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Welcome to my review of Secret Online Goldmine!

I am sure you want to make some easy money at home. Nobody wants to get money through long and tiresome ways. With so many opportunities on the internet, it’s very easy to get coned. This means that you should pay close attention to any money-making opportunity you come across on the internet.

Secret Online Goldmine is one of those sites that claim to give you an online money making opportunity where you can earn up to $700 a day. Do you think that is true? Will it be easy to make such a huge amount of money in a single day? Will you be able to withdraw the money or you will just be dealing with frustrations and stress? Do you think the company can really help you achieve that? Are you suspecting that the site is just another online scam interested in getting your personal information?

Well, all the above questions will get answers in a while. Today, we are sharing all the information and details on this new online money-making opportunity. In this review, we will give you our humble opinion and review.

Before I start, I want to state categorically that all the information shared in this review is based on personal experience with the company and for this reason; it’s not aimed at tarnishing the name of a specific company, organization or society.

Many genuine money-making opportunities are found online. This is the reason why you should check and take some time to research about genuine ways of making money online. Today as we take a look at the Secret Online Goldmine, you should be contemplating whether you want a genuine way of making online money.

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Secret Online Goldmine Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Secret Online Goldmine


Owner: “April Collins” – Not sure if this is the real name of the owner

Recommended? No

Here is what we will cover inside the review

⦁ What is Secret Online Goldmine?

⦁ How does this online site work?

⦁ Why should you try Secret Online Goldmine?

⦁ Is the Secret Online Goldmine genuine or just another scam?

⦁ Useful takeaways

⦁ Final verdict

What is Secret Online Goldmine?

Recently, I received an email about this site. Upon realizing that I can earn up to $700 a day, I vowed I should try it at one point in time. So, when I was free and wanted to learn more about Secret Online Goldmine, I came across several reviews online and most of them claimed that the site is a good way of making money. So, I took the challenge.

The first expression you get immediately you join this website is that the video there doesn’t focus too much on explaining what the company is all about and what they do. Instead of introducing the visitors to the company and giving them an insight of what they do, the video repeatedly hypes up the potential opportunity of being able to make a whole load of money.

However, from the small bit of information I get, you may end up believing that all you will have to do is to join and after that tap into a pool of cash. I bet this is the main reason why the developer April Collins calls it an ‘’effortless profit system’’.

The developer claims that you will just have to sign up and follow some simple steps and eventually earn money which may total up to $787 per day. They go further to claim that you can be able to make such amount of money from day one.

The biggest problem is that you will have to hand over some of your cash first. This is where the scam begins. Besides the claim of April giving you a system that will initiate your riches, you will as well send some of your money into her account so she can help you make more. With that in mind, it’s easy to notice something fishy about the site and the developer.

The act of sending money so you can be helped to make more is not right. If this works and is genuine, why should she ask for money? Why do you think she needs your money to initiate your money-making system? The answer is simple; she wants your money and personal information.

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How does The Secret Online Goldmine work?

The site is just another get rich quick scam. The system promises the world quick money. One mistake she makes is to give the world big hopes and eventually requesting for money and later fails to deliver as promised.

If you are keen, you will notice that the creator of this site has tried her best to be tactical. The first thing is that she built this site around a legitimate line of affiliate marketing.

The website claims to offer some simple ways of making money. As a matter of fact, you only need to sign up and eventually send the money to get access to The Secret Online Goldmine premium site. After paying the money (which I wouldn’t recommend) you will realize that the site offers nothing else rather than some training on affiliate marketing.

Although this site is a scam and it’s built within a very legit method of making online money-affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean all affiliate marketers are scammers. The training provided by this website is also not in line with what exactly is affiliate marketing.

Is Secret Online Goldmine a scam or legit?

I said this from earlier; The Secret Online Goldmine is a big scam. For starters, the creator of this website seems to be extra keen to get you signed. The membership costs are also very high. As a matter of fact, you will be required to pay $47. The catch is when you try to exit the page and later come back. You will notice that the company gives you a $10 discount and hence you can join for $37.

Decline this offer and exit. If you log in after some time again, the site will offer you another discount and now you can join the site for just $17. It’s very easy to notice that this site is a total scam and the creator just wants your money and nothing else.

That’s the amount of money you are likely to pay to get nothing in return. The creator of this website wants to convince you that you can get some significant amount of money. Now what’s more surprising is why you need to pay for such a service. If she’s really into helping people to make money online, then she should be willing and ready to give you tasks to perform.

So, Secret Online Goldmine is a scam. How do I know? There are several back holes that reveal the scam behind this site. Together with the ones listed above, below are some additional reasons why am sure you will never make money with this website.

Fake testimonials

Another thing I noticed about this website is that they have different sales videos. This depends on how you got funneled onto their landing page. What this means is that the screenshot I provide here may be different from the one you get. Take a look at some of the testimonials on their website. You can look at this screenshot and it will be very easy to realize that the site is a total scam.

Secret online goldmine fake testimonials

The man claims that he started using this website and since then, he left his official job and it’s because he has enough money for his upkeep. If he has all the money on earth to quit his job and request early retirement, then why is he still freelancing on Fiverr. We followed closely to come reveal the full information. The same man you meet saying that he has all the money and wanted to quit, is freelancing on Fiverr.

These fake testimonials are also evident in the following websites that I already reviewed:

Fake owner

Do you think April Collins exists? If yes then you are wrong. The person that is revealed by the photo is not genuinely the owner of the product. The person pictured is not the real owner. As a matter of fact, if you searched online, you will notice that the real person photographed owns another website. Take a look at the screenshot below and compare the faces.

Secret online goldmine owner 1

The screenshots above shows clearly that there is something fishy about the owner. If the creator of the website cannot clearly reveal his/her face, then it shows there’s something they are hiding.

It is a get rich scheme that only works for the owner of the website

This website will only benefit the owner and not the end-users. Just be realistic on this. How on earth can you earn $787 in a single day?

Final verdict

Everything about this site is fake. Fake testimonials, fake owner and fake payment proofs. This tells you that the owner is targeting your money and personal information. For this reason and several others stated above, never join Secret Online Goldmine. Stay far away from this scam.

I absolutely discourage you from joining this website. I don’t recommend it or any other similar websites. If you want to make more money online, then take your time to research more about the website.

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