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Welcome to my Kids Earn Money Scam Review! This platform is also known as Kids Earn Cash and Kids Paid Money.

There have been a lot of referral links of this site, from Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Other’s claimed that they have already $1,000 in their account but not yet cashed out.

My curiosity heightened and check if it is real or not. I do product reviews in this site so based on my experience, I can easily identify products or platforms that are scam.

Is Kids Earn Money legit ? Can you really make hundreds of dollars by just referring and clicking ads? Or is a scam?

This is review is based on my honest opinion, but before I continue with the review, you may want to check my No. 1 recommended no BS platform that help hundreds of people already, and taught me how to become successful online.

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Kids Earn Money Scam Review

Product/Platform Name: Kids Earn Money, aka Kids Earn Cash

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is Kids Earn Money?

Based on their website, they claimed that they connect ordinary people like you with the huge brands and advertisers such as Amazon, Apple, Epic Games, and many more.

This is just another deceptive website that claims you will make money if someone clicks your referral link. You will receive $2 per click. And when someone joins through your link, you will receive $10.

How easy is it right? Is this really true? Just imagine, how many clicks you get every time you post in your Facebook account?  That is kind of ridiculous, that is too much money. Where the hell would they get that kind of money? Advertisers don’t pay that much for just a click.

There’s no doubt that you can reach $500 in your account in no time, but the problem is, can you cash it out? You only have a virtual income, you will never get that money.

There is no affiliate program that pay $2 per click, not unless it is Google Adsense expensive niche.

You will certainly just waste your time with this kind of program.

How Kids Earn Money Works

Kids Earn Money step by step procedure

1. Sign up to

Once you sign up to their site, you will be given a referral link and you gain access to their member’s area. You will use this referral link to promote.

2. Share Your Link

You can now use the link to invite your love ones, friends, or Facebook friends to their website by sharing your referral link. They claim that you will earn ($10) for every referral you invite that joins their site.

3. Earn

After you share your links and people join through your links, they claim that you will earn $10, and $2 if they only click the link and not join.

4. Cashout

Once you have the minimum required money in your account,  which is $150, you  can already cashout your earnings.

Kids Earn Money is a Scam! How it Really Works?

Imagine, advertisers will pay  5 dollars for a click, that’s way too much. This is a scam like many other sites that are similar to this. Like, I have a feeling that both of these sites have the same owner.

Kids Earn Money is  Get-Paid-To website,  however,  legitimate GPT websites pay only a small amount of money. Sometimes they only pay a penny for watching a YouTube video. That’s because the advertisers also don’t pay that much as what this platform is offering.

What they are actually doing is collecting your details like name and email address. You may say, so what? What’s the big deal about that?

There are people who use spam emails to promote their products, and they this site will sell your information. Eventually, you will be bombarded with spam email.

They are also earning from the task that you do inside the member’s area. But unfortunately, you will not have a piece of it.

Bottom line is, you are working free for them to make money.

Personal Insights

People promote this platform as if there is no tomorrow, thinking it’s that easy to make money online, just for signing up you will receive $25 bonus. Then you will need to earn with surveys, watching videos, and refer friends.
If it was that easy to make money, then everyone would be rich. Lol! This is the pitfalls why most people fail in internet marketing world. People like easy money which is non-existent in the internet world.
I do not recommend this because I am %100 sure that Kids Earn Money is a scam!
Sure you can make a small amount with legitimate GPT and Paid to survey sites, but is it worth your time? Instead of doing that, why not build a real online business that will make you money 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.


This is not related to Kids Earn Money site, but rather this is the business model that I am doing. I want you to understand that this is not for everyone. Why I say so?
The business model I am referring to is affiliate marketing. Just like any business, affiliate marketing demands time and effort for you to succeed online.
If you are the type that want an easy buck, then this is not for you. You will just be frustrated and quit.
This is for you if you believe in a long term business. Where you have to make an effort and time to accomplish your goals.
With the right training, anyone could do this ass long as you are willing to learn. Below is an introduction to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing better than kids earn money
Affiliate marketing is a system where a merchant or business pays you commissions for referring people to purchase and try an offer (either goods or services).
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based form of marketing so you as an affiliate would only receive a commission when your referral successfully performs a transaction for a good or service.
This means you don’t get paid for visits to the clients offer but every unique referral that leads to a transaction.
An affiliate marketer is like a middleman between the producer and the buyer. An affiliate marketer can be likened to a real estate agent.
Say you are the owner of a high-value real estate property worth $1.2m, and you are looking for a quick sale.
You seek out a reputable real estate agent or a realtor who would help you get buyers interested in the property. The agent if he successfully finds a buyer and the property is sold is entitled to a percentage agreed on.
If the said percentage is 10% of its sale price, the real estate agent goes home with $120,000. You can say that affiliate marketers and real estate agents are similar.
Just like in affiliate marketing where the owner of the business or service is entirely responsible for ensuring that services offered are delivered, the homeowner is responsible for having the home in good condition before the sale, while the agent focuses on the marketing (delivering leads/prospective buyers) and closing a sale.
Affiliate marketers are absolved of any process which the product owner is expected to handle like product creation, branding, handling and shipping, customer service, refund, etc.
All you are expected to do is handle the sales and marketing and receive compensation (a percentage of the cost of product/service called commission) for any successful sales received through your link.
Typically, commissions vary between 15% and 100% depending on the product and vendor. Also, some offers are re-occurring payments which mean re-occurring commissions.

Can I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

A major question always asked about affiliate marketing is if there’s a possibility of making money working as an affiliate. The answer is of course yes.
Many people require an extra push before they make that buying decision. That push can be in the form of a review of a product or a testimonial of how effective that service is.
All you have to do is, be sure of what you’re promoting. Ensure it has a real value which your prospective referrals would gain from. The truth is anyone with zero knowledge, skill, or even college degree can continually and consistently make money with affiliate marketing, after all, most of us have at one time been the reason someone purchased a product or used a service.
You’ve been doing this for years with your friends and family without getting a cent for it, how about you start seeing it as a business and getting paid for it?
For instance, remember your favorite barber is now the preferred barber of your next door neighbor? Oh, and that air fryer your sister-in-law bought because of how highly you praised it.
Remember, as a real user of something, your friends and family will most likely take your words for it over the continued online and offline advertisement of the product. Also, putting out your own opinion will help others skip the trouble of trial and error and help make an informed choice. That’s how affiliate marketing works.
if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check my # 1 recommended platform below.
Thank you for reading my Kids Earn Money Scam Review, I hope you learn something from it. Good luck on your online journey! Cheers!

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