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Welcome to my Start Weekly Job Review, also known as Do Weekly Work!

While watching a YouTube video about affiliate marketing, I happen to scroll at the comment section. There was a certain link that caught my attention, it says that you can earn money the easiest way ever.

I clicked the link and I was taken to a website, I was a little confused since I just recently reviewed another website called, everything is similar except the name. From that moment, I knew that it is already a scam. Continue reading my review and you’ll understand why is this a scam.

In this website, I mainly do product, system, platforms, software, and website reviews for making money online topics.

For sure, my experience in website reviews will surely help you decide if this is a legit way to earn money or not.

Is this the real deal? Can you earn some money easily as what the site claims? Or is starting a weekly job a scam?

We will answer those questions in this honest review, but before we begin,  you may want to check my No. 1 recommendation to build a business online.

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Start Weekly Job Review

Product/Platform Name: Start Weekly Job a.k.a. Do Weekly Work


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is Start Weekly Job?

Here is the member’s area:

members area

I used the image from because there is no difference. This website was launched about 189 days ago (from the time of writing).

They have a ridiculous claim that you can easily make hundreds or even thousands by just posting your links in social media sites like Facebook, Forums, Group Chat, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Other than that, they also claim that you can do a task that requires minimal skills and you will earn a lot.

Step By Step Procedure on How It Works?

Setting up account

1. Join Start Weekly Job or Do Work Weekly

First is that you have to sign up and register, input your information, your email, name, password, etc. so that you can view the members’ area.

2. Approval of  Your Account

Your application or registration will then be automatically approved.

3. Do Some Task

You will be asked to some work or tasks that are easy enough even a kid or 70-year old can do it.

4. Make Money

They claim that you will be paid if you have done your work or task and have been verified that it is not fraudulent. They have a minimum cash out of $300 that you must reach before you can withdraw your money.

Sounds easy right? But this is only the beginning of the scam.


Start Weekly Job is a Scam – Red Flags Exposed!

  • Too much pay for a link click

According to them, you can make money between 5-10 dollars per click of your referral link. This one here is BS, that is too much money for a click. If you already encountered legit paid to click sites, you know that you are only paid a penny for an ad click.

This easy money that they claim is full of hype and BS. Think about it, no advertisers will pay for that amount of money for a certain click that is not even targeted buyers. Targeted means those people that have the same interest in the products that you are promoting or selling.

Based on their site, you can earn from a click to your referral link which is kind of ridiculous. Imagine if you post it on Facebook and you get 100 clicks, then you already have 500 dollars. Sounds good right? If it was that easy to make money, then everyone would be doing it.

  • Minimum Threshold

The minimum is quite high for sites like this. Most paid to click or get paid to sites only has a minimum payout that ranges from 2-20 dollars.

This alone can make you think if they will pay if you get the minimum. They are doing this so that it will take time before you know that you will not get paid and you already promote your referral links everywhere. Too late, you already wasted so much time and energy and you get nothing in return.

  • Unknown Owner

How can you trust this website, the owner is not known. No picture, no name, no information about him or her. It is very clear that they are hiding something, they are afraid that they will be sued eventually because this is a total scam. No doubt about it, you will not make a single penny from this.

  • How they make money

Why are they doing this? How will they make money? They claim that advertisers will pay them money if they have enough members and then, they will ask you to do a task like surveys, watching a video, or viewing an ad.

This business model is legit, this is called paid to click (PTC), and get paid to (GPT) but these legit sites pay only around a 1-5 cents per click.

In the case of starting a weekly job, they will certainly make money if you do the task. They will be paid by the advertisers, but not you.

Another thing is that this site collects your personal information like email, do you know how much an email address cost? They will sell your information and then you will realize that your email account is now bombarded with spam emails from different affiliate marketers.

  • Easy Money in Your Account

By promoting your links, you could reach a thousand dollars in your account. It is not impossible since that is easy. But the question is that, how can you get your money? Will they give you your “money”?

This is a big question and the answer to that is you don’t get your money. Your money in your account is not real money, it is just a number given to you to motivate you to promote their website.

This only means that you are doing free work for them. You can not get back the time you’ve lost, that precious time that you could spend to a much better opportunity.

Time is more valuable than money, you may have lost zero dollars, but the time you lost is gone forever.

This website is very common on the world wide web, there are a lot of scams. Sites like viral pay and kids earn money.

  • Site is Not Secure

If your site is into money making business, you should have at least a secure site. If you go to their site, (image below):


You can see that the site is not secure. This is very important for business website owners, it will add security to your members and also your site is more likely to be trustworthy.

  • No Income Proofs

No income proofs from real people are visible on the internet. I have done my research even though I already know that I won’t find one.

There is none because you will never make a dime with this website. It will only scam you over and over again.


Final Verdict

Don’t ever waste your time with this website. People love these kinds of websites that offer easy money. That’s why scammers create these kinds of garbage websites because they know people will fall for it.

It is easier for them to make money even if it is unethical because they know that people will immediately jump on-board seeing easy money as a sales pitch. They always target those people who are new to the internet marketing world.

You should stay away from programs, websites, or products that are too good to be true and offers you a lot of cash for a much lesser work. There is a huge probability that it is a scam or a low-quality product.

Easy money on the internet is a myth, successful internet marketers agree to this. You can’t make money if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Thank you very much for reading my start weekly job review, I hope I made some good points and help you in your online journey.

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