Quick Home Websites Review – An Obvious Scam?

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Welcome to my Quick Home Websites Review!

Are you searching for some information about this product? Maybe you found out about this system from an email that was sent to you by someone who is promoting the product or maybe a friend told you about it.

Regardless of how you found out about this, it is a good thing that you have done your research to know more about this system.

In this honest review, I will walk you through about Quick Home Websites so that you will know more about it.

I have done several product reviews here in this website, and my experience will help you in identifying Scam and good products.

Is Quick Home Websites legit? Is it really possible to make thousands of dollars as what the sales video claims? Or is this another garbage product?

This is an insightful review of this system, but before I proceed, you may want to look into my No. 1 recommended training platform that taught me everything I know about making a living online.

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Quick Home Websites Review

Product/Platform Name: Quick Home Websites

Website : quickhomewebsites.com

Owner: “jake” Only spokesperson

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended? No

What is Quick Home Websites?

When I first saw the sales page, I thought I’ve seen it already. But it is in fact a new launched, but this is very similar to the other sites like Copy My Website and Your Dream Website.

I have a feeling that the owner of these websites is the same person. They just change the name to make it appear new. This site or system is most likely a scam.

If you already watched the sales video you will see that you are told that you will be given a clone website that will possibly earn you $1,000 a day.

Generally, the sales video does not really make sense at all, and it was only made to convince you to buy the product.

I have reviewed a lot of products that are scams, and this is probably the most ridiculous sales video that I have ever seen.

Reasons Why I Consider Quick Home Websites a Scam

Below is the sales video and I also included the “script and comment” section under the video.

  • The Owner’s Ridiculous Claim

Hey Jake here, and I just created you an online business then, I’m gonna put into action right here right now.

I’ve shared on your screen your brand new money-making account, and now I’m gonna turn your system on by clicking my mouse a few times and okay it’s ready to go, and believe it or not, it’s as easy as that for me to start making you money.

This new account is on and running while you watch this video. Yep, you heard that right, I’m gonna show you live proof of making you money, so make sure your volume is turned up, and close everything you are doing.

Pay attention for the next seven minutes, and I’ll reveal how much money you’ve made towards the end of this video.

– The owner “Jake” claims that he just created an account for you, but wait this isn’t live right? This is a recorded video, how could that be possible?

  • Fake Testimonials

Listen to what some of my other partners have made after signing up.

I’m literally sitting on the hammock at the beach I made twenty seven hundred dollars today.

I just got a check just under $4,000, $7,000 days last month we made seventy thousand dollars, it may seem too good to be true but this is real.

Fake Testimonial 1

Fake Testimonial 2

Fake Testimonial 3

-You can possibly find these actors in sites like Fiverr and hire them for $5 to make a testimonial. They are doing this because there is no one who is earning from this system.

  • Fake Scarcity – Doors Will be Closed

Keep listening, and remember, your account is already making you money as you watch this video.

I’ll check on your account in about five more minutes, my doors won’t be open forever so time is definitely of the essence. My doors will be closing tonight, so don’t miss your chance to use my websites, and start making $1,000 a day.

You’re one of the few to receive an invite, you’re very lucky to be here, so don’t lose this opportunity as others are begging to receive an invite to use my websites.

They’ve heard about the huge success my partners are having, so if you do decide to leave, the next person in line will get full access to the account that is already making money that I set up earlier in this video.

-This is a lie, the website will be available until the owner is still earning from it. 

  • 10 Million in 4 Years

I wanted to invite you first because I know you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, and have failed, and failed, but this isn’t your fault, the truth is the internet is full of scam artists, they promised you millions of dollars overnight, and hide all the real ways to make money online.

This is why you haven’t made any money yet you need out of the circle of lies, and guided in the right direction. Check out what I’ve been able to produce in just four short years.

My websites have generated me a fortune, here’s one of my bank accounts with just over seven million dollars in it.

Wow, right here’s another bank account with just over three million dollars in it, and here’s my PayPal account with just over seventy five thousand dollars sitting in it.

My websites have made me over ten million dollars in my four short years of internet sales, pretty incredible right, but how’s this help you?

I’m allowing you today to copy the exact websites that made me my fortune. I’ve already set up your account earlier in this video using the same websites that I use right now to continue to make millions of dollars a year.

-Perhaps this is true, he is making money by scamming people. 

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  • Zero Technical Skills

I let a few people join earlier this week, and I was already able to pay them this. I just sent this payment to Jay yesterday who has only had my websites for three days, his first payment I was able to PayPal him $500 directly and Lynn’s account was set up just yesterday, she has already received a payment of 618 dollars in less than 24 hours, Lynn was worried that her websites wouldn’t work because she only had a cellphone, and no computer.

I had to assure Lynn that all she had to do was sign up, I would set up her account, and set up her websites over for her.

I reminded her that I take care of all the work for my partners. All I asked of her was to check on her phone since she didn’t have a computer to make sure the money was coming in.

I do all of the work for my partners like you because I know that the technical work involved to make money online is just too much of a headache and time-consuming for most people.

But my websites are already making you money right now. I just need you to create your account below and I’ll take care of the rest. Jay and Lynn both have zero computer skills and they both have never made money online, but I set up my websites directly over to you and my websites do the rest of the work.

I just need you to check your stats a few times a week to make sure the money is coming into your accounts. I can’t share with you how it works in this public video, but when you set up your websites, it oddly helps me make more money, so this is a real win-win for both of us.

-They make it sound like it is that easy to make money online. The truth is that it is not. You must have the correct knowledge and gain the skills needed as you go along in your online journey.

