OG Bucks Review – (Scam)

Are you trying to earn money online or you are just researching on the best website to facilitate your money earning ambitions? If yes, then you must have heard of OG Bucks. Over time, this website has stirred mixed reactions in the online community with some of them saying it’s a good opportunity to make money while others complaining that they just want your data for other reasons.

Today, we will try to eliminate the confusion that has been there over the last few years and eventually give you reliable information about the company. Do you think you can make money with OG Bucks? Hold on and you will learn everything about this company.

Before we continue, let me start by congratulating you for doing your due diligence. This is the best way to avoid scams and losing your personal information to hackers that just want to drain your hard-earned money.

Hold on and give me a chance to help you find the truth about this website and how the company can help you make money or how it can scam you with ease.

Lastly, I should be completely transparent with you. I am not associated in any way with OG bucks a reason why I won’t be promoting their name to their potential customers. I am also not a competitor and so am not in any way tarnishing their name for my gain. All the information shared here is as a result of comprehensive market research and a complete analysis of what their prior customers are saying on review sites.

Table of Content

  • What is OG Bucks?
  • What does OG Bucks do?
  • Is OG Bucks a scam?
  • OG Bucks Red flags
  • Recommendations
  • Final verdict

What is OG Bucks?

This is a website that claims to act as an influencer and helps people earn up to $15 every single day per every person you invite. You will agree with me that this is not the first company with such claims. We have seen tons of websites with such claims. Some of them even promise that you can earn up to $500 daily by just sharing their links and inviting new people.

OG Bucks claims that they are the number #1 influencer site out there that has all it takes to help you make money. So do you think these claims are true or they are just trying to persuade you to join their website?

First and foremost, there are no testimonials from the previous customers. Therefore, you will not be able to know whether anybody was paid or not. I am usually convinced that this company only wants to get your personal information and lastly use it for other purposes. The site has also not exposed any information about the owner or the people behind the wheel.

How does OG Bucks work?

This company works in many ways to help you earn as much money as you can accord your website. You can join the website for free by just inputting your email. After that, the company will offer you different kinds of tasks that you can perform to earn the money. They claim that the tasks are simple such as filling surveys, downloading apps and games from their websites or even by visiting their websites and many other things. For every task you undertake, you will earn something.

One thing I am not sure about is how on earth you can earn $30 per every task you perform. The company also claims that they are going to give you $25 as a Bonus. They also provide many other ways of earning some money. If you share their affiliate link on any social media platform, you will earn $10 per every referral you get to the company.

This sounds very interesting but too good to be true. I don’t believe in such a thing. Take for example you undertake 10 tasks every single day, which means you will earn $300 for those tasks only, if your referral links invite about 20 people on the same day, you will earn another $200 which in total is $500. From there, you can earn more from other tasks and end up making $1000 that single day. I think it’s quite impossible to earn such an amount of money for just performing some simple tasks. What I am trying to mean is that the deal is too good which proves there are other hidden agendas.

Is OG Bucks a scam website?

Definitely yes, this is a scam website that wants to lure you into giving them your personal information. The information will later be sold to other intellectuals who can use it for scamming and hacking purposes. So, please be very careful. I think you have seen many warnings about such websites out there. I don’t think with such information you could waste your time registering and clicking, sharing and performing those tasks they claim earns you money.

The website lures people by giving them payouts of more than $500 every single day. Though in reality, the company never pays. Even after reaching the threshold, they will not let you solve the Captcha which will tell you to download apps and visit other websites before you withdraw money.

The Captcha will be impossible to solve which means you will not be able to initiate your withdrawal. They will hold your money on grounds that you are unable to solve the Captcha. Well, those are the clever tricks scammers use.

What is trying to mean is that in short, you will be wasting your precious time. There are better ways that you can earn money through the same methods. So be very careful every time you get such opportunities.

So, OG Bucks is a scam website! How do I know?

You will never be paid

As I have already stated above, you will waste a lot of your money and energy in trying to solve their claimed simple tasks and referring people after which you will never get the money. Even after reaching the threshold, you will be advised to solve the Captcha security which you will never be able to solve.

No testimonies

If there were some testimonies about the payments and how some of their prior customers are paid, then at least we could believe that the money will ever appear in your bank accounts. The worst of all is that the company has not provided even a single testimony in their testimonial pages. You will be surprised to notice that this page of their website is blank.

No training

This company has not provided even the shortest form of training to the members. This means they have not put any effort into making it a reality. In simple terms, you are supposed to learn on your own how to complete different tasks and how to refer to other people. You also have to try until you can share their affiliate links. If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, then it will be very difficult for you to maneuver the site.

No support

You expect that a genuine money making opportunity should be where you can contact the customer care anytime something goes out of line. This is not the case with OG Bucks because you will never get any response even after sending them a message. This is a red flag that means if you have any problem with the payment, no one will be there to help you along the way.

No known owner

The owner of this website is not known. The website and their social media pages have no information about the person who started the website. It’s very simple to notice that the owner is hiding acting anonymous because of certain reasons better known to them and now us.

No vision, no mission statement

Legit companies will say what they want to achieve within a certain range of time. They will also have laid down their tactics and actions to take to achieve those specific goals. Lack of vision and mission statement means that OG Bucks is headed nowhere and they don’t have to take any actions to head there. So if you want to head nowhere with them, join for free.

Over-hyped earnings

This company has offered some unrealistic earning opportunities. Even the most legitimate and the biggest referral websites don’t claim to pay such huge amounts of money for some simple tasks.

Final Verdict

With all the above red flags, I wouldn’t expect that you would want to be scammed. There are many genuine money-making opportunities out there that you can try today. However, before you join any of them, you should first of all research and check their reviews to see whether they are genuine or not. With so many websites on the internet today, it’s very easy to be scammed if you are not cautious.

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