Is Revital U a Scam? [An Honest MLM Review]

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Welcome to my review of Revital U!

Are you here for the business opportunity that Revital U provides, or you just want to know the effectiveness and health benefits of its products?

If you are here for the opportunity, this is an MLM company. This review will tackle both sides of the company, the business side and the product itself.

It is a good thing that before you invest in something or perhaps buy a certain product, you should have at least a search for both the advantage and disadvantages of it.

In your case, the fact that you are here, that means you’ve done your research and I commend you for that.

Is Revital U a company to trust? Is Revital u a scam or legit? These are the questions that most people have in mind. In this brief article, we are going to share the information based on our research and customer reviews.

With this company, there is a lot to talk about. We will share some information about the company including what it’s all about and the person that owns it. We will also offer information about what they offer, their compensation plan and whether the company is a scam or not.

By the end of this guide, you will have the full information that will inform your decision if you want to buy a Revital U coffee because you have probably had a lot of praises about the same. You may also be having some interest in joining the company.

This company was started in 2016, but it’s only recently that they have started getting attention in the market. Last year and this year, the company has stirred a lot of discussions in the networking circles. With the information you are likely to get on the internet about the company, I am very sure that you have some special interests in getting more information.

Before we dive in, I have to make it clear that I am not an affiliate or even a distributor for Revital U. I am also not a competitor which means I don’t have special interests in promoting their products or downsizing their operations.

I am just interested in gathering useful information about the company to determine whether they are reliable or just another scam in the market today. My ultimate goal is to give you information for you to decide on whether you can join Revital U or not.

Revital U Review Summary

Company: Revital U


Founder: Andrew McWilliam

Price : A $49.99 one-time membership payment + Autoship

Scam: No

Recommended? As a business opportunity, No!

Review Summary

Statistically, there is a slim chance of success in the MLM industry. According to FTC’s research, there is only around 1% of the success rate. That 1 percent already includes those who are earning a little only.

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What is Revital U?

This company claims to be a health and wellness MLM who operates by combining coffee with smart drugs. They also sell tablet versions of their products for non-coffee drinkers.

The company was founded by Andrew McWilliams the former president LuxuriLife and Momentis. Although I have stated the information about the owner of this company, there’s trivial information about the same. The company also doesn’t offer enough information about the headquarters and where the company is based.

The information about the owner is also complicating because their domain name was registered on July 15, 2016, by Pat Johnson. It was also registered in Texas in the United States.

To give you reliable information, I dived deeper and eventually came across Pat Johnson’s profile on LinkedIn. In the profile, he credits himself of being the president of this company.

In the same LinkedIn search, I came across another man that also claims to be the CEO for Revital U. His Twitter profile is also very clear, though his name is nowhere to be found on the websites. Nevertheless, you are going to find that most reviews in the market claim that McWilliams is the Founder and the CEO of this company. With such complicating information, it’s easy to notice that there’s something not adding up.

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What products does Revital U sell?

This company is marketing coffee and Smart Caps. They claim that their coffee is designed to energize you from within. They continue to describe that with just a single scoop a day, you will start feeling physically alert. With that, they claim that you can as well experience better mental focus and also manage your weight the right way.

On the other side, they claim that the Smart Caps support your daily routine by activating the best version of U. You just need one capsule a day and you begin to experience an uplifted mood and increased mental and physical energy.

With such claims, you cannot help but wonder whether these claims are true. You may also be wondering whether their products are good for human consumption.

The Revital U coffee is combined with brain-boosting nootropics and extra stimulants. The company claims that these will help you in terms of mental clarity and also reduce hunger especially when you want to manage your blood sugar or weight.

revital u smart coffee in a bottle

Smart Caps are offered in tablet form and are finalized by adding L-Theanine which will help in mental focus and working memory and at the same time reduces Caffeine Jitters especially when it is combined with coffee. They claim to also add Chromium Picolinate which reduces hunger and assists with weight loss.

revital u smart caps

Aside from these products, they also launch a relatively new product which is the “sleep CBD”.

Benefits of Sweet Dreams CBD

revital u sweet dreams cbd

According to Anjana Srivastava, the president, and chief science officer of Revital U. Sweet Dreams CBD is powered by the benefits of full-spectrum CBD. It is a carefully crafted combination of time tested and scientifically validated ingredients that help calm down your body and your mind to help you fall asleep naturally, to get the much-needed rest that revitalizes you for the day that lies ahead.

The benefits of sleep go well beyond just feeling rested or being able to operate at full efficiency, being able to focus. Science shows that ongoing lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can impact your heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, or even cause depression. But getting a good night’s sleep can lead to better emotional health, help you heal by strengthening your immune system, help the brain detoxify, and can even help manage to wait. Their CBD is a full spectrum hemp extract, with all the naturally occurring beneficial phytocannabinoids but also includes terpenes, fatty acids, without the psychoactive elements that get you high.


