Secret Millionaire Bot Review : [Scam Or Legit $2,479 Per Day!]

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Welcome to my Secret Millionaire Bot Review!

Secret millionaire bot is a Clickbank product you might have seen in your inbox and just wondered is it worth the money or not.

Can you make $2,479 per day with this system? Or is a scam just like the majority of Clickbank Products.

Nowadays, there are a lot of scams in the internet marketing world and hopefully, this product is different. We will see in this honest review of this product is worth your hard-earned money.

I’m gonna give you a walkthrough here.

Secret Millionaire Bot Review

Product/Platform Name: Secret Millionaire Bot


Owner: “Charles Allen” Not sure if he is real

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended? No

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What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret millionaire bot is using bots to sell on Instagram.

The creator of this product is Charles Allen, the basic cost is $37 and then there’s a first upsell which is $ 147, that’s the millionaire bot Pro and it’s said that you’re gonna make 2 times the amount, twice as fast, and then there’s a down-sell to that upsell, and then there’s a second upsell for 147 dollars. That’s an auto profit replicator, this is kind of vague but it says that you’ll make a thousand times your earnings with free traffic, and then after you purchase the product and you go to download it there’s gonna be another upsell for 497 dollars and that’s gonna be done for you traffic, that’s kind of vague too as far as how they do that.

So that’ the cost of it. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the member’s area.

Members Area

Members Area Page 1

In the below image, it looks like when you get in there, there’s gonna be a welcome video that tells you that you can register for this VIP members workshop which is John Christani’s workshop and that, of course, there’s you can buy John’s course in there.

And then there is a free website, I’ve seen this from another Clickbank product. This is not free as you have to pay for hosting and I think it’ll turn out to be like 140 dollars there and then. It also shows their highest recommended product online, if you click on that it’s gonna take you to a bulletproof profit which is another Clickbank product that I have reviewed in this site as well.

Members Area Page 2

Then the training here is a lot of videos about Instagram so I’ll go through them here:

Video Training Inside Secret Millionaire Bot

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First, one is just telling you what is Instagram just an overview of just some general knowledge on Instagram and

What is Instagram Video

then another starting on the right foot just giving you some tips on how to sell on Instagram.

Module 2 Starting on the right foot

The third is building your Instagram brand and you can see these are pretty short, this one was like three minutes long module.

Module 3- Building Your Brand

Four are creating an Instagram business account.

Module 4- Creating an Instagram Business Account

Five were five ways to make money on Instagram.

Module 5- Ways to make money with instagram

Six, they’ve got a couple of them in here, becoming a dropshipper on Instagram.

Module 6- Becoming a dropshipper on instagram

Seven walks you through how to use the bots for Instagram, taking people to your lead capture page, taking them to your affiliate website and then earning a commission. That’s the affiliate marketing case-study who wants to have someone make money using bots on Instagram and then you can see that’s like 11 minutes long none of these are very long.

Module 7 - case study

Growing your following on Instagram is module 8 and growing your Instagram followers.

Module 8 - Growing Instagram Follower

and then I think this is just another video on the same topic this was a sponsored post.

Module 9 - Sponsored post

and I think they go into write they go into shout outs on Instagram which is a great way to build your brand in your audience and get targeted followers to your email list and then they have of course the done-for-you traffic and then all the upgrades down here and they do have a contact support button there that’s basically it’s a pretty short course but there’s a lot of videos in here to tell you exactly how to sell on Instagram using bots.


I would say the pros of the Secret Millionaire is that its low cost, money-back guarantee. I like the fact that there are training videos because some of these Clickbank products are just ebooks and I like to see videos and follow along. The other pro I think is that Instagram is a good way to make money, a lot of people make really good money with Instagram.


The cons I think that there were some unrealistic income claims as far as how much you can make in a certain amount of time because I think it’s unrealistic. There are paid actors in there, I didn’t have to go find them on Fiverr for either’s I’ve seen these actors in other Clickbank products. So you have to question, do these people make that money? Well, first of all, they didn’t because they’re actors but you know even if they’re talking for somebody that you have to question that you know they’re just trying to sell the product to you.

There is a learning curve to making money on Instagram so it’s not like you’re gonna make that money overnight and like they say in the sales video that you’ll make this kind of money in a short period. So those were the cons that I saw with this product Secret Millionaire Bot.

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Personal Thoughts Based on The Sales Video

  • The Lucky Few

Congratulations, you’ve finally done it your invitation has been accepted and you’re one of the lucky few to be allowed entry into a secret Club. An elite society of underground online entrepreneurs that earn consistent daily profits from the internet. I have no idea how you stumbled onto this page but your life is about to change forever. But before we go any further I’m going to reveal the hidden key that could potentially allow you to live a life of luxury after watching this short presentation.

-This is not true that you are one of the lucky few since this is a Clickbank Product. It is promoted by hundreds of affiliate that’s how you probably hear about this product.

  • The  Dream Life

Imagine a life of luxury that will allow you to live in exotic locations around the world. Drive fancy sports cars and have that dream mansion that you’ve always dreamed of. In the next few minutes, I’ll unveil exactly how you can be in a position to bank a solid online income using a push-button fully automated robot.

-Scam artist uses this kind of statement using psychology to influence our decision. They let you lure onto buying the product by showing the effect if you buy it. Of course, it is just possibly over-hyped.

