Is SeneGence a Scam? [Unbiased and Honest Review]

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Welcome to my review of Sengence!

You’ve probably heard SeneGence, the beauty MLM company which has been around for almost 20 years. SeneGence boasts of a product like lipstick which has incredible staying power.

Doing your research before investing in any business is very wise, and what you are doing right now is commendable, because it saves you a lot of heartache and loss of capital.

This article presents an unbiased review of SeneGence and the business opportunity associated with it.

So, are you interested in these kinds of business and thought that this will help you make extra cash through SeneGence’s business compensation plan, or is it just another BS scam? Continue reading to know more about it!

Review Summary

MLM Company Name: SeneGence International

Product Type: Cosmetics & Skincare MLM

Founder: Founded in 1999 by Joni Rogers-Kante

Most Suitable For: Those people who are into makeup and are good at sales of cosmetics products

Recommended as an income opportunity? – No

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What Is SeneGence?

SeneGence is an MLM corporation that sells cosmetics and skincare. Its flagship product is Lipsense, which is a line of lipstick that has strong adhesive qualities.

Its founder, Joni Rogers-Kante, was formerly a Mary Kay distributor and did pretty well as their beauty consultant. She even earned their signature pink Cadillac.

She then later founded SeneGence, emulating Mary Kay’s business model of direct sales.

Now, SeneGence is sold in over 12 countries by over 500,000 distributors.

The Founder and The Story of The Business

senegence founder

Senegence International was founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999. When she envisioned Senegence’s its products and its distributor compensation plan she started writing a business plan for what she believed to be the ideal company for women it included offering a solid career for independent distributors with a truly unlimited opportunity to share remarkable anti-aging skincare, and color cosmetics that work that stay on and are good for your skin.

She was committed to turning her vision into reality. Joni traveled across the United States and Europe looking for the perfect product and the highest quality cosmetic and personal care manufacturers.

It wasn’t until a fateful day that she walked into Yoram Fishman’s office handed him a copy of her completed business plan and he handed her a sample of his long-lasting lip color. They both smiled from ear to ear and shook hands because they both knew this journey was going to be an amazing triumph.

Over the years Senegence has established itself as a fast-growing direct sales company. Well-trained independent distributors who are taught the benefits of the Senna Derman sense cosmetics product lines have proven to be the perfect venue to in turn teach the masses.

A precious part of sentence history is its ties to the islands of Vanuatu and mount Yasur in the South Pacific. Scientists had discovered some amazing ingredients sourced from around the mount Yasur volcano area that were enhanced and more effective when mixed with other specific ingredients.

They experimented with the properties of the specimens and most sophisticated ingredients known in the science world trying to find that perfect combination of nature and science.

As a result of various mixtures and solutions, combinations were quantified, they became convinced that mountain Yasur the surrounding fauna and the coves of the South Pacific sea where the places they would find the perfect mixture for amazing sentences skincare products.

Joni and a team of scientists traveled together to the islands of Vanuatu and mount Yasur there they witnessed rare tribal rituals swam with the Manatee and trekked through dark forests to witness the splendor of the great tribal waterfall.

The highlight of the trip was collecting the ash from mount Yasur and shipping it back to the United States for product production. Upon return, the scientists eagerly finished their experiments and were astounded with the findings.

They knew they needed to verify the findings by an independent lab because no one would believe what these ingredients could do.

The complex that resulted has amazing effects, that helped make the skin more beautiful and is known today as sender skincare and long-lasting sense cosmetics with cineplex complex.

Joni and the team recently returned to the island, joined by her family for a new chapter in the sentence story. They visited Mount Yasur volcano once again to gather a new supply of the precious volcanic ash and to further study new ingredients for future product developments.

Joni along with her husband Ben and sons Alan and William immersed themselves in the exotic culture of the wonderful people of the island, still recovering from the devastation of a natural disaster to their precious land.

The Kante family promises to return and help this island nation rebuild so that its people can benefit by continuing to provide precious resources and remain a part of the uniqueness and effectiveness of sender products for generations to come.

Senederm skincare line and long-lasting sense cosmetics products have bridged the gap between anti-aging skincare and the use of color cosmetics in a truly distinctive way.

When used together these products deliver continuous 24-hour anti-aging properties while keeping skin looking it is most beautiful and benefiting from cineplex complex.

SeneGence Product Line

senegence product - lipsense

SeneGence distributes over 300 skincare and makeup products. Here’s a quick look at what they sell.

  • Skincare (cleansers, moisturizers, creams, etc)
  • Anti-Aging Products
  • Makeup (lip products, foundations, mascaras, etc)
  • Body (scrubs, cleansers, lotions, sunscreens, etc)
  • Perfume

Their flagship product is LipSense, this product comprises nearly 70℅ of their sales and as such, people call ​​SeneGene LipSense. Their biggest competitor is Sephora, which is also just as famous.

