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We are all out here, focusing on health and fitness. Although there are many ways people are approaching this new goal, one of the best methods is to get online coaching, guidance, and delivery of diet-rich foods and other products.

Aside from the many websites out there that can help you along, Optavia is the best option. However, very few people would trust any website they find out there. For this reason, we have chosen to share a comprehensive review of Optavia.

What is Optavia?

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The fundamental question everybody could be asking is, what is optavia? Optavia is simply a weight support program that is specifically meant to provide help with weight management by providing information about nutritionally-rich foods. It has complete access to coaches also.

The program seems well established because it has been around since the 1980s, and it has not updated or changed its nutritional philosophy since then. The nutritional philosophy of this program is a low-calorie diet that is simple and plain. This program has a promise of lifelong transformation through healthy daily habits. The program mainly relies on the expensive, pre-packaged, and processed foods that they refer to as fuelings.

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Optavia claims

Optavia claims that the life-long transformation can be achieved gradually through one healthy habit at a time. They even designed a logo that clearly shows that the conversion will be achieved through gradual changes.

The company claims seem to work just as they speculated and gave the perfect results. The claims include; ‘lose more weight than dieting on your own.

This claim seems to work just as the company expected because according to a research conducted on all the customers using the 5 and 1 plan lost ten times more weight than the people on the self-directed weight loss program.

The other claim is that ‘average fat loss is 10 pounds’, according to customer reviews the group on 5 and 1 plan lost seventeen times more weight than those of the self-directed group.

The last claim of the company was ‘talking with your optavia coach more often may help you lose twice as much weight.  It is also true because the customers that participated in the seventy-five percent of the twenty-three assigned optavia coaching calls lost 6.8 kilograms compared to 3.0 kilograms for those participating in fewer calls.

Optavia products

Provided that you have highlighted yourself with what is optavia, what they do, and their claims, we will go down and see what products they have brought to satisfy the claims and to give the customers. The products that they offer are meant to help the customers lose very quickly, easily, and safely with assistance from their coaches. The company has provided the products as complex weight management plans which are listed below:

  • The optimal weight 5 & 1 plan
  • Optavia Product 1
  • The optimal weight 4 & 2 & 1 plan
  • Optavia product 2
  • The optimal health 3 & 3 plan
  • Optavia Product 3
  • The purposeful hydration
  • Optavia Product 4

Apart from these programs, the company has developed several other diet plans for the people that have special needs; there is also a diet for different ages, which includes programs for senior teens.

These products are sold through coaches as part of multi-level marketing. What the multi-level marketing entails is that several men and women trained as coaches by the product from the company then sell to the other people who are their customers.

The program works like a pyramid scheme because the company gets the money by selling through someone else, and the coaches get cash from personal sales and recruit sales.

Optavia medifast diet

The diet is designed in such a way that it provides the body with all the nutrients and calories. The body will get all it needs in day to day activities to achieve the optimal weight of your choice.

To obtain this optimal bodyweight you are provided with a menu of food, recipes, and some Optavia fuelling. The company also provides health coaches support because motivation is also a very crucial part of the diet plan.

The coaches do the work of providing the customers with the necessary motivation and also implementing the company’s program of 30 days of integration to healthy habits.

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The cost of optavia

With the knowledge of what optavia is all about and all the services and the products that they offer, the next question that you have to ask is about the cost of the plans and the programs.

Well, the cost of optavia plans and programs vary according to the specific option that one chooses, which are the meal plan you select and the fuelings that you order.

As I have articulated above, the price varies from what you want, but the average price per month is 400 dollars.

The potential optavia side effects

According to what the company says, there are no severe side effects recorded from the clients that are using the optavia plans and programs apart from basic hunger.

This is a basic side effect because if the dieters are reducing the size of the meal and the calorie intake, the stomach is likely to shrink, and hunger creeps in.

The other reason for hunger is the newly introduced meals are smaller in size, thus leading to cases of starvation.

Optavia and weight loss

The various diet plans and programs are specifically designed for the people that want to lose weight and lose weight in the safest way possible. The optavia fuelings are meant to provide optimal calories and nutrients that the body may require for better health. The company thus developed various diet plans and programs that act as meal replacement programs and help in losing weight. The programs include:

  • The optimal 3 & 3 plan includes three meals and three optavia fuelings during a day. This is the program that helps the people that have selected it to lose weight more decently and quickly.
  • The optimal weight 4 & 2 & 1 plan is described as a perfect weight loss plan for the people that want to lose weight while enjoying the interchangeable meals. This is for the people that do not like sticking to one meal for them to lose weight, but they want something different each time. The meal consists of four optavia fuelings, two green or lean meals, and one snack.
  • The optimal 5 & 1 plan is basically based on a healthy eating habit. In this plan, a person is allowed to have different meals at different times, which are fit for the body and the perfect weight loss. This plan consists of six small meals that are distributed throughout the day.

The benefits and results of optavia

The likely benefits and results are likely to vary from body to body depending on the metabolism and the efforts that each person is putting in to lose weight.

The most acknowledged benefits by customers are a large variety of food, numerous recipes, and support, and motivation from the certified coaches.

According to a wide range of customers’ opinions, the ultimate benefit that you can get from using optavia plans and programs is weight loss.

However, this is not the case to all the customers as some do not adhere completely to the set guidelines, which take long for them to identify the benefits.

Optavia reviews from customers

We also checked what most of their prior customers are saying about the products. We came to realize that many of these people were very contented with the products and the results that accrue.

One of them said that he was referred by a friend and came to realize that Optavia can help someone lose weight so fast. Another customer complained that this product can help you lose weight very fast but scored very low for healthy eating.

Another one wouldn’t give the product a complete 5-star rating in terms of managing and preventing diabetes. He claimed that the product is not 100% effective.


The first thing that you must consider before looking for the plans and the programs that the optavia medifast offers is the customer’s willingness to stick on a diet plan that the company offers for the long term.

If you desire to be part of the long term plan of the program, look at the wide assortments of food choices that optavia offers and select the perfect food for you. From the selection of the perfect plan, liaise with the coach that will offer all the support and the motivation you made need to see that you lose weight.

For the company’s benefits, I will highlight some of the several complaints raised by the customers concerning their services, plans and programs, and their coaching support.

Several customers complained of the cost of getting the plan; some claimed that 400 dollars are too expensive. The other complaints recorded about the taste of the food the company offers and it was said the taste of the food was unpleasant and the bars are not very healthy in the long run.

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