Is MVP Bucks a Scam? [Legit or Not? Read My Review]

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Welcome to my review of MVP Bucks!

Millions of people around the globe spend a part of their time on the internet. This makes the internet a tool for making money. Instead of doing nothing online, you can use the internet to make some money for yourself either as a full-time job or part-time.

While there are legitimate ways that you can earn an income online, there is a good chance you will come across scams. You may have heard about the site that calls itself MVP bucks. Before you even think about signing up on this site, I want you to take some of your time and read through this article.

A good number of uninformed people have been victims of scam sites such as MVP bucks. I have put together everything you need to know about MVP bucks and why you should avoid it at all costs.

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MVP Bucks Review

Product/Platform Name: MVP Bucks


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What is MVP bucks all about?

Similar to other scam sites, MVP bucks is a site that claims to offer a platform for social influencers. What you have to do is sign up and then receive a referral link. Through this referral link you are supposed to invite other people to MVP bucks and from this earn $10.
That’s not all; signing up for the site apparently earns you a bonus of $25.

If you asked me this is just a stunt that is meant to attract people to the site. Similarly, other scam sites such as clout pay, referral pay, and clout bucks offer the same bonus for signing up. Does this ring a bell? In my opinion MVP bucks is simply another one of the many scam sites that are flocking the internet lately. If you take a good look at the website of MVP bucks, you will notice that in one way or the other it looks similar to the scam sites such as clout pay.

Aside from the money that you earn through referrals and signing up, there is the $30 task wall. So when you complete all of the tasks provided on this task wall, you earn $30. If you go through that so-called task wall, you will notice that everything there is simple and it may not even take you half an hour to complete.

Truth be told, this is easy money and no one can pay you that much for doing such simple things. The task wall is supposed to be some sort of survey. A legitimate survey will not pay you $30. The maximum amount that is paid for surveys is usually $2. This is just a move to get more people flocking their site. As a matter of fact, don’t waste any of your time doing anything on this site because you will not get paid.

How does MVP bucks work?

The first thing is for you to sign up and create an account. To raise no suspicion about their scam site and keep you around, they add the $25 on your MVP bucks account. Keep in mind, when you finally want to withdraw this money none of it will be loaded into your account.

Then there is the referral. Once you become a member of this program they give you a link. You are supposed to share this link on your social media accounts and invite other people to the website. When someone clicks on your link you earn $2 and $10 when they become members.

MVP bucks refer a friend

Remember, anyone can join this website because it’s free. So if they are paying you $2 per click and $10 per referral for a website that pretty much anyone can join, it is just too good to be true. How many people will be clicking on the shared links from different members? This is a lot of money that they will have to pay out to members and is something that is not possible.

Moving on to the task wall. The task wall is supposed to be a survey just as they have advertised on their homepage. But then this is not a real survey because all you do is download apps and do other things that are not in any way related to a survey.

MVP bucks paid survey

When you complete the tasks, you earn a maximum of $30. There is something that I found quite fishy here. You are asked to give your phone number on websites that you know nothing about. If you haven’t realized yet, most sites such as MVP bucks are data harvesting scams.

The last part is the YouTube submission. Here they ask you to create a video talking about MVP bucks and then upload it on their YouTube page. Each of the videos you upload earns you $50. In my humble opinion, I would advise you to not participate in this scam by uploading a video of yourself on their YouTube page. At this point maybe you are not convinced why I am saying MVP bucks is a scam.

Here are some notable reasons why MVP bucks is a scam that you should not participate in;

You will not be paid anything

The main reason why so many people will jump at this opportunity is to make some quick cash. However, the bitter truth is that you will not receive any money from them.

The worst part is most people realize this after they have wasted a lot of their time and money on this site. You go about completing tasks and referring others with hopes of earning a good income.

Once you have made enough money and met the requirements for a withdrawal you decide it’s time to claim the money. You, therefore, make a withdrawal and patiently wait for the money to be credited to your account.

After a while, your payment will be rejected with claims of fraudulent clicks or simply ignored. They even go as far as closing your account. Do not be fooled by the proof of payments they have posted on their websites.

These screenshots are taken from other sites such as Fiverr to make it look like their website is legitimate. Sadly, it’s not and these people are scammers.

No owner information

This is the norm with many of the scam sites you will find on the internet. As a matter of fact, when you want to know a legitimate website, look at the owner’s information. Get to know who is the person behind the creation of that website and the contacts they have indicated. Similarly, you should know where their offices are located.

Taking a look at the MVP bucks website, no known person is the owner of the website. This is one indication of a scam site. The ones behind it hide because they do not want people they are fooling to go after them. Once they have taken advantage of so many people or they are discovered, they close the website and open another one under a different domain name. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people behind MVP bucks are the same ones who created clout bucks or clout pay, which we already know are scam sites.

No support system

A legitimate website will have a 24 hours support system to assist members who have any queries. This is not the case with MVP bucks. When you try to get in touch with them through their social media accounts, there is no response whatsoever. This is a red flag and you should be thinking of avoiding this site already.

Fake testimonials

A site such as MVP bucks will do anything to convince its victim that’s it’s a legitimate website. That is why they will go to any extent including getting fake testimonials. Do not be convinced with a few words in a video that are not accompanied by any proof. They might as well have hired someone to do that video.

Fake business credentials

On their website, they claim to have paid out over $500,000 to their members. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and conduct a background check. When I checked with WHOIS, I discover that this website domain has been active for less than two weeks. Honestly, can you possibly believe a site that is less than two weeks old can have paid out over $500,000 to its members? Something doesn’t add up here. This is such a short period.

Final Verdict

There is no short cut to success and making money. You have to work hard for it. In my opinion, MVP bucks is a scam site that is after stealing your data and selling it. They will not pay you even a single dime. If you had already signed up for their website, make a wise decision of unsubscribing. You are only going to waste your precious time. Look for a better and legitimate alternative to make money online. You might want to consider an online affiliate business. All said and done, stay away from scammers such as MVP bucks.

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