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Tumblr acclaimed itself to be one of the world most creative website in creating a community where free speeches reign supreme.

Ever since it existed, Tumblr is committed to celebrate the creativity of its users. This is the place where users connect with others who share their interest. Their mobile application itself has been downloaded over 50 million users worldwide in 2017.

Following this reception, Tumblr has been dubbed as one of the highest traffic generating method apart from Facebook. This is thanks to its unique crowd and the opportunity given to the crowd to reflect who they are, what they love, think and believe. According to Tumblr, their community creates at least 90 million posts each day.

What makes it different than Facebook?

It sounds like another Social Network platform to you, doesn’t it? Well, remember Friendster and MySpace? Studies showed that users of these social network giants even labeled Tumblr as an upgraded version of both.
That’s not all.

Did you know, the trending word ‘GIF’ was made official, thanks to the community of Tumblr? That’s right. Tumblr created a trend that made it impossible for the online community to ignore.

There’s also an occurrence where a 30-second-long Japanese commercial went viral amongst fans worldwide, especially the Tumblr community. Despite it only being a commercial, it spread like wild fire in Tumblr, generating traffic across multiple hubs.

Fans worldwide expressed their interest in the commercial by creating a blog post on Tumblr, fan fictions, and even online petitions, calling on the studio to finally make it into a full animation series. That animation is titled, ‘Free!’.

These are proof on how powerful the Tumblr community is.

Famous brands have recognized its potential and have decided to register themselves to Tumblr. The list includes, Calvin Klein, Disney, Adidas, Coca Cola and Sesame Street to name a few.

How to use Tumblr

Towards the end of this module, you create your own account and manage it accordingly. Then, you start looking up for anything interesting and relevant, following fellow bloggers of similar interest. You will learn to publish your first post and optimizing it. Finally, we explore the top most tags used by the majority users of Tumblr.

Starting off, you need an active email account to register for Tumblr. This is the Tumblr’s home page for unregistered users.

Click ‘Sign Up’.

Once that is over, you will be directed to a page, welcoming you to Tumblr. Enter your relevant username. If you are signing up as a business, it is advisable to use your company’s name.

Continuing, you will see a page with multiple things suggested for you to
follow. You can follow as many as you wanted. Once you have had your pick, click ‘Next’. You will see a loading screen where Tumblr is automatically optimizing your choices and building up your dashboard accordingly.

Here is your dashboard. Tumblr will then help you navigate through your dashboard. First of you will be taught on liking a post.

Getting Likes

Clicking the heart button will notify the person who posted it to get a like.
That is one of the main items you aim for when posting something relatable to your business in Tumblr. The more likes you get, the more users will be directed to follow you.

Then you will be taught to reblog a post using the icon besides the heart. Reblogging a post will allow the post to be on your blog so your followers can see it.

Keep in mind other users may also reblog your post. When you click reblog, you have the options to add comments on the post. What’s more, you can add tags to it too! Plus, you have the choice to either reblog it instantly, add to your queue post, save in your draft, post it privately or even scheduled post.

You also have the option to share it amongst your followers or to other platforms as well.
Either way, this will help your company reach and expand across multiple users in Tumblr.

We continue with how to maximize your Tumblr platform.

2 Kinds of Profile in Tumblr

Let us explore the first one. Continuing from your dashboard, you see a thumbnail on the top left screen.

Clicking it opens an interface on your right screen. This is an introductory profile. Users get a glimpse of what your blog is all about in this section. It looks empty now because you have yet to post anything.

First off, your thumbnail should be relevant to your business. Use your logo for this. Name your page and describe it per the objective your business. Next, your header image is to encapsulate the whole idea of your business.

If you are uncertain, explore other blogs for ideas. Hover to other thumbnails you see on your dashboard. When you find anything interesting, click it and the same introductory profile will pop up. There are plenty of users out there who could assist in your idea pool.

Next, edit your 2nd profile page. This serves as your main page to users in Tumblr. Simply click on your avatar when the right interface pops out and you are directed to your main page. On the top right screen of your page, click on the ‘Edit Appearance’ icon.

There are multiple customizations you can do. You can edit your theme however you want. Explore these options and figure out which suits your business best. There is also ready-made theme you can browse through. Click ‘Browse Theme’ and navigate from there. However, most of these themes require you to pay, so for now, stick to ‘Free Theme’.
Now that your blog is ready, time to create posts to generate traffic!

Click the ‘Dashboard’ button. On top of the page, you can see 7 icons besides your avatar. Click the icon suitable for your post.

Say for example, you want to post a photo from your device. Here is your photo and the tools necessary for traffic in Tumblr. Before you dive in to the captions and the options within, click the ‘Settings’ button top right of your photo.

One useful tool from Tumblr is the custom URL. Every post will have the option to have its own custom URL. This makes it easier for users to find you! Just type in the URL you want your post to have. Below it is the content source.

Nobody likes uncredited source and since 2011, Tumblr expressed their concerns over posts that are not properly credited. This is because authors or owners did not get the traffic and recognition they deserve.

This way, your original post, wherever it goes, will always be linked back to your profile. What’s more, only the creator of that post may change its source and not random users of Tumblr. There’s also ‘Postdate’ and ‘Text editor’ options.

On the captions, you have the option to add another ‘photo’, ‘videos’, ‘GIFs’, ‘horizontal line’ for caption breaks and ‘read more links’ if you want to put additional credit to the source of your post.

Finally, tagging. This is important. Your traffic in Tumblr also depends on the tag you’ve given to your post.

Tumblr And Traffic

The final lesson for Tumblr would be the relationship between Tumblr and Traffic.

In this module, you familiarize yourself with the tagging, hearts, reblog and explore. Remember the photo you want to post?
Tagging is probably the most difficult decision for you to make. You might wonder, will people even search this tag?

Consider this research for a moment. It has been researched that, top tags in Tumblr are, LOL, fashion, vintage, art, GIF, makeup, animals, landscape and even animals, oh and cats. That’s right. These are the tags that have been conquering the tag game in Tumblr.

Even if your desired tag is not in the list, that doesn’t mean you should stop tagging your post. The whole idea is to get you to understand that any words can be a tag option. Who would’ve thought that ‘LOL’ would be one of the top tag?
So, keep tagging. That way it will be easier for users to look up for relevant post with similar tags. You can utilize it using tricks learned previously on Instagram.

Next, we learn about hearts and reblogs. These two usually comes hand- in-hand in Tumblr. One does not simply ‘heart’, or like a post, without reblogging it.

It is an unspoken rule in Tumblr. If you do both, your dashboard’s right column will suggest different posts that would fit your need. Users of multiple interests will appear for you to follow and the cycle continues.

As mentioned earlier, liking and reblogging a post will allow your ‘Explore’ board to expand. The ‘Explore’ button on the top right screen will direct you to it.

On top of the page, you will see options that is ‘Recommended for you’, ‘Trending’, ‘Staff picks’ and all the way to ‘Asks’. Simply click on the ‘Recommended for you’ option and voila.

Based on all your likes and reblogs, Tumblr will automatically sync your ‘exploration’ in Tumblr accordingly. This is how you and all other users find their ways in Tumblr.

Those are the key factors of traffic generation in Tumblr. When you fully utilize all the points given to you, users will easily find you. Users with similar tag interest will eventually find your post despite a small number of likes or reblogs your post had.
Upload relevant posts, keep exploring, like and reblog to expand your followers. Good luck!

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