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Hey guys, Ross here and welcome to my snowball traffic review. In this review, I’m going to give you a full run-through of exactly what is inside the member’s area.

What exactly is Snowball Traffic?

In a nutshell, this training has been put together by a guy called Fergal Downes. He’s been online for a long time. He’s showing you a brand new method which not many people have been teaching which has something to do with making money from Facebook. It’s a pretty easy method, you don’t need to make any of your products you don’t need to have an email list, you just purely going to be organically growing Facebook groups and then you’re going to be proving yourself as an authority in these groups and turn you’re gonna be able to sell a lot of things.

Snowball traffic is a complete course that can train you on how to make a sustainable business online, in addition to, how to build up a huge quantity of traffic. This training course includes some actual case studies, as well as a thorough training document on how to unlock the free source of traffic. Generally, this online traffic system guides you via the procedure of generating a massive amount of profit easily.

Snowball Traffic is a new method in the market that will show you an available source of traffic that a user can use to make income effortlessly. So, once you can use it, you’ll be able to add more than 100 people to your list of emails, normally with ten minutes of work from a smartphone!

Overall, the traffic source does not focus on theoretical knowledge and that’s the main reason this training course differs from other systems. In spite of this, it carefully explores the real-life lessons provided inside the training, so what you require performing is repeat what the instructor has previously done.

What’s inside of the Snowball Traffic?

Snowball Traffic is a new product that goes to show you how to tap into this traffic source and how to use it to generate income effortlessly.

The process they will show you doesn’t need any website, you just need to create your product or a video.

It’s very easy even a beginner can use it easily.

A lot of users reviewed the product positively, besides, I already try out snowball traffic source with one of my current funnels and the outcomes were pretty amazing.

The product is something actionable and fresh! It’s a friendly system for those who wish to get QUICK profits even in less time.

12 Video Training Inside Snowball Traffic

What makes this different from the other methods that I have seen using this traffic source is that these guys are predominantly selling high ticket offers. I’m talking about kind of $300 plus offers and they’re selling them inside these Facebook groups and that’s how they’re able to make this kind of money which is cool. Selling high ticket stuff is where the money is and these guys going to show you how to do that without having to have an email list just doing it all through Facebook.

1. You get the overview who’s going to show you exactly what is entailed inside.

2- You got the niches so you need to go and choose a niche that you want to be focusing on this Facebook group. It doesn’t have to be the make money online niche. There is a ton of other niches and Fergal is going to explain to you how to choose a good niche inside this video

3. Setting up your group it’s pretty straightforward if you don’t have

4. Pin post – so this is going to show you how to make this pin post. It’s gonna get a ton of traffic into your group.

5. Group description – you need to make sure this is a good description he’s going to show you how to do that.

6. Group settings he’s going to show you exactly what settings you should have in this group to make sure that you’re not just creating some spam group

7. Getting 400 to 600 group member’s in one day. This is a super powerful way of getting new member’s persons to buy from

8. Software that runs your group on autopilot, so this is going to be a software called buffer. It’s gonna help you to build up your Facebook group pretty much on autopilot. You won’t have to do anything just press go on the software and it’s gonna do that for you after you’ve set it up

9. Getting viral content for your group to build massive engagement who’s gonna show you where to go from

10. Outsource everything for just $5 so you can get an assistant on Fiverr who’s gonna run your Facebook group for you which is pretty cool because then you can just be hands-off and this method just becomes a passive $9,000 an awesome method you can focus your time on doing other stuff

11 is running Facebook live for engagement this is doing live videos on your Facebook to keep people engaged with you so when you come to sell something you can do a pretty easy job.

12. Engagement – it is time to make money, what to promote. This is going to go into further detail on selling these high ticket stuff.

A ton of content inside of this course I’m sure you’re going to benefit from it most importantly you’ll be able to make money from Facebook instead of you know just cruising through Facebook.

Why you should purchase snowball traffic?


The lessons mentioned in the product are tested out and compiled by the instructor himself. He used the case studies for a specific business, and it has confirmed to provide real profits. Also, he contains step-by-step strategies to keep future outcomes.


Scalable and passive income profit is one of the best parts that I like most regarding Snowball Traffic. This course does not just deliver an evergreen method to drive lots of traffic on the web, but it as well allows you to increase your system to many places.


As mentioned in the previous section of the guide, you will be know how to learn particular stages to make a completely passive income.

Besides, users will be instantly added to a mastermind FB group in which the whole of the members may discuss their problems, also, to raise and resolve their issues immediately with the developers.


As we mentioned that snowball traffic is easy to learn training course, means you don’t need any previous experience in marketing or technology to understand it. To begin making free traffic with the process involved, you only have to follow 3 steps that mention below:

Here they are:

Step no 1: Watch the complete training video (Step-by-step)

Step No 2: Start your traffic generating campaign by using what you have learned

Step No 3: Repeat the whole method to generate more incomes


As compared to other methods you have known to obtain traffic, this product helps because it provides a method in which you need to work around five to ten hours in a single week to get things completed. It’s easy, it’s focused and over that, it’s much more real than say, SEO.

The product “Snowball Traffic” is certainly not a theory packed case study. The course attached in the case study is definitely what the vendor has been looking for so far. All you need performing is to copy as well as apply it to your business. The point I would like to share with you regarding the Snowball Traffic is if you get some type of issues that need helping or consulting, the writer of the snowball traffic is always ready to help you out.


Easy to follow

Complete training guide video

Never-seen-before technique

No complex skills required

No product launching

No email list needed to get started

No website. No video. No SEO. No blogging.


The writer sometimes unsuccessful to provide well-detailed and clear details on things.


Here is the final section of the Snowball Traffic Review! I hope you get the information regarding the product, whether it is useful or not. So, if you are searching for the best traffic-boosting asset your business should have? Or are you confused about this course?

I recommended Snowball Traffic as it is well, just think carefully!

On the other hand, the marketing field is flooded with open traffic ways, how much of them are trustworthy? For that reason, this training case study is the ideal option since it may assist you to look out of both issues at the same time!

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