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Welcome to my review of Scanty Investment!

If you are one of those people who loves to invest online, you probably heard of Scanty Investment since its popularity was on the rise recently.

You want to know if this is really legitimate and will help you make an extra passive income. Investing online requires knowledge and research, and I applaud you for doing your part.

Researching first before joining or investing is one of the best ways to avoid being scammed. In this modern era of the internet, scams are created almost every hour. Many of which are pretending to be legitimate until you find out that it is not and it is already too late, you are already lured in that scam.

In this review, I will reveal the facts about this company whether it is legit or not.

Scanty Investment Review Summary

Company: Scanty Investment


Scam: Yes

Recommended? No!

MLM and investment business like this is a scam and I will reveal it all in this review. For MLM side, most people who join network marketing business will eventually lose money. According to FTC’s research, there is only around 1% of success rate. That 1 percent already include those who are earning a little only.

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What is Scanty Investment?

The website claims that Scanty is an investment company that focuses primarily on markets that are about to become lucrative and relevant across select economic sectors that are focused on advancement and investing in Energy resources, Precious Stones (such as diamonds, gold, etc), Agriculture, Real Estate, and Stock market that are regarded as the sectors of growth over the coming years as the population around the globe continue to grow exponentially. Their claims are extraordinary, but it is not really clear in their website what is really the aim of the company.

Scanty Investment’s Products

For an MLM or an Investment business to be legal, there has to be a tangible product or a useful service. In the case of Scanty Investment, there was none. Their website has no explanation on what their products are or services. This is a sign that this is in fact a ponzi scheme.

Compensation Plan of Scanty Investment

The Scanty Investment’s compensation plan is typical to that of an investment sites that are high yield, yet high risk as well. With the addition of MLM structure that is 5 levels deep seems to be very enticing for investors. The minimum is $500 investment, so this is quite expensive for some people.

Here is the breakdown of their investment package:

  • Regular Plan – invest the minimum of $500 and you will receive a 115% return in 7 days
  • Enhanced Package –This package ihas actually the same ROI percentage yet you have to invest a little higher, which is $700 and you will get back a 115% ROI in 7 days
  • Startup Package – This will require you $1000 to invest and receive the same ROI as the enhanced package which is 115% in 7 days
  • Medium Package –This will tkae a little longer to receive your initial investment, instead of 7 days, it is increased to 14. Invest initially at $2000 and receive a much higher ROI than the previous package which is 120%.
  • The Pro Package – If you invest amounting to $5000, you will receive a 120% ROI in 14 days
  • The Mid Pro – Should you invest $7000, you will get back 120% ROI in 14 days
  • Super Pro – invest $10,000 and receive a 120% ROI in 21 days
  • Mega Plan – invest $15,000 and receive a 122% ROI in 21 days
  • Super Mega Plan – The last but not the least package, the ultimate investment. Initial investment should be $20,000 and receive the highest percentage of return which is 125% ROI in 21 days

You should be careful and note that investment and the ROI within Scanty Investment business are only payable in crypto currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ethereum.

Red Flags That Make It A Scam

1. The owner

If you visit the about page of the website, they introduced the owner as Russell Baker but upon my research, the real name of this person is Alexander Oleg Zhirkov. They just use his name since this guy is well-known in binary trading. But I highly doubt if he is connected with Scanty, he does not even know he is there in the first place. Lol!

Scanty Investment Owner Russell Baker

2. Scanty investment claimed that they are registered under the US security and exchange commission (SEC). This is definitely a lie because it can not be found in the SEC’s database.

3. It is not accredited in the BBB, see screenshot from BBB website:

Scanty Investment BBB Rating

4. Payment Method

If you click on the payment method, there is no option available to chose from. This is just weird for investment sites like this.

5. The website URL is unsecured, and this is very dangerous if the transactions involves money.

Scanty Investment not secure website


Is Scanty Investment a Scam? Why I Don’t Recommend It

In this website, I have reviewed numerous MLM and investment scams already, so somehow I knew a thing or two regarding this schemes.

Scanty Investment is nothing new, this is very similar to the other scams like workmines, walletsync, and cloud token. This is not a very good business model since it has the mechanics of a pyramid scheme.

The ROI they are referring to, or your gains are coming from other members that invest. This cycle will go on until the business collapse entirely.

These kinds of businesses will not last since it can not sustain the growth once there are already a lot of people who invested.

Most likely, the majority of people will lose money and only a little may earn. But keep in mind that the money they earn are from other investors. This is almost similar to a blood-money. Though it may not be bloody but my point is that, it is not clean money.


Be very careful to where you should invest your hard-earned money. With Scanty Investment, you are most likely to lose money than to earn. There are already red flags that this is indeed a scam and you should stay away from this investment MLM style business.

To summarize why this investment a scam, here are the points below:

  • The company owner is fake as what I have stated above.
  • This is a Ponzi Scheme, which is illegal in most countries.
  • It will collapse in the near future.
  • It has no legitimate products or services

It is very difficult to comprehend how and where will they get the ROI that will be paid to you. It is not clear in their website, so it is safe to assume that the money will come from the other members that will invest. This what makes it a pyramid scheme, so your money will not be safe with it.

To better understand what a ponzi scheme is, you may watch this video:


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