These products are valued wisely to convince people to shop and join the company. The Rental Y coffee is set at $49.99 for a supply of 30 days in tab form and $54.99 if you at once need a box of 30 single-serve packets. The smart caps also cost $49.99 for the same 30 days’ supply. They also offer you an opportunity to save some money on the same.

Revital U Compensation Plan

They claim to offer a chance for you to join Revital U as an affiliate and start earning money through retail sales and residual rates through Unilevel systems. Though, the commission rates you earn vary drastically depending on how many retail sales you complete every month.

A good example is when you start for a retail rate for 2-9 customers every month. You get a commission of up to 25% when you get 25 or more sales. The residual commission is the extra money that you will earn when other affiliates you recruit start making money.

Here is a breakdown of its compensation plan:

  1. Brand influencer – You can easily have this just from signing up to Revital U.
  2. Qualified Brand Sponsor/Influencer – You must recruit 2 customers and should be active + $99 of points volume per month
  3. Executive Brand Sponsor/Influencer – Refer 4 active customers and of course the 2 qualified brand influencers are included + $198 points volume per month.
  4. Senior Brand Sponsor/Influencer – At least 10 customers that are acting as an affiliate and 3 executive brand sponsor + $399 points volume per month.
  5. Regional Brand Sponsor/Influencer – Should have at least 10 active customers plus1,000 total group retail customers + $399 points volume per month
  6. National Brand Sponsor/Influencer – Attain 10 customers or more that are active plus 2 executive brand sponsors which may be referred directly or indirectly + 5,000 active group consumer + $399 points volume per month.
  7. Global Brand Sponsor/Influencer – Secure at least 10 active clients or customers and an additional 4 direct or indirectly referred Regional Brand Sponsors in 4 dissimilar legs + 15,000 active customers + $399 points volume per month.
  8. Platinum Brand Sponsor/Influencer – You must reach 10 customers that should be active + 6 Brand Sponsors that came from any rank plus 50,000 active customers + $399 points volume per month.

Revital U Retail Commissions

These are the commissions or earnings you make and this will be computed based on how many buyers or customers you have. These customers are not necessarily act as an affiliate or influencer, below is the computation based on the numbers of customers you have.

  • 2 to 9 customers = You will earn 5% of the total purchase of these customers.
  • 10-14 customers = You will earn a commission of 10% of the total purchase of these customers.
  • 15-24 customers = 15% commissions from the purchase of your customers will be awarded to you.
  • 25 or more clients = This is good, you can receive 25% of commissions from the purchases of the clients.

What I like about Revital U is that you have a likelihood to earn some commissions from sales of the products and not just from other referrals or recruits, so this eliminates the pyramid scheme aspect of the company.

As long as there are people who are interested in the product even when they are not interested to become an affiliate, this is still a viable business.

Are there any membership fees?

If you want to Join Revital U, you will need to pay a membership fee of $49.99. I feel like this is a lot of money, especially for such a company. Joining Revital U should be free.

What is their return policy?

The company claims that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you get, then you can contact their customer care for returns. You can contact them via the email address or phone but it must be within the 30 days limit.

You will also have to return the remainder of the product whether used or unused to the mailing address that you were given. To do so, you have to include your name, your telephone, and your customer or influencer ID. The good thing is that the shipping doesn’t include the shipping charges which means you shouldn’t count it as a loss.

The whole process of shipping and returning your item will take 3-5 days for the money to show back in your balance.

Pros of Revital U

  • The products are real
  • The company offers retail commissions
  • ‘They offer you free samples
  • They also feature a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The company has operated for almost 3 years now
  • You can make money with them
  • The company has influenced a good reputation this year.

Cons of Revital U

  • You will have to pay some money to join them
  • They require recruiting to make you money
  • I believe they could use more products.

What I liked about the company

There are many MLM companies in the market today and very few of them survive for a year or two. Many coffee based companies don’t deliver anything. In this case, I liked the fact that the company was very open and transparent. They also offer you a chance to skip a month in case you feel like you are getting overwhelmed with products.

The other thing is the fact that they give you a chance to taste their products before you proceed. The company understands that its products are not for everyone and hence should pay closer attention to what the customer likes and dislikes about their products before making the subscription.

Is Revital U a scam or a legitimate business?

The reality of the matter is that there are many scams in the market today. What this means is that there are chances that Revital U is a scam too. Now you might be wondering whether this company is a scam or not.

Revital U is not a scam, but you need to master marketing and lead generations if you want to start working with Revital U. This is the only way you can benefit from this from a business perspective.

Final verdict

Do you consider joining Revital U? If yes, then you can make some money with them, but I as have stated above, there is a really small percentage of people that have success with MLM. The company is not a scam but the coffee and caffeine pills have some demographics of potential customers. Additionally, their compensation plan does a good job of placing a heavy focus on retail sales. This is actually what encourages you to become an active member of this company.

Although you can make money with the company, finding potential buyers is going to be the biggest challenge. Though, If you manage to do that the company has a lot of tools in place that can help you generate a solid stream of income with a big focus on retail sales. Thank you for reading my revital U review!

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