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Hey guys, if you are looking for an honest review about Spring Profits, you are in the right place. This review will help you decide if this product is worth your time and money.

I have reviewed a lot of products already and somehow my experience taught me how to identify products that are legit and scam.

In the internet marketing world, trash product creators are like mushrooms, they are everywhere. So, we have to be careful with these kinds of offers from people who are unethical. It is a sad truth that most marketers only want to make money regardless of the method.

Most of them don’t care if they are selling garbage and scam products. They target newbies and compulsive buyers and lure them to buying upsell after upsell that actually offers no value at all.

How about you? How many products have you bought already that promises big time? 1, 2, or a lot already? I guess none of them work, right?

Anyway, let’s proceed to Spring Profits Review.

Spring Profits Review Overview

Product/Platform Name: Spring Profits

Website: springprofits.com

Owner: A certain Daniel Green (May not be his real name)

Price: $37 + lots of upsells

Recommended? No

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What is Spring Profits?

It is supposedly a method on how to make money by selling T-shirts on TeeSpring ,a big e-commerce platform.  The owner claims that you can have a very tiny slice of the multi-million dollar pie of the T-shirt industry, and you don’t need any experience or special skills to use his method and anyone can use it to make money.

The T-shirt industry is really huge and there are a lot of successful people doing this kind of business. Now, the question is if Spring Profits can actually help you in making huge amount of money as the owner claims.

The owner made it clear in the video that he is not trying to pitch you a get-rich-quick scheme,  and he is not talking about Bitcoin, binary options, pyramid schemes, or any other scam rather he is talking about a genuine way to make money from a completely legitimate website a website that is used by thousands of ordinary people every single day.

Top Reasons that Spring Profits is a Possible Scam

This is based on the sales video:

  • The Chosen Few

Congratulations your link has just been activated which means you now have the opportunity to access the profit-generating system that is turning ordinary people into millionaires. You are one of just a few lucky individuals who will ever hear this message so I suggest you listen very closely as the information I’m about to share could completely change your life.

-In the first few sentences of the sales video, it is as if you are just one of the chosen few, but of course we know that this is not true since this video can be viewed by anyone.

  • Ten-Minute Work and Income Claims

This incredible system average Joes have been making in excess of $25,000 every single week and what’s even more surprising is that doing so requires no more than ten minutes of your time each day and you don’t need any special skills or experience to get started.

-This is always the pitfalls for beginners, con artist uses these phrases a lot, “huge income claims and almost no work at all”. These are all lies, when it comes to making money online. Time and effort is always an essence for you to be successful whether online or not. There is no shortcut, period.

  • The Fake Testimonials

I’m making money from a legitimate website in four months I’ve made over four hundred and thirty thousand dollars I bought my first house outright at twenty four years old how crazy is that.

Spring Profits Fake Testimonial A

Spring Profits Fiverr Testimonial 1

I’m a full time student and a single mom so going to work was almost impossible for me with spring profits I can work from home for just a few minutes each day leaving plenty of time for college and spending time with my daughter and I’ve already made enough in two weeks to pay off all my tuition fees since I started using this system.

Spring Profits Fake Testimonial B

Spring Profits Fiverr Testimonial 2

-Come on guys, if this is legit, why fake the testimonials? It is because no one is making money with this system yet. Maybe because this system is really garbage.

  • The Luxurious Lifestyle

Three years ago I’ve banked more than 3.9 million dollars and trust me when you’re making up to a seven-figure income your life becomes a whole lot easier forget work and money worries instead think unlimited shopping sprees and five-star beach resorts. In fact I do most of my work from beach bars and Hotel lounges. So long as I have Wi-Fi I can literally work from a hammock and still make thousands of dollars from just a few minutes of work each day and very soon you’ll be in possession of the exact same system that I’m using to make my millions.

-Scam artist are very good with this technique. They will tell stories about how good and well their lives are to condition your mind that it will be possible for you to have this kind of life if you purchase the product. 

  • The Owner’s Sad Life Story

My name is Daniel Green and just a few years ago I was where you are now. Stressed, pinching pennies and losing sleep over the thought of debt, bills, and how to provide a good quality of life for my family. I’m no marketing guru, sales expert, or entrepreneurial genius. I’m just a normal guy who found a genuine way to make a fortune online.

