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Welcome to my Options Knight Review!

At some point, you must have heard of cryptocurrency and how people can get good returns out of it. This may be a good thing; however you have to ensure that you are investing your money with a trustworthy company. So many people have been duped in the recent times, all in the name of good business opportunities.

Options knight is a company that has recently surfaced and claims to provide good returns out of a crypto bot. What they allegedly do is they get funds from investors and trade on their behalf. I have always pointed out in my previous reviews that a company ought to provide information about its owners. If not, you should be skeptical about investing your hard earned money with them. Option knight does not give any information on the website about the people running the company. This makes them a subject to scrutiny. It’s simply something you can’t ignore especially if you will be investing money.

When you take a good look at their website, you will see the part where it’s written this company is owned by crystal finance LLC. This is followed by their virtual office address with its location being in Florida, Miami.

I took the time to actually conduct a search in the Florida division of corporations. Upon completion of the search, I discovered crystal finance LLC was first incorporated two years ago, that is in June 2017. This answers a few of my questions but only vaguely. There is no indication of a connection between crystal finance LLC and option knight. This means that it’s not clear to tell whether the two companies are actually working together.

The website domain of option knight was first created and registered back in 2018. However, the private registration was updated recently on 14th May 2019. This is probably the time when the website owners started running it.

The fact that the website defaults to the Portuguese language gives a vague insight of the origin of the owners. The owner may probably be from Portugal or a country where natives speak the Portuguese language. Nonetheless, keep in mind if you will be investing any money to an MLM company, the owners must be known. Be extremely cautious when the owner has a hidden identity.

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Options knight products and features

Options knight has no retail services or products. The affiliates are tasked with marketing the affiliate membership of option knight. This company consists of two features that are meant to ensure investors get good returns out of their investments.

First and foremost, they claim to offer transparency especially with their methods which they consider as safe and with more profits.

Secondly, their program is supposedly automated. Both deposits and withdrawals are an automatic process and no human is required to facilitate this. It sounds like a good thing but definitely impossible. There will always be the need for someone to conduct withdrawals manually.

Options knight investment plans

This program offers various investment options. The affiliate investment is done in euros and it’s based on the current advertised returns. Here are the main investment options;

Bronze – invest 149 to 499 euros and get $4% to 7% in a week.

Silver – invest 500 to 2499 euros and get 5% to 8% in a week.

Gold – invest 2500 to 9999 euros and get 5% to 9% in a week.

Investor – invest 10,000 to 99,900 euros and get 7% to 12.5% in a week.

Their referral commissions

You get to earn a commission from the affiliate you personally recruited into the program. They pay a maximum of 10% as a commission on all funds invested by recruited affiliates.

Residual commissions

Options knight arrives at their residual commissions on the basis of a binary compensation structure. The structure begins with the affiliate being at the top of the binary team and then its split into two (one on the left the other on the right). Generally, the first level consists of the first two positions. These are further split into two positions on each side and form the second level. The cycle continues with subsequent levels housing twice the number of positions as the previous one.

There is no limit to the number of positions created in a binary team. This means that the team can grow to have as many members as possible. Each one of the positions is filled through both direct and indirect affiliate recruitment. On a daily basis option knight tallies any new investments made on both sides of the affiliate’s binary team. This is done in the form of points;

Bronze tier investment makes a total of 50 points

Silver tier investment makes a total of 200 points

Gold tier investment makes a total of 500 points

Investor tier investment total number of points made is not provided in their website

An affiliate has to recruit a maximum of two other affiliates who are ready to invest in the program. This qualifies him or her to receive residual commissions. The residual commission rate is determined by how much the affiliates themselves have invested.

Bronze tier affiliates are entitled to a 5% residual commission rate

Silver tier affiliates are entitled to a 25% residual commission rate

Gold tier affiliates are entitled to a 50% residual commission rate

Investor tier residual commission rate is not offered on the website

Option knight calculates its residual commission rates at the rate of 1 point = 1 euro. Once an investment volume is already paid put to the affiliates, it is then matched on the side of strongest binary team. The leftover volumes are carried forward to the following day.

The career plan

Option Knight mlm

The option knight career plan is really simple. The affiliates get rewards through recruiting others into the program and convincing them to invest.

  • Pearl – you have to recruit at least four investing affiliates into the program. Furthermore, you have to generate and accumulate a maximum of 10,000 points in a weaker binary team side. You get to receive 500 euros or a vacation.
  • Sapphire – you have to recruit a minimum of eight investing affiliates. In addition, you are required to accumulate at least 25,000 points in the weaker binary team side volume. The rewards include a cruise or a price of 1,000 euros.
  • Ruby – the requirement here is to recruit a minimum of twelve investing affiliates. Also, you will have to generate at least 50,000 points in the weaker binary team side volume. In this case, you receive a reward of an iPad and iPhone or 2,500 euros.
  • Emerald – the requirement is to recruit a minimum of eighteen investing affiliates in the weaker binary team side volume. This should be followed by an accumulation of at least 100,000 points. In return you get a Renault Twizy life electric vehicle or a price of 5,000 euros.
  • Diamond – you will be required to recruit a minimum of twenty five investing affiliates. Furthermore, generate at least 500,000 points in the weaker binary team side volume. This earns you a mini Cooper S Cabrio or 25,000 euros.
  • Black diamond – this level requires you to recruit a minimum of fifty investing affiliates and accumulate 1,000,000 points in the weaker binary team side volume. The reward is a Porsche 911 Targa or a price of 75,000 euros.

Membership of options knight

To become a member of option knight, you first of all have to make an investment with them. The affiliate membership is tied to an investment of 149 to 99,900 euros. There are different options to choose from. They include;

  • Bronze – invest 149 to 499 euros including 25 euros activation fee and ongoing monthly maintenance fee of 10 euros.
  • Silver – invest at least 500 to 2,499 euros including 50 euros activation fee and ongoing monthly maintenance fee of 20 euros.
  • Gold – invest at least 2,500 to 9,999 euros including an activation fee of 50 euros and ongoing maintenance fee of 50 euros.

Investor- invests at least 10,000 to 99,900 euros including an activation fee of 50 euros and ongoing monthly maintenance fee of 50 euros.

Final thoughts

Options night basically claims to have the most advanced technology that enables them to conduct an automated cryptocurrency trading. However, one thing that I found quite fishy is the lack of evidence supporting this claim. For starters, there is no evidence whatsoever of option knight trading. In addition, I could not find the source of external revenue used by this company to pay their affiliates.

Their business model does not comply with the Ponzi logic test. They have advertised on their website to have achieved annual gains totaling to 167,400 euros. If at all this is true, why then is option knight selling access to their system for as low as 150 euros.

They have a 29.8% ROI and if you did the math, this is a good return. So why do they still need investors? This is question you should be asking yourself. Also, their legitimate source of revenue is investments from newly recruited affiliates. The fact that they are using new investments as a means to pay weekly returns of the existing affiliates makes their business model a Ponzi scheme.

Keep in mind, MLM Ponzi schemes don’t last long. Soon all the buzz will die down and there will be neither more recruitment nor new investments. In the end, option knight will collapse.

I have reviewed other ponzi scams that already collapsed (wormines) and walletsync which is about to be doomed.


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