less output as 37$ per month to 47$ per month, which is a massive amount. If you get a membership in The Super Affiliate Network, you can get some of the compensation with the packages.


  • $200 Annual membership.
  • $200/month plus membership.
  • $2000 yearly VIP membership.
  • $9000(onetime fee) diamond coaching.
  • The more you play, the more commission you get. Just invest in yourself; you will get a lot in reward.

The best thing about (SAN) The Super Affiliate Network?

The video training format is excellent. Every single thing will be clear and straightforward. This training is great.

What did I like in The Super Affiliated Network?

Its training format: Video training format is the best thing what I feel for learning. Every single thing is clear and easy to understand because they teach step by step. Precise and to the point lectures. You can pause/play any time until you get the thing inside your head.

The support services: Support services are excellent. If you have any questions or confusion, you can freely ask your question, which will be answered by the most qualified persons within less time. Which is the best thing I liked? There are some Facebook groups through which you can also share and read other’s thoughts and can solve your queries.

Live sessions: Live pieces of training is a fantastic thing. If you are attending with full concentration, then you must have some queries, you can ask and get the answer right away. Through live training, you can get a piece of new knowledge.

Money-Back service: 30 days of money back service. After you started the trail if you think it doesn’t work for you, you can get money back. The Super Affiliate Network offers $100 if you don’t get the output after completing the whole course.

What I disliked about The Super Affiliate Network?

Pyramid Scheme: I won’t talk about this scheme because it can do a benefit for some and can’t be a benefit for some. It is the thing you don’t, and you shouldn’t get in. It will increase the risk. And the risk is the thing which can save us from disaster.  Other pyramid and Ponzi schemes that I reviewed recently; workmines, options knight, and walletsync.

Focus on solo ads and emails: Solo ads are an insignificant amount in The Super Affiliated Network to create traffic and make more sales through email marketing. Which is the thing that should be removed to make it more acceptable and easy to go with this network? Solo ads can be massively expensive and affect your interference.

Passwords: You have to ask the password from the authorized persons after completing one lesson. They will first check whether you have thoroughly done with the previous lectures or not. Then after a fixed time slot, they will give you the passwords.

Proper system: This is the thing The Super Affiliated Network lacks. An adequate host website and appropriate management system.

Is SAN a scam?

No, not at all. The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam. The training you can get is good enough if you are starting your own business as a newbie. Yes, it demands some of the personal info and a little bit expensive, but it isn’t a scam for sure.

If you do the right work according to their instructions, you will succeed. You can see it in many perspectives like some fake people hide their identity, hide their team, their name, even their face.

So for this act, you can’t trust this type of business or company, but Misha Wilson is a real person. He didn’t hide his identity or anything else. Even you can see his achievements and success story.

The people who wasted their money in many scam games they can invest in this network and can get benefit from this. I like the pyramid scheme because of its focus on building a website.

Because I am a web developer, so I love to design and create websites. I also like Search Engine Optimization because this is a fashion nowadays. And if you have these types of skills, you will be successful in this field. Some people don’t like these features, but I’ll say I like it.

Do I recommend The Super Affiliated Network?

Yes, I do recommend it if you can afford but I think there are better platforms that are way cheaper. It’s a little bit expensive and time taking, but remember and keep in mind, every business is time taking whether it is small or whether it is significant and massive. If you put your effort, you can win. If you find shortcuts, you will fail.

When you are a newbie, and you need expert advice, this is the best platform. I am doing it full time, and I feel it is working. I have got a clear thought of how I am going to make a start. Everyone has its things to look and manage so, for some, it will not be that efficient, but for some, it would be. It all depends on you, your skills, and your choice.

Final Thoughts

The Super Affiliate Network is not a short cut to become a billionaire/millionaire. It’s an opportunity where you can learn how to earn your business and how to get successful in your industry.

“Don’t let your business earn you; let your business earn for you.” This thing inspired me the most which I have seen in The Super Affiliated Network. Misha Wilson has started a great work.

Everything has its good and bad side. Although it has some wrong side, in my opinion, you can learn more than average.

At least you can have your head clear and get a clear view of what in actual you want. Everyone has its priorities, vision, and convenience. Always choose the best thing for your self-according to your image and satisfaction.

Try to avoid those services and companies that don’t provide their exact information and who work with their hidden identity. Just save your money and try to use it in the right way. I hope so, you enjoyed this review and got beneficial for you. For more information, keep visiting our site.

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