QuiAri Review [Is It a Scam or Legit?]

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Welcome to my review of QuiAri!

Has all the hype about QuiAri attracted your attention? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already approached you with the intention of pitching you into QuiAri. It’s an opportunity that is everywhere on the internet.

Well, if you are reading this review right now it’s probably because you want to know more about this new opportunity. That’s why I am here, to give you all the right information that you are looking for here.

There is nothing wrong with considering the many opportunities that come knocking on your door. However, you have to be sure that you are making the right decision and not falling into a trap.

There are so many MLMs in the industry at this moment. A number of them have not been promising with a majority of new members losing their investments. So what makes QuiAri any different?

An affiliate will have a great answer to this question but I have also come with the facts. Keep in mind; I am not here to promote this company in any way. I am also not against network marketing. I just want to ensure people know what they are getting into. With that in mind, let’s get started;

QuiAri Review Summary

Company: QuiAri

Website: https://www.quiari.com/


QuiAri is an MLM company in the health and wellness market. This review is mainly focused more on the business opportunity whether it is legitimate as what they claim or is it just a scam.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

A Much Better Opportunity:

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What is QuiAri?

QuiAri is another MLM opportunity in the industry based in the US. The company specializes in the health and wellness niche. Their products are mainly shakes and supplements which are added something they refer to as Maqui berry.

The company CEO is Bob Reina who is not new in network marketing. That name may even sound familiar to some of you. Bob Reina was originally the brain behind a company well-known as Talk Fusion. It was founded in 2007 and sold communication packages. This included video email marketing that focused solely on recruitment.

However, this company was short-lived and in 2015 there were lawsuits filed against it on the basis that they were running a pyramid scheme. It was found that there was little Talk Fusion was doing to help boost the retail sales and instead only focused on recruiting new associates. To cut the long story short, everything ended in a mess and the company ultimately collapsed.

But now it seems, Bob is back like he never left and has come with something new to offer. This time its real products in the ever-popular health and wellness niche. As per the WHOIS records, the company website was initially created on July 14, 2016, but was only updated on July 15, 2019. For this reason, it’s easy to say that QuiAri was recently launched.

What are the QuiAri Products?

What attracts people to MLM opportunities is the potential of the products. QuiAri has two types of products that they offer; these are their energy shakes and energy pills. To stand out from the competition, they have a special ingredient that they add in all their products. This is the Maqui berry which is a fruit sourced from the Patagonian region of Chile. The maqui berry is specially chosen because it contains 5 times more antioxidants than any of the superfruits. For this reason, it provides a plethora of health benefits.

Some benefits of maqui that they have stated include;

  • Supporting a strong immune system
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • A healthy inflammatory response
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy aging
  • A healthy skin
  • Stronger and healthier cardiovascular system
  • Eye health

These are the notable benefits that you are likely to reap from using products with the maqui berry added as an ingredient. I will briefly mention the QuiAri flagship products;

Quiari Shake

quiari shake - love at first sight

This is not your typical shake but it’s more of a health drink. It consists of probiotics, protein, superfoods, fiber, and 24 vital minerals and vitamins. There are also no added sugars, colors or preservatives hence it’s considered 100% natural. The shake is great for those people who want to lose some weight because it suppresses appetite. It’s a mystery whether this product will work for you or not. It retails at $80.

Quiari Energy

quiari energy- life energized

I do know this is the kind of product that will catch many people’s attention. We are involved in one thing or another. It could be a demanding job, family or even school. With so much happening around us, it’s easy to have lower energy levels. Furthermore, not all of us get the time to exercise.

Finding a good product that can help increase energy levels will be a plus. All you have to do is take 1 to 2 tablets every day. According to what they say, some benefits come with this product;

  • It activates thermogenesis so that you can burn fat
  • Can increase focus and clarity
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Boosts energy levels

This product retails at $45 and this is a 30-day supply. To increase its effectiveness, they recommend that you take this together with the QuiAri shake.

QuiAri 90 Day kick start challenge

This is not an actual product but a challenge in which you are required to take their shakes and energy products combined. They say that it’s the best way for you to shed off those extra pounds. At the end of the 90 days, you will not only look better but also feel better.

They have a starter pack. This one consists of the energy tablets and the shake retailing at $250. Aside from this, they offer the lifestyle pack that costs $500. It consists of 60 tablet bottles of the QuiAri energy and 28 serving bags of the QuiAri shake. This package saves you an amount of money.

All you have to do is utilize the full potential of the products. For instance, you have to take the shake in the morning and the evening switch to the energy pills.

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The compensation plan

So how do you stand to benefit from joining this company? This is probably something many people want to know. The QuiAri compensation plan is long and tedious so I will just take you through a few basic things and if you want to learn more then you can check out their website.

For starters, you can be the company’s promoter and get to earn some money. All you have to do is convince others to join the program and you will be rewarded with some free monthly products.

The residual commissions are paid through a binary compensation plan structure. This is filled either directly or indirectly by your team members. What they do is add up the sales volume for that particular week and pay 10% on the lesser leg.

They have a speed bonus in which you can up to $500 as a bonus. To qualify for this you have to make at least 1000 sale volumes within the first 14 days of joining the program.

The cost of joining QuiAri

The company has an annual fee of $25 for website costs. Also, to qualify as a promoter you have to purchase a $250 package or the $500 package.

What I like about QuiAri

I wouldn’t say that I am such a big fan of this company but there are a few things I liked about it.

Experienced CEO

Bob has vast experience in network marketing hence we can give him some credit that he may make the business a success. He has over 25 years of experience in this field.

Same day payments

This company offers same-day payments. You are given the money that you have earned on that particular day. It’s the first MLM Company to have come up with same day pay.

What I don’t like about QuiAri

Expensive products

Take for instance the maqui berry shake. It’s sold at 80 dollars while there are cheaper alternatives out there that will offer the same benefit. If you will be a promoter you have to purchase their packages which cost more than 100 dollars. This is a supply that will be quite difficult to sell and you may have a hard time getting your money back.

Low success rates

The fact is that about 80% of people who join MLMs don’t make any money at all. The few who are lucky enough to earn something end up making less than $700 annually.

The market is too crowded

The market is full of health and wellness products. There are all sorts of supplements for weight loss and a whole load of other products that help boost energy. This means that so many people have already identified the products that work for them and may not be willing to try something new.

Final verdict

At the end of it all, I can’t call out QuiAri as a scam because they have real products and their compensation plan is laid out. However, as I always say MLMs are not for everyone and this is usually the biggest problem. People join such opportunities thinking it’s going to be easy only to get disappointed later on.

If you are determined to join QuiAri, make sure you have a mentor by your side and a support system. These should be people who will help you achieve your goals. Otherwise, it will not be easy to succeed here.

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