Product Winner Blueprint 2.0 Review

I believe if you’re here today, it’s probably because you have already come across product winner blueprint 2.0. You want to know whether this is a legit course worth your time or another one of the many scams out there.

Thankfully, I have all the information you are looking for at my fingertips.  This review will take you through all the notable details on product winner blueprint 2.0. At the end of it all, you will be in a better position to make a decision on whether this course is worth your time and money. Well, let’s get started!

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Product winner blueprint 2.0 overview

Normally, when I am reviewing anything, I take the time to understand what it’s all about before I can even start.  A man named Tristan Broughton is the brains behind this particular course. From a general standpoint, he seems like a level-headed person who really knows what he’s doing.  He offers a couple of free e-com lessons on his YouTube channel. After listening to his teachings, I felt compelled to purchase the course and get a comprehensive review of it.

Product winner blueprint 2.0 is basically a drop shipping course created by none other than Tristan Broughton.  The course is priced at $297 for anyone who wishes to get more insights and lessons on how to better their business and definitely increase profits. With that said, the course comes with a lot of content and in fact, dropshipping is not just the only thing you will learn.

For the price, I would say this is good value for money considering there are more expensive courses out there. However, this price is not constant and is bound to increase any time from now. You might as well get it now.  There is actually a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you feel this isn’t exactly what you want. You can go the extra mile to bundle the course with Tristan’s Google Ads Academy at a total cost of $497.

Basically, the course is delivered in the form of videos.  The videos are informative and of high quality making it easy to grasp the content. The main aim of the product winner blueprint 2.0 is to help people find winning products that they can use to scale and grow their businesses. Tristan claims to have unique content that you will not find anywhere else.  Well, we will see the truth in this.

Tristan seems to have gone silent for a while now and has not been posting much content on his YouTube channel. All in all, product winner blueprint is a well thought out course that will offer helpful training. There are 10 modules in the course and I will briefly give a breakdown of each. This should give you a clearer picture of what you are likely to get;

Module 1: Store setup

This is one of the most practical and straightforward modules. Unlike other courses that take you round in circles, this one goes straight to the point which is what we all want. The module contains videos with information on how to create a high converting store with some tips to get you started. For instance, he recommends using high-quality images and even a 50% discount on products to attract customers.

Module 2: Product research

Here you are provided with criteria for unique product selection, ways to find the trending products on Facebook, the products that you should avoid testing, how to find the best dropshipping stores, and how to source products on Aliexpress. There is so much that is lacking in this module. I advise you to do more research on your own.

Module 3: Facebook Pixel

The focus on this module is Facebook and there are up to eleven videos touching on various areas. These include setting up a business page, creating good thumbnails, and the importance of having some additional accounts.  There are more videos with useful info on the way pixels work, how you can supercharge your pixels, and the right way to share pixels. There is definitely well-articulated content here.

Module 4: Facebook Ads testing

This is quite an important part of the course and is actually the largest module.  Remember, you have to make sure your product reaches the target audience in order to succeed in business.  There is a video talking about the existing targeting myths and others with strategies to help you get the right audience.

Module 5: Facebook Ads retargeting

This particular section is about retargeting. It includes various retargeting methods to help you catch the attention of the potential clients who might have missed your store.

Module 6: Facebook Ads Scaling

There is a lot here covered in seven videos where Tristan talks about everything to do with scaling.  Some of the topics covered include creating custom audiences, how to automatically control all of your ads, and much more.

Module 7: Increasing AOV

This module basically involves strategies that aid in AOV (Average Order Value) optimization.  This is a way of making the most money in each and every sale. There are tips on boosting AOV such as bundling, page hacks, free shipping, product page hacks, pre-check out upsells, and much more.  With that in mind, there are alternative ways of increasing AOV such as getting a premium theme.

Module 8: Automation and team building

Just as the name suggests, there is invaluable content on how to automate the dropshipping process. There is also additional information on where to find VA’s as well as hiring.

Module 9: Email marketing

While many courses tend to ignore email marketing, am glad this one has included it in the program. This is because email marketing can actually make lots of money for your store. Tristan explains the right way to set up emails for the business and the appropriate times to send them. Make sure you pay close attention to this module. Believe or not, emails will work wonders for your business no matter the niche.

Module 10: Templates toolbox

This section is only made available to the people who opt to purchase this particular bump offer right before checkout.

Things I didn’t like about this course

There is only a seven-day money-back guarantee for the people that have taken action, which is quite a short time. Many people will not be able to prove they have taken action within such a short time frame.

This course provides limited training on traffic which is mainly Facebook. There are people who want to know other ways to get traffic aside from creating Facebook ads.


While there are many scam online courses, product winner blueprint is definitely not on that list. There may be some information missing but the content available is great and of high quality.

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