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Welcome to my review of PGI GLOBAL REVIEW!

Are you aware of some online trading systems? Such as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, etc. If, yes then you must be wanting to know more about them.

What Is PGI Global?

Well, Praetorian Group International, widely known as PGI GLOBAL, is an MLM company that offers you the opportunity to recruit others by promising a complete ROI and additional commission.

It offers many tangible goods related to Health and Wellness, especially Traditional Chinese Medicines. The owner of the company is RV Palafox, who for some reason is believed was also a part of bad name MLM Company AI Traders.

In this article, we will give an in-depth review of PGI Global, we will discuss several facts, figures, and factors that will help you to decide whether it is safe or scam.


What Products are offered?

In this segment of our discussion, I would like to discuss with you some of the products that PGI GLOBAL offers to its customers. When you try to look into this company’s official website, you will find that there is no retail product on it. It is probably as they are selling the training on various income-generating methods. But, it still does not promise regular customer inflow.


Now we will try to cover the concept of how its compensation plan works? How can you make money by working with PGI GLOBAL? There are some of the ways through which you can earn money by joining the PGI GLOBAL:

  • By promised ROI.
  • By recruiting others.
  • Renewal bonus.

Here are some other packages and the price tags that PGI GLOBAL offers to its members:


GOLD RANGES FROM $1000 TO $10000

PLAINUM COST FROM $20000 TO $100000



  • By Promised ROI:

If you want to get started with PGI GLOBAL and start earning money, then you have to make a little investment that starts from 100$ least. The return on your investment ranges from 0.5% to highly 3%.

And, this return will be paid to you Monday through Friday, and it could be reached at 200%. You can also earn money by trading on a daily basis. With this method, you can have the opportunity to make a withdraw of almost 50% once a week, on which a fee of 8% is also applicable.

  • Commission on referring:

The other way to earn with PGI GLOBAL is the MLM compensation plan that it offers. You can hire more people to make a downline team and make additional money other than the Promised ROI that company offers.

  • Renewal Bonus:

When a member’s agreement reaches to end, he will get a 200% trading bonus. In order to remain in the field, the member has to purchase the new agreement within 30 days.


PGI Global using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is known as a cryptocurrency. It is a virtual currency. It is to be called the online version of the cash. It can be used for purchasing different products and services, but many shops do not accept it, and most countries have banned its trading.

Each bitcoin is basically a computer file that is stored in a digital wallet on your device. People can send and receive bitcoins in their digital wallets. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list known as a blockchain.

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As we are doing a comprehensive PGI global review, this question must be answered! Yes, it is a pyramid scheme. It is due to many factors. The business model and management are alike as of badly named AI TRADERS since two owners of AI TRADERS are still on the run, and they are now probably somewhere in Panama.

As per the fact, it does not look like a pyramid scheme or scam at very first look as they are also offering some of the tangible goods, including:


But, it does not reverse the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme. Here we are sharing some of the warnings by FTC as in the case of the Pyramid scheme:

Promoters make out-of-the-box promises about your earning potential.

Promoters pressurize you to recruit new distributors for your sales network as the real way to make earnings.

They use high-pressure sales tactics and even make full use of emotion cards.

Distributors’ product buying-rate often exceeds the amount that they want to use or resell just to remain in the company.

PGI has just added the above-mentioned items just to conceal their original identity. Even they have some items, but they still have a large portion of income earnings from recruiting new people, and it makes a clear conception of it as a scam. And above all of that, the company has no proof of an external source of income.

Apparently, they have a large number of branches throughout the world, but they are not correct or visible as per google maps, which is also adding more salt to the conception of it as a Ponzi scheme.


A bitcoin ATM is a kiosk through which one can buy bitcoins, which is PGI GLOBAL main product, by using a cash or debit card. Some bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality enabling both the purchase and sale of bitcoin for cash.

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As per my research and facts that I collected, I do not found any advantage in joining this pyramid scheme globally known as PGI GLOBAL.


There are some of the cons that I wish to share with readers:

  • – Founder / CEO has a very dirty past. His name had already circulated in several Ponzi Schemes before, as in the case of AI Traders.
  • – Unrealistic Income claims they offers.
  • – PGI GLOBAL is not registered with any security authority.
  • – They have posted fake addresses of their branches on google maps.

If I would be asked to make any investment with PGI GLOBAL, then I would certainly say no. As there are several reasons behind this, but the reality is that it is another type of Ponzi scheme, just to do the fraud and thug the money from innocent people.

And, another fact is that founder or President Mr. RV Palafox has a filthy past. He had been involved in certain scam activities in which the incident of AI TRADERS is highlighted.

Two partners of this company are still on the run. Moreover, they are offering such unreal margins on investment that are totally unbelievable. They are just getting over all the laws of economics.

They are changing the clear picture of the economy in their own way. Moreover, the company was registered in 2020 and the tangible products; they posted it only a few time ago. Furthermore, they do not have any clear product to sell in order to do the trading, which also makes it completely unacceptable.

Wrapping it up!

Now, as we have made our PGI GLOBAL Review, you know everything that you would wish to know before making any investment. So, the decision is upon you whether to accept it as a scam or not.

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