Is Paid Nova a Scam? [Don’t Join]

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Welcome to my review of paid nova! If you are here today, it’s probably because you are looking for some information on paid nova. There are many similar websites out there but how can you distinguish the legitimate ones from scams.

Well, knowledge is power and that is why I carried out my research on to clear the air once and for all. I want you to know that am not in any way associated with paid nova and you will not find any links in this article promoting it.

To get you started, according to all the information I have gathered there is a reason to believe this program is a big scam. I stumbled upon a couple of red flags and I will elaborate further in this brief review. Afterward, you will be in a position to make an informed and wiser decision.

Paid Nova Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Paid Nova


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Scam? Yes


Paid Nova is one of those websites that are a total scam. This review will let you understand why is it a huge scam and will not pay you.

Recommended? No!

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What is paid nova?

Paid nova is a self-proclaimed influencer network that promises to make you rich. There are generally very many similar websites that come with the same claims as a strategy to attract the masses.

There are very many things that I find suspicious about this program. However, I will start with the absurd claim that you can make $300 in a single day.

Anyone who believes something like that will only be foolish and naïve. They are taking you for a ride. Supposedly earning 300 dollars in a day may be possible but it can never be that easy.

How will you earn this huge sum of money? All you have to do is share the influencer link you are given on your social media platforms. Afterward, you are paid $2 per click and a further $10 for anyone who joins the program through your link.

Sounds easy right? Wrong, because you are not going to receive even a single dime from them. They use dubious methods to make you do everything they ask of you. You only realize you have been scammed when it’s time to cash out the money you supposedly earned.

Paid nova may seem like a good deal but there are a few questions that you should be asking yourself. Several things they say don’t sound realistic at all. Let’s begin with the fact that this program is free to join.

This means that the owners typically don’t receive any money when new members join the platform. If this is so, where do they get the money to pay you and many others $10 for every successful referral?

Besides, the paid nova website does not have any ads. For this reason, the owners don’t make money from the traffic on their website. They can’t possibly be paying $2 for the people who click on the link. If you do the math none of this makes sense.

Believe it or not, hyped up claims are usually a scam alert. Some of these websites are schemes in which the owners want to benefit from the sweat of their innocent and unsuspecting victims.

If making $300 in a day was that simple, how many people would have already quit their jobs and joined this program? Don’t make the mistake of falling into their trap.

How does paid nova work?

The only way to find out the legitimacy of a website is by looking into how exactly it works. This is where you will find the red flags. It’s also important that you know how the site makes money.

In the case where they get revenue through legitimate ways, then they won’t have a problem with paying members. It’s as simple as that.

First and foremost, paid nova does not work as they say because there is no one out there who attests to getting paid by this program. For starters, very few people would suspect this site to be a scam because it’s free to join.

Another convincing tactic they have come up with is the $25 sign up bonus. They even go ahead to display this amount on the paid nova account to give you a false sense of security.

Here are the options that they provide for the members to supposedly earn an income;

  • Referrals – after you have signed up you are given a referral link. You get paid $2 per click and $10 for those people who join as a result. Legitimate referral programs pay per action. For instance, if someone buys a service, product or completes a task from the link. Also, you don’t get paid that much.
  • $30 task wall – the task wall is supposed to contain online surveys or apps that you can download. The red flag here is the fact that they pay you a whopping $30 for each one of them. On the other hand, legitimate survey sites also don’t pay this much money. Furthermore, if you decide to complete any of their tasks you realize they are not real surveys. Rather, you are sent on third party websites that ask for your personal information such as phone number.
  • Social media submissions – you are promised $10 to $50 for making some simple posts on social media. For instance, you have to make a video and upload it on YouTube talking about how paid nova is a great opportunity that has changed your life. This earns you $50. Adding a referral link on your Instagram profile makes you another $50.

People do all these things with the hopes of making it big but only end up disappointed. People see their account balances increasing and think that they will get paid. Sadly, that money will never reach your bank account. You will only see it in the site account. In simpler terms, don’t waste your time and energy promoting this program.

Paid nova will not pay

This is something I have been singing all through the article and I am hoping it has already sunk in by now. I wouldn’t want you to waste your time promoting a site that will not bother paying you for the trouble. This is the exact copy of the various scam sites you will find on the internet. They all work the same way and have never paid anyone.