  • Fake Scarcity Part Two

I know this isn’t a million dollars overnight like you’ve been told before, but anyone who promises you that much is flat-out lying. A thousand dollars a day from the internet is very easy and realistic number with the right system.

I need to put 15 more people on my websites to start making thousand dollars a day. If this video is still playing, then you’re in luck, as a matter of fact, while making this presentation, I just sent a check out to Felipe who joined yesterday. A cool six hundred and fifty to ninety nine dollars in less than 24 hours.

-Again, the 15 more people is a lie just like the doors will be closed.

  • Earning Live

Oh yeah speaking of paying my partner’s, let’s take a look now at how much money your account has already made you. I’m going to log back into your account and Wow 135 dollars in just the five or six short minutes of watching this video.

This is live proof of just how powerful my websites are, and once you sign up below, and are on the inside this account will be handed right over to you because this new account is for the next person to sign up.

My websites generate typically a thousand dollars a day for new partners like you. You just saw live proof, within six minutes your new account brought in a hundred and thirty five dollars.

-Wow, is the video live? Lol! This is how amazing scammers are, they can manipulate by just watching and listening to their videos.

  • Your Life After You Join Quick Home Websites

Imagine what a thousand dollars a day could do for you. You could quit your job, take that desperately needed vacation, enjoy one hundred-percent stress-free financial freedom, literally do whatever your heart pleases for yourself, family, and friends.

So now that you’ve seen the success, you’ve heard from some of my partners, it’s time for me to really decide who can partner with me.

I’m not looking to partner with anyone that has their doubts. I can’t just let anybody in without a small commitment because it wouldn’t be fair to those who were required to in the past.

Can I ask you a one-time partnership fee of just thirty seven dollars?  I’ll never ask you for another dime, if I gave this out for free, can you imagine the headache I would have? Can you imagine the type of partners I would have to deal with?

If I just let anybody walk right in this one time fee, lets me know who is serious, and who is not.

I don’t want to let anyone in who isn’t serious about making money, I want to partner with people like you who are ready to make real money.

-The life we want is exactly what they are saying. They want you to imagine how your life would become after you join the system. This technique is very common to products that are scam. I have reviewed some of it, like these below:

Quick Home Websites Expenses

Remember, I do all of the web design, PPC advertising, list building, HTML CSS, merchant processing funnels, internet marketing, and everything else that makes you money.

These expenses cost me over $100,000 a month, remember I do all the work for you. I just need you to check your phone or computer to make sure the money is coming in.

I promise, if you don’t make 25 times your partnership fee, you have an ironclad 60 day money back guarantee. Heck if you somehow aren’t happy with all the money, I make you just shoot me a message any time and I will fully reimburse you.

I’ll even let you keep the websites and 135 dollars it’s already in your account. I’m so confident because you’re already making money right now.

-These are all lies, this does not cost that much. Nowadays, making a website is already affordable.

  • Fake Testimonials Part Two

Dear Jake this is the wildest thing to ever happen to me, I’ve been failing for years now, trying to make money online.

I almost gave up, but I received an invite from you two weeks ago and I was very hesitant because I’ve spent over six hundred dollars without making any money.

I paid the thirty seven dollars and thought I was throwing more money out the window, but I was immediately handed my new account that had already been making me money before signing up.

It’s been two weeks now, and here are a few screenshots attached of my account, I have one just over eight thousand dollars and the other is five thousand four hundred dollars, that’s over thirteen thousand dollars in two weeks.

Just by letting you copy your websites over to my accounts, the money has been hitting my bank accounts daily, and I’m finally able to start living my life financially free.

I can’t thank you enough and by signing up I truly am one of the luckiest people alive right now.

Within just two weeks of signing up, Jordan made over thirteen thousand dollars. He believed that this was the answer he’d been searching for, and he made the best decision of his life by signing up.

  • The Support

As an additional bonus, I’ll have a direct number for you to call as soon as you sign up. Give us a call whenever it’s convenient for you to turbocharge your profits.

This is a priceless value, but I want to absolutely make sure your new account skyrockets today and makes you your $1,000.

Speaking of your new account, let’s take another look, I’m logging here again and Wow just like that within a few min, your one-time membership fee has already paid for itself.

That’s another forty dollars within two minutes, if you do the math you’ve already profited well over $100 after paying your membership fee.

If the video is still playing, there’s at least one spot left, grab it before somebody else does and steals your new account that’s already made you over a hundred and seventy five dollars while watching this video.

  • Call To Action- Decide Now

Quick Home Websites Scarcity

Sign up now so we can turn this 175 dollars into a thousand dollars in the next 24 hours. Don’t bookmark this page, and expect it to still be here tomorrow, because I’m closing my doors tonight.

The next person to watch this video is going to steal your account, and keep all of the profits for themselves don’t make the mistake of putting this off any longer.

Sign up now and gain access to your new account that is already making you money a $37 fee for an account that’s already generated a hundred and seventy five dollars is an absolute no-brainer.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside and make a ton of money together long term together hurry up and sign up before somebody steals your live money-making account.

-The website will be available tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next month, and maybe next year. 


Quick Home Website is most likely a scam which is very similar to other scams. Making $10,000 with this system is impossible.

Too many lies and deception which makes it a scam. Good quality products don’t need this kinds of deception.

The owner is not real and not a millionaire as he claimed in the sales video. He will make money if someone buy his product which has a very low quality and almost no value.

You don’t have to waste your hard earned money for this product that will only make the creator of the product rich. This is designed to make him money, not you.

I do not recommend this product, but the decision is yours.

Thank you for reading my Quick Home Websites Review. I do hope that you have gain a certain knowledge and help you in decideng whether to buy this or not. Once again, thank you.

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