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Welcome to my review of profit connect.

Chances are you have heard people talk about this profit connect company. Some say it is a legit company where you can earn; others argue it is not genuine. I know it can lead to confusion about whether that is right or wrong. If you are searching for answers to those questions, you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you all you need to know under this profit connect review article.

The main purpose of this article is to give an insight, honest review and not to advertise about profit connect anyway. I will be digging deeper to make you understand if profit connects legit or not. I will take you through who are the founders of the company, their products, compensation plan, and the cost to join the company. Besides, I will share with you other insights helpful to understand what the company wants you to know about them. Thus stay with me and read this article until the end.

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What is Profit Connect?

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The Profit Connect Company is an investment platform network marketing company. It is one of the several companies to enter into the MLM community, offering an ideal deal to those willing to join. The company offers several ideas to assist you in taking your dreams and business to another level.

The company has published an entire page detailing information about the company. Besides, they have listed in bullet the information they think is important, that is, the founders of the company. What they fail to do is give details about the founders.

You cannot get all information about the company on their website despite reviews saying from the two topics on the website you can acquire all information about the company. That is not true. The information on their website only details who owns the company and the kind of business they run, nothing else. However, I have researched to find more about the company had realized the Profit Connect Company CEO is Eddie Kona, and he is currently a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Who are the founders of Profit Connect Company?

As earlier mentioned, the company has listed the founders of the company. Here is the founder of profit connect company;


Eddie is the head of Profit Connect Company. He is experienced in finance and real estate. He has over 25 years’ experience in the two fields with his finance and real estate licenses in California and Nevada. Additionally, he is also experienced in other fields with his long-standing career with American Express, Smith Barney Shearson Lehman Hutton, and GE capital.  More so, Eddie has spent over 15 years working and mastering lead criteria, generation, and conversion.

Digging further about Eddie, I found he active on his Facebook page, including engagement with the company and other errands of his life. In 2018 Eddie was also promoting iMarkets under the Profit Connect brand. However, iMarkets got into trouble with the CFTC, which made people have a negative perception about profit connect. In 2019 he changed the perception after launching IM Mastery Academy 2019. Other founders of the company are;

  • Joy Kovar
  • Ron Colman
  • Mark Wildes
  • Carson Diamond Family Trust
  • Eric Garrison

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Profit Connect Products

If you want to invest with profit connect, it is better to prepare your wallet. They have five investment plans which require a huge amount to start the investment. The company refers to these investment plans as a Wealth builder, and you will get annual percentage rates (APR) as per the level of the investment you make. The company accepts payment via check, cash, and bank wire, and bitcoin. Here is a breakdown of profit connect company;

Level 1

The first level is referred to as a Wealth Builder. The company does not disclose the amount you need to invest but relieve you will get you 15% APR.

Level 2

The send level is referred to as Wealth-Builder Youth; you require $500 to $30,000 to invest, and the company will give you a 20% APR.

Level 3

The 3rd level is Wealth Builder Unlimited and requires you to invest from $1000 to $1,000,000. In return, the company will give you a 20% APR.

Level 4

The 4th level is referred to as Wealth-Builder Home Equity; you require $30,000 to $1,000,000. You will get a 20% APR from the investment.

Level 5

The 5th level is called Wealth Builder VIP. You need to invest $250,000, and the company will; give you a 30% APR.

Profit Connect Compensation Plan

If you would like to advertise profit connects, then you need to register as an affiliate. The company pays a 20 % commission when you successfully refer a client and purchases one of their plans. The commission is direct to you. But the comp0nay also pays its affiliate the residual commission is then paid through Unilever’s compensation plan structure.

If you are new to MLM, then the Unilevel structure plan is where you are an affiliate is placed at the top of a uni-level team. You will earn from successfully referring people to become an affiliate. If your referrals join, they are placed directly under you, creating level 1.

When an affiliate in level 1 recruit’s successfully new affiliates, the new affiliate is put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s uni-level team, the thread goes on such that if any, the level 2 recruits a new member at level 2. The new affiliate is located at level 3, and it goes on like that. It is a pyramid with an infinite number of theoretical stages. This is a good place to remember that the amount commissionable by institutional investors is level 1.

However, bear in mind that retail investors do not receive commissions themselves. But the organization that related to them. Commissions are shared by halving a fee of 20 percent and is paid as a hiring commission by potentially paying infinite levels.

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Cost to join Profit Connect as an affiliate

You can become a Profit Connect affiliate for free. However, suppose you want to take advantage of their amazing compensation plan. In that case, you will have to purchase one of the Profit Connect affiliate memberships that are available at three different entry prices:

You can join profit connect affiliate for free. But if you want to earn a higher commission, you need to consider their other compensation plan by buying one of their affiliate membership plans. The plans are divided into three;

The Bronze plan where you pay $49 a month

The Silver plan where you pay $259 a month

The plan Gold where you pay $499 a month

The main difference between the three plans is the bundled marketing materials you receive after purchasing any of them. Furthermore, the Silver and Gold levels will each month also earn you $50 and $200 in their respective accounts for Wealth Builder. You will not qualify for MLM commissions if you choose the free affiliates. I assume, however, that free affiliates earn a direct commission.

My Final Thoughts

By now, you understand what is profit connect and ways you can earn. It is still my guess you would like to know if profit connects legit or not. After my digging, I can tell the company has well set out ways you can earn, and there is no other hidden information.

Profit Connect Company offers passive annual returns, and you can earn between 15% to 30% after investing. Also, you can earn 20% if you become an affiliate. The two ways of earning can help you earn good money.

The only concern about profit connect is that the founders have not registered the company with the SEC to legally offer securities. It one issue which raises the alarm despite Eddie’s argument they do report to the federal. It is not in my position to recommend the company as they need to get registered.

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