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Welcome to Sendiio review. A product created by Joshua Zamora.  Sendiio is the Swiss Army of Autoresponders.

Sendiio Review  Overview

We all know that email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing channels. We also know that text messages get a 98% open rate within the first two minutes. And we also know that FB messenger gets a 100% inbox rate and is the biggest messaging platform online.

So why not combine all three of these wildly profitable marketing channels into one and generate sales on every platform
that your target customers are on. Well, Sendiio allows you to do just that. It allows you to easily profit from email marketing, text message marketing, AND FB messenger!

What is Sendiio?

Sendiio is the 1st and ONLY autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard – at a ONE-TIME price!

Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in ONE PLACE! They no longer have to wonder if email is best, text is best or facebook messenger is best.

The fact is: THEY ALL WORK and are ALL EXTREMELY Profitable! And they can now tap into ALL of them and maximize their profits!

Features of Sendiio

Your Customers Will Be Able To Create

Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns

Unlimited Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Unlimited Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns

And much much MORE (Even Twitter DM coming soon and will be a free bonus)

Advantages of Sendiio

Which is more profitable: Email – Text – FB Messenger? For FAR too long, that’s been the debate, right? Which strategy gets the most open rates? Which strategy gets the most clicks to your offers? Which one lets you reach your target audience the best? Which one is the most profitable?

Which platform gets you the BEST ROI? Should you be using email marketing? Text message marketing? or FB messenger marketing?

Want to know the REAL truth?

The REAL truth is that: THEY ALL WORK! They’re the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in the online world. Your customers are active on ALL 3 of the platforms.

Your customers are always checking their emails. They’re always checking their text messages. They’re always checking their Facebook inbox!

Heck, they can do ALL 3 from the comfort of their mobile device!

In fact:

– Email marketing has and will continue to CRUSH for as long as we can see.

– Text messages get a 98% open rate within the first 2 minutes

– and FB messenger gets 100% inboxing rate and is the BIGGEST messaging app out there.

SOOOO, why continue to use one and neglect the others?

Why not instead COMBINE ALL THREE and create more PROFIT than you ever thought POSSIBLE By Ensuring you’re reaching your customers on EVERY Platform that they’re on? Well, NOW you can! Well, now you can because a new autoresponder has just opened up that takes LIST MARKETING to a whole new level. The BEST autoresponder to date GUARANTEED (one-time fee)

Because this new autoresponder:

– allows you to import unlimited lists
– lets you create unlimited email marketing campaigns
– lets you create unlimited Text message marketing campaigns
– lets you create unlimited Facebook Messenger campaigns
– let you create unlimited opt-in forms
– lets you create unlimited follow-up sequences
– lets you create unlimited one-off mailing campaigns

And you can do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Import your lists and create your campaign
2. Send (or schedule) your campaign
3. Sit back and enjoy your profits

And right now, you can gain access to Sendiio for ZERO monthly fees.
You no longer have to log in to THREE different platforms to reach your target customers.

You can now login to just ONE dashboard and skyrocket your profits.

Sendiio Pricing

Front End > Sendiio Agency

Gives your customers full access to use the Email, Text and FB Messenger automation and list-building features. PLUS we’ve decided to throw in AGENCY access on the FE, so they can offer these 3 services to their clients as well. See our swipes for ideas on how to angle it.

OTO 1 > Sendiio Academy

In this training, I’m going to show your customers how to build their first 1,000 subscribers in the next 14 days or less. I’m going to share with them 10 different FREE traffic strategies that they can start using TODAY to generate as much traffic as they’d like and start building their list.

OTO 2 > Sendiio Elite

Allows your customers to bypass the SMTP set up process and send emails using our powerful SMTP servers of SEASONED IP Addresses. This will ensure they get HIGHER, FASTER, and more RELIABLE delivery right out of the gate.

Be able to charge their clients and run campaigns on their behalf

OTO 3 > Sendiio VA License

Give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads.

OTO 4 > Sendiio Booster

One of the most powerful things when it comes to List marketing is to send to you unopened. One of the unique things about Sendiio is the ability to send to your UNOPENS automatically when setting up your campaigns.

Is Sendiio a Scam?

Sendiio is not a scam, it is a legit software that combines email, Facebook marketing, and text marketing. It can help you in many ways as an affiliate.

Sendiio Review Conclusion

You either want to skyrocket your profit with email marketing, or you don’t. You either want to skyrocket your profit
with text message marketing, or you don’t. You either want to skyrocket your profit with FB Messenger marketing, or you don’t. You either want to get your hands on the BEST, FIRST and ONLY autoresponder to combine the power of email, text and FB messenger, or you don’t. You either want to pick up Sendiio at the best possible price, or you don’t. However, if you DO want to get your hands on the FIRST and ONLY UNLIMITED Autoresponder That Allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text and Facebook Messenger Under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY Fees – AT the best price You’ll ever see.


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