I’m originally from a small town in Middle America. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot. My father worked long hours and made just enough to put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads, and clothe my brothers and me. Although our lives were simple for the most part, we were happy. When it came to education, I was never particularly academic but I enjoyed playing sports in the social side of school at best my grades were mediocre and I had no aspirations to go to college. So as soon as school was over, I went from working part-time to working full-time at the local diner in our town. At first I was a busboy, I cleared tables, washed dishes, took out the trash, and did all the horrible jobs that kept the place running. But over the years, I worked my way up to waiter, then to supervisor, and finally after 9 years, I was promoted to manager. I took pride in my work, I worked hard and I was always happy if the customer was happy.

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Not long after my promotion, thanks to my newly increased salary, my fiance and I moved out of our small rundown studio and into a modern two-bedroom apartment. With a baby on the way, we needed the extra space. We even started saving for our wedding day, but then just when I thought that everything was looking up, something happened that would completely shake my world. Out of the blue, my boss fired me, he listed a bunch of nonsense reasons like my having been 10 minutes late last Tuesday, me not being harsh enough when waitstaff called in sick, and me giving a free brownie to a veteran on his birthday. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing, for almost a decade I’d busted my ass in that place from mopping floors to managing accounts. I’d worked unpaid overtime, I’d worked almost every Christmas and now this jackass was firing me over the pettiest little things.

I was absolutely furious, and I had no idea why he was doing this to me. I would find out later that my job had been given to the owners eighteen year old nephew who is fresh out of high school and didn’t know the first thing about running a restaurant. I secretly wish the place would go out of business under the management of a clueless teen but my anger and ill wishes weren’t going to solve my problems because in that moment I had no job, no income, no way to pay my bills, no way to put food on the table, and very soon a third mouth to feed.

Honestly, I was terrified I didn’t know what to do. But I tried to look at my situation in the best possible light. Maybe there was more to life than working in a tired old diner in a small town. There’s a big wide world out there and I didn’t even own a passport. I figured that perhaps this humiliating dismissal was a sign that it was time for a change in my life. For years, I’d been hearing stories of people making huge sums of money online and I’d always wondered if I could do the same. Sometimes, groups of young people would camp out in the diner, connect their MacBooks to the restaurant Wi-Fi and have loud discussions about thousand-dollar days and exotic working vacations. I’d always been slightly envious, maybe now was my time to pursue that option and so I figured with no better plan in mind it was worth a shot and so I quite literally blew the dust off my old laptop and set out to discover how to make my fortune online.

-Was that story sad? These kinds of stories are almost present in the previous products that I have reviewed already, such as:

The purpose of these stories is that it targets your emotion as a human being, where it seems that you can relate to what he experienced. People use emotions instead of logic to decide, in this case to purchase the product. This is a very powerful tactic that are used by these unethical people or scammers.

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Is Spring Profits a Scam?

Given the above signs, it could be a scam. Although the business model they are using is legit, I don’t think you will make that kind of money as what the owner claims. Also, the owner tell you that making money with TeeSpring is just a piece of cake. But the reality is its not that easy. The truth is, nothing is easy when it comes to making money online. That 10-min per day is simply a huge lie. Internet marketers invest a lot of time and sometimes money to be able be successful.


The business model is legitimate. Lots of people do this online business model. There’s probably gonna be some useful strategies to learn in the members area. It’s just a way the product is presented, this very hype topic makes it sound like you’re just gonna click a few buttons and make a ton of money and that is unlikely to be the case, it’s certainly not as easy as it seems. But again, it’s a legitimate business model and anyone who was already thinking about getting into selling t-shirts online will probably learn a thing or two inside the members area.

When it comes to selling t-shirts, people who do really well have some really hidden niche that is really popular but there’s not much competition. So they’ve got some sort of weird interest they can produce a t-shirt and make good money doing that and it’s made between the profit margin is between the price you can get a company to create the t-shirt and a design you can improve on the t-shirt and the difference between that and what the customer pays you. It’s not that big profit margin unless you get decent company and decent design you’re running. You also have to be careful not to use copyright material quite some people use brand logos and brand names on their t-shirts which is going to be copyright infringement. It’s certainly something for beginners not to get mixed up in using other brand names on their t-shirt so you need to be careful about that.

I hope you learned something from my Spring Profits Review. Thank You!

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