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Making Money From SeneGence

For you to become an affiliate for SeneGence International, you’ll need to buy a product from the company’s website. Once you’ve done this, you become an active distributor for the company. After you have sold a certain amount of products, that is; 300 personal volume, you then become a qualified distributor for SeneGence. This will lead to an increase in income.

The most notable way of earning income as a distributor is by selling their products.

This is done by buying the products from SeneGence at wholesale prices and reselling them to your customers at retail prices. So you make a profit from the difference between retail and wholesale prices. Some products offer greater products than others.

Like all MLM companies, you can earn money from your downlines by way of commissions, which can range from 5 to 30 perception of the product’s price. You can have as high as five downline levels. SeneGence also gives bonuses, depending on the number of downlines you have, and the number of downlines your downlines have.

Becoming an affiliate under SeneGence requires that you pay the monthly membership fee as well as the starter fee cost. The starter kit fee is $50 and it contains lots of useful things like a product catalog. Other packages comprise of the Glamour Demo Kit and the Lip Kit.

Here is a video of Sengene’s compensation plan:

What People Like about SeneGence

SeneGence has some good traits and features and his article will highlight them.

Good Products

SeneGence has products that are well known and have demand, especially among women. With this strong presence in the market, convincing others to buy will be relatively easy. SeneGence also has several products apart from LipSense that you can also sell. Due to the relatively positive reviews online, being a distributor for SeneGence will be easier than working for another company.

Age And Good Track Record

Another feature of SeneGence that people like is the fact that the company has been around for almost 20 years and during this time, they have been successful. When you compare this to other MLM companies that have folded up and died, you’ll see the importance of sticking with this company. SeneGence has been around for a long time and will be here for many more years as well.

A+ Rating with BBB

Senegence has been rated A+ by BBB for a very long time. This will please interested parties who value what the Better Business Bureau has to say about organizations.

What People Don’t Like about SeneGence

Just like everything in this world, SeneGence has some traits that others do not find attractive. This is all in spite of the good qualities.

Apart from the SeneGence scam that has been going around, these are the concerns that customers have expressed.

Expensive Products

When compared to other products on sale at the supermarket, the products sold by SeneGence are more expensive. This becomes a big turn off to people who you are trying to court to buy.

But this where your ability to convince potential clients comes to play. The positive traits of SeneGence won’t mean a thing to you if, you don’t earn money from them. So work on yourself and learn how to sell products that customers would not buy on a normal day

Monthly Quotas and Maintenance

The most frustrating feature of SeneGence is the fact that you have to pay the minimum monthly purchases and restocking fees. Without these, you won’t be able to receive residual commissions.

All these won’t bother you if you already have a steady stream of buyers, as you would have surplus money from sales to cover them.

It’s usually the new members that have issues with this policy, as they usually use their own money from their pockets to pay these fees.

How to join SeneGence

As was said before, when you want to join SeneGence for the first time, you will need to sign up on their site. After doing this, you will then buy the New Distribution Kit and pay for the membership application the total cost of this is about $55.

After doing this, you’ll have to pay for handling fees, taxes and other things that are involved in registration. The amount for this ranges from $65 – $70.

After acquiring the New Distribution Kit, you may want to buy additional packages like the SeneGence Distributor Packages. These will help you with your sales and thankfully, they come with discounts. Some of them are:

  • Fast Start Pack – $1,195 (worth about $3,500) Discount of 65%
  • Significant see seller Pack – $795 (worth about $1,830) Discount of 55%
  • Qualified Distributor Pack – $345 (worth about $830) Discount of 50%
  • Glamour Demo Pack $295 (worth about $1000)
  • Lips Pack USD 75 (worth about $200)

SeneGence is known to have a Distributor Product Replacement Program.

This helps to cover losses in case of the destruction of your stock. The replacement can be up to $5000 worth of products at retail value.

So, is SeneGence a Scam?

The answer is no. SeneGence is a legit MLM company, which offers a legit way of making money to its distributors.

Although the business is legit and everything, as

However, when you weigh the pros and cons of this MLM business, it doesn’t seem like the perfect business opportunity they make it out to be.


  • The products sold by SeneGence are mostly used as theatre makeup and so have a place in the market, so they will be easy to sell to the right people.
  • SeneGence flagship product LipSense is famous and will be familiar to women.


  • Senegence’s products are quite expensive, which may hamper sales.
  • Some of its products have been reported to have adverse side effects on the skin.
  • The cost of maintaining the business is high especially initial startup ( minimum monthly purchases and restocking fees )
  • Another con is that some products are not always available
  • The distributor support system has been described as terrible

As with all MLM companies, for you to be successful you need to put in your best as well as work on yourself. This is the same with SeneGence, sales can only be made when you go out there and convince people to buy. You need to come up with a plan and execute it. Passion also plays a role in this, which is why it is important to choose a product that you like. This will increase your power to convince, exponentially.

Hopefully, you gained a lot from this SeneGence review, thank you for reading and again, good luck.

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