Fake payment proofs

It’s typical of scam sites to post fake payment proof to trick their victims. How do I know the payment proof is fake? The payment dates occurred before the site itself was even created. The paid nova website domain was created on October 30th, 2019 and if you take a closer look at all the payment dates on the screenshots posted on their website, it wouldn’t take you long to realize they’re all before October 30th.

Paid Nova Review domain information

It shouldn’t take you long to put things together and realize all the proofs are fake and made up. For this reason, no one is yet to be paid by The users who have to promote the website on Facebook or YouTube are yet to receive any money and are only doing so in the hopes of getting paid eventually. They don’t show any proof either.

Another thing is that they have quite a high cashout limit of $200. You wouldn’t find a legitimate site with such a huge limit like this one. This means that they will make you do more of their work and keep you around for longer. After reaching this limit, they will still not pay you.

When you cash out, paid nova gives you a date when they will supposedly load the money into your bank account. However, this date will finally come but the money won’t be released. The worst part is your account may be shut down over fraud allegations or they will just ignore you.

There are other similar scam websites that I already reviewed, viral market, cashog, cashooga, and eazy dollars to name a few. Perhaps these websites are owned by a group of scammers and this is their way of making money for themselves.

Why does paid nova exist?

People often wonder why websites such as paid nova exist. The truth is the owners are people who only want to benefit at the expense of others. For starters, they make it free to join to attract as many people as they possibly can. In case, you join, you have to sign up and give some of your details. This is what they use to make more money for themselves.

They will collect all your personal information including email addresses and passwords. What happens is they sell it to hackers and spammers. You end up receiving many spam emails and messages after you have signed up for this program. Some people have had their bank accounts wiped clean of all their money because of such scams. Don’t ever make the mistake of giving the same email address and password as the one you use for PayPal or bank accounts.

Is paid nova a scam?

Paid nova is a big scam. For one thing, they provide no information whatsoever about the owners. We don’t know anything about the people behind this website. A legitimate influencer network should be transparent but it’s typical of scammers to hide their identities.

Furthermore, paid nova does not have social media networks. This is another scam alert. I wouldn’t advise anyone to join this program. It’s a total waste of time and a fraud.

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10 Comments on “Is Paid Nova a Scam? [Don’t Join]”

  1. One of the things that I really don’t like about programs like this is the income claim. As you can see on the home page of this Paid Nova, there’s a line that says you can earn $300 fast a day. That’s an outrageous income claim and should not be shown to people. I’ve been here in the only money-making world and yet to see someone achieve that via Paid Nova.

  2. Making monitor online business is easy and so most people are interested in it, so there are high chances scam sites would spring up and paid nova happens to be one of these scam site. Taking notes of small things can be a saver fo us from wasting both time and money. Having a business without clear information about its owner should make anyone stay away from it and that is the case of Paid Nova. Thanks for this review 

  3. Its very possible in some businesses to make $300 in a day, don’t misconcept me, not everyday and even whenever it’ll be possible, you would have done a lot of work before hand. Paid Nova claims to profit it’s members by providing means of making money online for them, whereas, the owner is only concerned about how to make his own money at the expense of others. This kind of business shouldn’t be engaged in, it should be neglected. It is so nice that you posted this.

  4. Thanks for sharing this honest review about Paid Nova, its really true that thinking of making about $300 in a day just by doing some random simple jobs online is really foolish, online business owner should have understood the fact that online money making isn’t something you can sit back without doing little or nothing and get, it requires dedication and consistency to achieve this. Fake proof spoilt everything, it shows that it ia really a scam that can’t pay. Thanks.

    1. Hi KingAndrea, people love to earn something out of literally nothing, and this is the reason why most people fail.

  5. Thank you for posting about this. Ive always wondered if paid nova was a scam or not. You gave alot of information that i didnt think about before i read your article. Now that i cleared up all the debates i had in my head i can make a more educated decision. Thank you!

  6. This is really a great one and I truly fancy your review done here on paid nova. In all honesty, this has showcased some hidden truth about paid nova. Though I had my suspicions right from start but the things you have pointed out here has affirmed my suspicions. Really great one you have done here and it is worth sharing. Thumbs up

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