Seven Real Ways to Make Money Online


With everything moving online it has never been easier to start creating an online income as it is today. There are a lot of opportunity for those who are ready to take advantage of it.

Here are the seven real ways to make money online :

Provide a service online

Service provider with skills

If you have a useful skill, you can use the internet to get paid to use it. Businesses are moving online and so are their needs, and instead of hiring and training new employees, they can just hire someone who already has those skills. This can be pretty much anything from graphic design, photo editing, video editing animation, logo design, voice overs, marketing Facebook ads, social media management, content creation, funnel hacking, acting, interpreting, ghost-writing, book cover design, virtual assistant, and many more. If you have a skill that you think can be useful to others, you might be sitting on a money-making opportunity. Some get so good at their craft that this becomes their full-time income, and some even develop a full agency providing the service. Many starts providing services in places like upwork or Fiverr, so that might be a good way to start.

Affiliate marketing

woman selling affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products for a percentage of the sale. This is a great option especially for those who do not have a business, since the product is already made. All the marketer would have to do is sell the product and take home part of the sale. Most major companies have affiliate programs, if you go to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page, you might find a little option that says affiliates. You can be an affiliate in virtually every industry. For example, if you like electronics, you can become an affiliate for electronic companies, if you prefer makeup, you can sign up with makeup companies, if you like books, you can sell books online. You can sell just about anything in any industry. As an affiliate, another very good benefit of affiliate marketing is that there is no limit on how much you can earn, if you can sell a lot then you can make a lot. You can read here the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube channel example

The great thing about building a YouTube channel is that you can do it with things that you’re already interested in. If you like technology, you can talk about technology, if you love psychology you can talk about psychology, if you like traveling you can share your journey with others. There are many ways to make money from YouTube, the most common is Google Adsense which is the money the creator makes when the AD is placed before a video and you can actually combine this with affiliate marketing. Let’s say that you have a channel that reviews technology, so why not partner up with technology companies and add an extra source of income to your YouTube channel world. Here is an article on how to set up your YouTube channel if you still have none.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is something that many people have never heard of. As we all know, Amazon is a massive online company and many of their functions are run by algorithms and systems. But not everything can be done by an AI or algorithms, they need humans to complete certain tasks. This means that within the company of Amazon, There are many opportunities to earn money online. Although this will not make you a lot of money, typically these are simple tasks that take a few minutes to complete and pay just a couple bucks, but if you’re not doing anything why not earn a few bucks at the same time.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is something that started getting popular over the last few years for the simple fact that anyone can build a business online by using already made products. The basic idea of drop shipping is that you find suppliers that sell stuff at wholesale price. You set up a store selling that product at retail price and you make a profit per sale. When someone buys a product from your store, you send the order to the supplier and they ship the product to your customer. You don’t even need to touch the product, it’s all done online in many cases. You don’t need to buy the supply beforehand because when someone buys it from your store, you use their money to buy it from the supplier.

Teaching your expertise online

Let’s say that you are a great carpenter or can do incredible oil paintings, you can actually share your knowledge with other people online and make money doing it. There are many people online that are looking to build skills in different areas and over the last few years people prefer to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes, and if you have a skill that you’ve worked hard to build you might be able to help others who are not as good as you are, building an online course or creating an online workshop or training program can be a great way to profit from your passions.

Develop a high income skill

High income skills are different from any other regular skills. Most people already have skills but very few have high income skills. High income skills are abilities that you have that you can offer to the marketplace and can make you anywhere from a hundred and fifty up to a few thousand dollars per hour without needing a job. For example some people have skills in YouTube Development, they can offer this skill to other businesses in any industry and get paid three to five hundred dollars per hour for consulting in this area. The great part about high income skills is that it gives us total control. One example is that if you want to make an extra couple thousand of this a week, you can simply do more of it and if you want to take some time off, you can.

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