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Welcome to my Referral Pay Review!

Are you planning on signing up with this website? Or are you already promoting it? Either way, you have to stay away from referral  There is no way you will make a single penny with this scam site.

These claims such as making $500 on your first day and how easy it is to earn is just another BS from these scammers.

Scam artists are very good at manipulating our emotions and our weakness. Believing in easy money is one of our greatest weaknesses, it is human nature and these scammers capitalize on this weakness.

In this in-depth review of referral pay, I will enlighten you on why you should stay away from this. We will expose the clever tactics of these scammers that they are also using in scam websites like,,, and

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Referral Pay Review

Product/Platform Name: Referral Pay

Website : referral

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What is Referral Pay?

Referral pay is an online platform that claims to help people make a decent amount of money online without any hustles. The site also claims that they can make up to $500 and an additional $25 welcome bonus. I bet this is the reason why most of the people have turned to it for money-making.

This opportunity to make money will be successful when a person clicks on your unique referral link. If they do, you can end up getting $2-$5 per head. You also make $10-$15 for every person that joins referral pay as a result.

How does Referral Pay work?

To understand why this is a scam, let’s see how this site works. You need an account to start earning as they claim. What this means is that you will need to create an account with all your personal information. After the account is successfully created, you will get $25 in your balance as a bonus. Don’t you think $25 is too big for a free website? Now you have an account and you want to make money here. There are three available ways of making money with referral pay which are:

⦁ Referrals-upon creating the account and you are ready to begin making money, you are supposed to request for your referral link which you can use to refer your friends with. It’s the first thing you will see in the member’s area.

Now you should use this referral link to invite people to the site. If anybody clicks the link, you earn $2 but if they join the site, you will earn an additional $10 which means you earn a total of $12 when someone clicks and joins.

This doesn’t mean your referrals have to take any action, if they join and take no action, you get $10 and if they click and do nothing, you still get $2.

⦁ $30 Task wall – At this point, you also get some rewards from 3rd party companies. If you download apps or even participate in draws and getting coupons, you get something. You just have to accept any of the tasks and you will get something.

One issue is not comfortable with is that you will be needed to provide your phone number. They will now send you SMS and you will have to incur the costs. Nobody knows whether these companies are legit and for this reason, I wouldn’t give them my number. This doesn’t sound like a good idea.

⦁ YouTube submission-You will earn $50 if you create a video with instructions from referral pay and upload it to YouTube.


With all the above money-making opportunities, you can expect that you will be paid. They also allow you to add a payment method that you want to receive your money with.

With this, you can easily be convinced that you will be paid. The reason why I don’t believe you will be paid is because they have some conditions to receive your payments. To withdraw your money, you will have to get 20 clicks, 5 referrals and at least undertake 4 tasks. With the conditions, don’t expect to be paid because the above conditions are very hard to meet.

That is a very easy way of making some decent money in a day without leaving your house or investing a lot of your time and money. In my humble opinion, this sounds so good to be true. What is trying to mean is that I can predict with near certainty that you will end up getting nothing.

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You will never see any money accumulate on your Referral Pay Membership

Here are my reasons:

Let’s start here; do you think Referral Pay has any intentions of paying you? If yes, then you are wrong. There are several reasons why I know they have no plans of sending your money. First and foremost, a bunch of scammers that just want your personal information has set up this website. The scammers have included a sign-up page where you input all the personal data that they later steal for other purposes.

Why do you think they need your information?

With so many competitions online, it’s very easy to deduce that some companies need your personal information. Referral Pay sells your information to these people for profit. Several groups need your personal information.
⦁ Spammers that will send you junk mails
⦁ Potential criminals that want to steal from you.
⦁ Reviewers that want to plant fake reviews and likes on their websites.

If you take some time to check on the reviews, you will realize that many people are complaining about hack attempts on their accounts.

No owners, no testimonials

How do you want to trust a company that has no known owner? How do you want to trust them if there’s no one to testify they made it through the site? In my humble opinion, if a site has no information about the owners or even has no known testimonial or even reviews, then that’s a copy of scam sites. If you check on the website, it also doesn’t have About us page. The information provided on other sections of the site is not complete (from the time of writing).

No real information on their website

Take some time and check their website, you will realize that no information is real. If it’s real and the owners are operating regally, then why are they concealing their identity? That becomes suspicious, right?

Fake statistics and contact us

Referral Pay Contact page

The company also claims that it has been online since 2015. This is not true, as a matter of fact; they have just entered the market recently. They have also included a contact Us category that doesn’t feature a real email. I have seen many people that tried to contact the company for issues and no real help was offered. Try sending them an email with your issue and no one will reply.

They don’t even verify personal information

When you are creating an account, it’s very obvious for the site to send you a link to your mail for confirmation or even ask you to input a code sent on your phone. At the point of writing this review, there was no better way of doing this. I created my account with an email address that doesn’t exist and they never noticed. This is a sign of a company that is never serious about the security or even the authenticity of your information.

They have no proof

The website also has some information that is supposed to be put on testimonials. They say that people have been making thousands of money online but the company cannot present a real proof.

Do you think their calculator makes any sense?

Referral Pay Calculator

If you are a very cautious person, then you should have already noticed that the matches on their calculator doesn’t add up. How on earth can you make $230 with 1000 follows if you make $2-$5 per click? If they want us to believe, then at least let them explain how that works.

A bunch of fake reviews and no payment proof

Referral Pay Review fake payment proof

I’m very cautious and hence didn’t believe the information and the screenshots provided in the site as proof of payments. I know how Photoshop can make it look real. I bet a real user review screenshot should contain the actual Referral Pay Dashboard balance.

You may be convinced to join this scam but let me tell you one thing; you can never withdraw the money. Just forget about making money and getting those figures on your bank account.

If this site is very honest with their deeds, then they shouldn’t be all focused on getting personal information. They should just focus on making money through CPA deals that they have with different merchants when you complete any of the tasks provided.


With all the information given above, how do you expect Referral Pay to be a real money-making opportunity? This is a total scam that you shouldn’t try. We have seen many scams in the market and this is just another copy. So please try something else. The fact that Referral pay is a scam doesn’t mean there are no legit ways to make money online. All you should do is to be very careful with any opportunity you see online.

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