  • The Promise

I know what you’re probably thinking and know this isn’t one of those sales videos about the latest eCommerce, Bitcoin, MLM, or internet marketing get-rich-quick scam that will make you a multi-millionaire overnight or some other such crap we both know those cringe-worthy videos are full of hype and nonsense and are only designed to do one thing, swindle you out of your hard-earned cash. This is not one of those videos, it doesn’t contain any BS, it does, however, contain the potential to change your life, and allow you to bring in a passive income from the internet. I’ll even put a cast-iron guarantee on this right now, if you don’t reach your income goals once you have access to the Secret Millionaire Bot, I’ll personally refund every cent of your money.

-The money-back-guarantee is the norm for Clickbank products, so nothing special about it. 

  • Solution To Your Financial Problems

Hi, my name is Charles Allen, and I’m the creator and founder of the Secret Millionaire Bot. In the next few minutes, I’m going to allow you to access my underground fully automated piece of software or bot that is allowing people to see incredible success online. If you’re looking to make money from the internet, then this might just be the most important video you ever watch. If you watch this short five-minute presentation until the end, I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve used the secret millionaire bot to make a hands-free income from the internet. Just imagine how easy your life could be if you do the same thing. You could be 100% stress-free without a care in the world, but more importantly, you could be free free from everything you’ve been trying to get away from. Free from all those crippling debts and loans, free from the mortgage, and rent payments you struggle to pay off each month. Free from all those costs of bringing up your kids and all the rest of the struggles that come with being an adult with no real assets or cash in the bank.

-The income claims of this product are very much unrealistic. Again, it uses human psychology to deceive us into purchasing the product. Somehow, they know our financial troubles and use that weakness to their benefit.

  • The Dream Life Part Two

The Secret Millionaire bot allows me to make money on autopilot. That’s right, this bot will give you the chance to make a decent income from the comfort of your own home. I sit back and let the money come in automatically while I’m at the restaurant, eating while I’m walking on the beach with my wife, and best of all while I’m asleep. If you can see this page, it means your private invitation has been accepted to use the Secret Millionaire bot, it means we believe you’re the perfect fit to use the secret millionaire bot to reap the kind of profits we’re currently enjoying.

-Here we go again, enjoying life while making money on autopilot. Although this is possible, making money online is not that easy especially if you are still new to the online marketing world.  

  • The Expert & The Secret is Out

Let me explain how the bot works, the secret millionaire bot has been created and refined by myself and a group of my friends who are digital marketers, programmers, and statisticians from several top firms around the world. We’ve been able to create a fully automated software system commonly called a robot that identifies the most lucrative money-making opportunities on the Internet. It then targets these and copies them into your account. In this way, all of the hard work is done for you, just follow some simple instructions that you’ll find inside the members’ area and you’ll be able to replicate our success. The secret millionaire bot is the first software of its kind that offers you the potential to make these kinds of life-altering profits. Outrageous claims you may think right, but as you’ll see, they’re both outrageous and completely true as you can imagine this is a huge deal in the online world and has the potential to turn the market upside down which is exactly why me and my circle of insider friends are keeping the secret tightly locked down, and so far we’ve done this very successfully. Since we created the secret millionaire bot two years ago, not a single soul outside our syndicate has heard of this. Not even a single wife or girlfriend, that’s how tightly guarded this secret has been. But now, after close consultation with my partners, we’ve decided to make some changes, to be honest, we’ve all already made huge amounts of money over the last couple of years. As you can imagine with this kind of software, it’s just too easy. We leave the Secret Millionaire bot running 24/7 and money just pours in around the clock. I have had to open three new bank accounts just to spread the profits around.

Waking up in the morning and seeing the profits I’ve made overnight doesn’t even excite me anymore. So, we decided that as we’ve had our fill, it’s time we started sharing this life-changing system with the rest of the world. After all, it’s a great feeling to make money online but it’s an even better feeling to help.

Joe who works in the local supermarket makes money. Unless you have absolutely no interest at all in financial freedom and living the good life. I’m sure, I have your attention now, so the next thing you must be asking yourself is how can I get access to the Secret Millionaire bot. Well, that part is almost as amazing as the bot itself all you have to do is fill in your name and email in the box you see on this page and pay a tiny one-time fee to access the software. Yes that’s correct, nothing more and nothing less by simply filling in your details in the box on this page and paying the small one-time activation fee you’ll gain full lifetime access to the secret millionaire bot so what are you waiting for don’t waste this opportunity can you really live with yourself for squandering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this if you’re like most people who are struggling to make ends meet it’s because you don’t take action don’t let this be another occasion where you missed the boat take action now and seize your chance you’re one of the lucky few to have been given this invitation to use the secret millionaire bot if you’re ready to join us and feel the thrill of earning money online then fill in your details in the form on this page and I’ll see you inside the members area don’t miss out on this opportunity just click the button you see on this page and you could be on your way to making money by the end of the day we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity this is your time to show fill in your details and I’ll see you in the members area do it now you deserve this fill in your details now and I’ll see you inside the members area.


I think that it is a decent product for the price you can learn a lot about selling on Instagram. But will you make the kind of money that they say you’re gonna make in a sales video? I don’t think so, but again you have the potential to make that kind of money because I know some people make a good income on Instagram.

Thank you for reading my Secret Millionaire Bot Review. I hope you’ve learned a little from this review.

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